5 Companies That Encourage Power Napping

Need a quick refresher while on the job? Check out these forward-thinking companies that allow sleeping at the office.

This content was created by the National Sleep Foundation

For millions of Americans, the idea of being able to close your eyes at work and take a quick power nap sounds like, well, a dream. Good news: More and more companies are taking the connection between sleep and wellness seriously, based on information that shows well-rested workers are more productive and happier, too.

The science behind napping has long been established: A nap during the day can lower stress levels, improve your mood and increase alertness. And working a power nap into your schedule is often easy because the ideal length is only about 20 minutes. This sweet spot is just enough time to restore energy without causing too much disruption to your work duties.

To make shut-eye on the job easier, the innovative company MetroNaps has introduced the EnergyPod, the world’s first chair designed for sleeping at work. According to MetroNaps, hundreds of companies on four continents have installed these high-tech napping stations, which feature ergonomic positioning, a privacy visor, and built-in lighting and music to gently wake you from your slumber.

If working for a company that takes sleep seriously is important to you, check out these five smart firms that care about your napping needs.

Company: Google
Location: Mountain View, CA
It makes perfect sense that the forward-thinking firm (named best company to work for on Fortune’s 100 Best list) would also provide EnergyPods. As David Radcliffe—Vice President, Real Estate and Workplace Services— said: “No workplace is complete without a nap pod.” This multi-billion-dollar company was founded in 1998 and now employees more than 72,000 (well-rested) people.

Company: Huffington Post
Location: New York City
It takes focus and energy to post click-worthy content, so the online news site and blog installed napping pods for the staff to recharge. Co-founded by Arianna Huffington, who learned her lesson after collapsing from sleep-deprived exhaustion in 2007, Huffington Post installed nap rooms to becoming as ubiquitous as conference rooms.

Company: White & Case
Location: Washington, DC
The well-respected international law firm with more than 2,000 employees brought two EnergyPods to their DC offices. While more traditional companies like law firms and financial institutions have been slower to embrace daytime napping, White & Case is making an effort to change that trend.

Company: Mercedes-Benz Financial Services
Location: Fort Worth, TX
The financial services branch of the German luxury car brand offers EnergyPods to its more than 600 employees in the Texas office. This might be one of the reasons Mercedes Financial was deemed one of the 100 Best Workplaces for Millennials by both Great Place to Work and Fortune in 2016.

Company: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
Location: Palmdale, California
The futuristic-looking EnergyPod fits right in at this NASA branch, where employees work on flight research and development for space aeronautics. A power nap can only help these endeavors, as it has been shown to increase creative problem solving.