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Julia Dzafic

Sleep Ambassador

I’m Julia, the voice behind Lemon Stripes. A few of my favorite things are green juice, stripes, bright colors, white jeans, J.Crew style guides, gold jewelry, fresh flowers, blazers, beach vacations, and running (always outside, never on a treadmill).

Articles written by Julia Dzafic

#GoodNights Challenge with Julia from the Lemon Stripes

Julia shares how sticking to a routine and powering down electronics helped her get better sleep Each month, the National Sleep Foundation is partnering with select bloggers and digital influencers for a new iteration of the #GoodNights challenge. We’ll explore new ways to get a good night’s rest by showcasing real life examples of how a good night’s sleep can positively impact your body, mind and spirit. We know that many of our readers want real life tips for sleeping…