Angel Sleeper Pillow Review

Angel Sleeper Pillow

Firmness Medium
Pillow Type Memory Foam
Loft 5"
Price $40 - Standard $60 - King

The Angel Sleeper is the only pillow offered by Copper Fit, a company that offers a variety of copper-infused products.

This memory foam pillow with a medium firm feel is designed to help side and back sleepers maintain a healthy posture while they sleep. The adaptive material and unique shape help to reduce stress and pressure on the neck, shoulders, and back overnight. Additionally, the pillow’s one-of-a-kind cutout feature allows side sleepers to rest with their arms in a natural and comfortable position during the night.

We’ll cover the Angel Sleeper’s design, price, feel, materials, and other useful information to help you decide if this model is right for you.

Angel Sleeper Pillow Review
Angel Sleeper Pillow Avocado Green Pillow Molded Latex Pillow
Firmness Medium Medium Medium Firm
Pillow Type Memory Foam Latex Kapok Blend Latex
Loft 5" Adjustable 5"
Price $40 - Standard $60 - King $89 - Standard $99 - Queen $109 - King $99 - Standard $109 - Queen $119 - King
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Angel Sleeper Pillow Review: Our Verdict

The Angel Sleeper Pillow is specially designed to help improve your sleep posture. Its contours are crafted to provide optimal support and comfort for back and side sleepers. A cutout in the pillow’s edge gives side sleepers the space to rest their arms, and a subtle groove on the surface helps cradle a side or back sleeper’s head.

This pillow is of medium loft and firmness, which is what most sleepers tend to prefer. Its adaptive memory foam provides support while contouring to the head and neck, helping sleepers maintain a healthy posture.

The pillow’s soft polyester cover is copper-infused, which is intended to help reduce odors and bacteria. This cover is also machine-washable for easy cleaning.

Choose the Angel Sleeper Pillow if…

  • You suffer from neck or back pain
  • You are a side sleeper or back sleeper
  • You struggle to maintain your sleep posture during the night
  • You like the hug of memory foam

Keep Shopping if…

  • You are a hot sleeper
  • You are a stomach sleeper
  • You are allergic or hypersensitive to copper

How Much Is the Angel Sleeper Pillow?

The Angel Sleeper Pillow is available in two sizes: standard size and king. Both sizes are available at a price-point that is on par with similar models.

How Does the Angel Sleeper Pillow Feel?

The Angel Sleeper Pillow is a memory foam model with a medium firmness level. Its memory foam construction is plush enough to form around your body while retaining enough shape to provide support for your head and neck. The contours in the pillow can help you to achieve proper spine and neck alignment, preventing aches and pains that could be caused by sleeping in an awkward position. A copper-infused, machine-washable polyester pillowcase is soft to the touch for added comfort.

The Angel Sleeper Pillow is designed to fit the needs of side and back sleepers. A slight indent in the center of the pillow shapes to the head and neck for enhanced support. The cutout along the edge of the pillow provides a spot for side sleepers to place their arms while sleeping, creating a natural and comfortable sleep position.

What Is the Angel Sleeper Pillow Made of?

The Angel Sleeper Pillow consists of a memory foam core and a copper-infused polyester cover.

Cover Material

The Angel Sleeper Pillow includes a copper-infused polyester cover. Copper has been shown to help reduce bacteria and odors, so the Angel Sleeper Pillow contains this material in an attempt to keep the surface fresher, cleaner, and better smelling. This pillowcase is soft to the touch and accommodates the pillow’s unique shape. It is also removable and machine-washable for easy cleaning.

Fill Material

This pillow is filled with a solid memory foam core, which is adaptive enough to shape to the head and neck for plushness and comfort while also giving the sleeper the support they need to maintain proper posture and alignment.

How Well Does It Relieve Pressure?

Rating 4/5

This posture-correcting pillow is designed specifically to relieve pressure and stress on your body as you sleep. Its contoured design and memory foam core provide targeted support to help align the spine and neck, relieving pressure that could lead to pain, soreness, or achiness on waking.

The Angel Sleeper’s focus on promoting a good sleeping posture makes it a great option for those seeking support and pressure relief. Compared to similar models, the Angel Sleeper Pillow relieves pressure quite well thanks to its unique contoured design and the notable conforming of its memory foam core.

How Cool Does It Sleep?

Rating 2/5

The Angel Sleeper Pillow is made using memory foam, which isn’t known for breathability. This material is more likely to retain heat than many other pillow fill options. If you often wake up hot, the Angel Sleeper Pillow may not be the right choice for you since it could trap some warmth against your head and neck.

Will It Hold Its Shape?

Rating 3/5

The adaptive memory foam in this pillow does a good job of retaining its shape. Memory foam responds to heat and pressure from your body, forming around you for comfort and support. However, when you move, the pillow should return to its original shape within a few seconds. It is not as likely to resist impressions over time as a pillow made of latex, for example, but it will still offer durability and good shape retention.

How Moldable Is It?

Rating 3/5

The Angel Sleeper’s memory foam core is soft enough to mold itself around your head and neck but firm enough to support a healthy sleep posture. According to Copper Fit, it can take 5-10 days for the pillow to adapt to you, so it is important to give it a break-in period.

What About Off-Gassing and Other Odors?

Rating 3/5

The Angel Sleeper Pillow is made using memory foam, which can have a chemical odor at first. While the smell can irritate some people, it is normal for synthetic foam and should fade with time. If you are sensitive to these odors, you may want to let them dissipate before using the Angel Sleeper.

What Type of Sleeper Is the Pillow Best for?

A pillow will perform differently for different individuals. Part of choosing the right pillow is finding a model that works well for your preferred sleeping position or positions.

The Copper Fit Angel Sleeper Pillow is generally best suited for side sleepers and back sleepers because of its unique contour design.

Side Sleepers

The Angel Sleeper Pillow is ideal for many side sleepers. Its cutout design feature was included specifically for this group, providing a comfortable space for your arms to rest in a natural position. Additionally, its medium loft and firmness provide enough support to promote healthy sleep posture while gently conforming to the head and neck.

Combination Sleepers

The Angel Sleeper may be a good fit for combination sleepers. If you sleep largely on your back and side, this pillow should add support and comfort for both positions. However, if you frequently sleep on your stomach, you may want to consider a pillow with less loft to reduce the potential for neck strain.

Back Sleepers

This posture pillow is designed to support the spinal alignment of back sleepers. The memory foam core cradles the head and neck without collapsing under their weight to promote proper spinal alignment while adding comfort.

Stomach Sleepers

The Angel Sleeper Pillow is not the best choice for stomach sleepers. Its medium loft and firmness may cause a stomach sleeper’s head to be forced backward, potentially straining their neck. Most stomach sleepers will be more comfortable with a softer, thinner model.

How Does Body Weight Impact the Angel Sleeper Pillow’s Performance?

If you weigh under 230 pounds, the Angel Sleeper’s memory foam core should be thick and supportive enough to promote proper alignment for your spine and neck when sleeping on your side. While many side sleepers who weigh over 230 pounds will also rest comfortably on the pillow, some may not receive ideal spinal support. Those who sink more deeply into their mattress may need a thinner option, and those with larger heads may need firmer support.

For back sleepers, the medium loft of the Angel Sleeper may be optimal to maintain proper sleep posture. This pillow can provide excellent support and contouring for back sleepers under 130 pounds. However, if you are over 130 pounds and have a larger head, a firmer pillow may be more comfortable. Additionally, if you sink into your mattress more, you may prefer a model with less loft.

The medium firmness and loft of the Angel Sleeper Pillow and its contoured design are crafted specifically for side and back sleepers. This means it is not an ideal choice for stomach sleepers of any weight. Stomach sleepers would benefit more from a softer, flatter pillow designed for their sleep position since a loftier, firmer model could put pressure on the neck.

Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies


The Copper Fit Angel Sleeper Pillow can be shipped within the United States.

You can buy the Copper Fit Angel Sleeper Pillow directly through the Copper Fit website. You can also buy the pillow from Amazon and other third-party sellers, like Bed Bath & Beyond and Target. Shipping and return policies may vary between vendors.


Copper Fit will ship within the United States.

Your product will be shipped via FedEx and/or USPS. Copper Fit ships the product within 30 days of the time the order is processed. Shipping is free when you order two or more pillows on the Copper Fit website. Otherwise, a one-time shipping and handling fee will apply. A $10 surcharge is added to orders shipped to Hawaii and Alaska.

Additional Services

In select locations, Leesa offers White Glove delivery service for a $150 non-refundable fee. The mattress will be delivered to Leesa’s in-home delivery partners, and then a two-person team will be scheduled to deliver and set-up the new bed in your home and room of choice. This service fee includes the removal of unwanted packaging materials, the old mattress, and box spring at the time of delivery.

Sleep Trial

Copper Fit offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all purchases. During the 30-day guarantee period, customers can return their Angel Sleeper Pillow for a full refund, minus shipping and handling charges.


There is no warranty information currently available for the Copper Fit Angel Sleeper Pillow.