Alternatives to Traditional Alarm Clocks

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These five styles make waking up a little more fun.

When you think about alarm clocks, there may seem to be just two main options: the classic style that starts ringing and stops only when the snooze button gets hit, and the more modern smart phone variety. But there are actually a lot of different kinds of alarm clocks. Find the one that’s best for you and it will make getting up on the right side of the bed a lot easier.


  1. Philips Vibrating Alarm Clock ($19.99; Attach this device to your pillow and wake up to vibrations instead of a startling, loud buzzing. Since the movement is silent, nobody else in the room will be bothered by it. You can choose between two levels of vibrations—one for light sleepers and one for deep sleepers.
  2. Verilux Rise & Shine Serenity Wake-Up Light ($99.99; Pretend to wake up to a natural sunrise with this alarm, which gradually gets lighter at the pre-set time. Personalization is key with this alarm—you can pick the light color, brightness level, and whether or not you want sound to accompany the light show.
  3. Clocky ($39.99; This clock is for those who just can’t resist hitting snooze one more time before getting up. When your desired wake-up time hits and you hit snooze, this clock (literally!) springs into action. It rolls off the nightstand and around the bedroom! The only way to turn it off is to get out of bed and find it.
  4. BanClock ($75.99; Combine the need to wake up with the need to save money with this alarm clock. Once the alarm goes off, the only thing that will quiet it is dropping a coin into it.
  5. Bird Alarm Clock ($40; This is an alarm clock that doesn’t look at all like an alarm clock. In fact, you see the time only if you turn it around. Instead, it looks like a little bird statue. And instead of a beeping sound in the morning, you’ll hear the sound of a scaly thrush bird in your bedroom.

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