Avocado Mattress Review

Avocado Green Mattress

Materials Hybrid
Firmness Medium Firm (6), Firm (7)
Sleep Trial 365 nights (15-night requirement)
Warranty 25 Year, Limited
Price (queen) $1,399

For the eco-conscious shopper, the Avocado mattress is an appealing choice. It is made using natural, organic materials that are sustainably produced. The company jointly owns farms and collectives where its organic cotton, wool, and latex are harvested.

Avocado offers two mattresses: the Avocado Green mattress, which we’ll cover in this review, and the Avocado Vegan mattress. The construction of the Avocado Green mattress includes organic cotton, wool, latex, and zoned pocket coils. The Avocado Vegan mattress swaps out the wool layer for one of cotton.

The Avocado Green mattress is a firm, latex hybrid mattress that offers pressure relief and back support. For those who prefer a medium firm mattress, there is an option to add a pillow top for an additional charge. Both choices are hand-tufted and constructed with the same natural materials. The pillow top offers more pressure point relief with an added layer of latex.

So, if you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly mattress made without harmful chemicals or solvents, the Avocado Green mattress certainly checks all the boxes. But how do you know it’s the right mattress for you?

We’ll break down its construction, firmness, and overall feel here. We’ll also cover how the mattress performs depending on your sleeping position and weight. Keeping our extensive product testing and customer feedback in mind, we’ll also rate the Avocado Green mattress in terms of motion isolation, temperature regulation, edge support, and more.

Avocado Mattresses At-A-Glance
Avocado Green Mattress Avocado Vegan Mattress
Firmness Medium Firm (6), Firm (7) Medium Firm (6), Firm (7)
Material Type Hybrid Hybrid
Height 11", 13" 11", 13"
Price (queen) $1,399 $1,399
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Avocado Mattress Review: Our Verdict

The Avocado Green mattress lives up to its green name. The materials used are harvested ethically and sustainably. Avocado keeps a close eye on its supply chain by co-owning the farms and collectives that produce the cotton, wool, and latex used in the Avocado Green mattress. It is an ideal choice for any eco-conscious shopper who wants to ensure their mattress is sustainably made, natural, and organic.

The firmness of the Avocado Green mattress especially appeals to sleepers who weigh more than 130 pounds. For those who want a medium firm mattress, the optional pillow top is worth considering. Both options relieve pressure points by gently contouring to the shape of your body. However, those who like the close contouring of memory foam and the feeling of sinking into a plush mattress may want to consider a softer mattress instead.

The combination of cotton, wool, latex, and steel coils ensure that the mattress is breathable. This prevents heat retention and makes the Avocado Green mattress a great choice for those who tend to sleep hot.

The unique construction also adds bounce and resilience to the mattress. This makes it easy to move around on the bed as needed. The pocketed coils and comfort system help prevent movement from transferring across the bed to a certain extent. This balance of ease of movement and motion isolation is ideal for couples.

Though the Avocado Green mattress is reasonably priced for a latex hybrid mattress, shoppers with a tight budget may want to keep an eye out for sales or promotions that further discount the price of the bed.

Choose The Avocado if…

  • You are an eco-conscious shopper
  • You have chemical sensitivities or allergies
  • You tend to sleep hot
  • You want a mattress with bounce
  • You weigh more than 130 pounds and want a medium firm or firm mattress

Keep Shopping if…

  • You prefer the close conforming feel of memory foam
  • You know you want a soft, plush mattress
  • You are shopping on a tight budget

How Much Is the Avocado Mattress?

The Avocado Green mattress costs $1,399 for a queen size. The company focuses on both the quality of materials and accessibility, making the Avocado Green mattress more affordable than other luxury hybrids on the market. Since the mattress is made with natural materials that add durability to the mattress, we consider it a sound investment.

Opting to upgrade the Avocado mattress with an attached pillow top adds 2 inches to the mattress height. It also increases the price by $300 to $600, depending on the mattress size. Avocado occasionally offers sales and promotions that discount the price of the mattress.

Sizes Dimensions Weight Price
Twin 39" x 75" 59 lbs. $899
Twin XL 39" x 80" 63 lbs. $999
Full 54" x 75" 82 lbs. $1199
Queen 60" x 80" 97 lbs. $1399
King 76" x 80" 123 lbs. $1799
California King 72" x 84" 122 lbs. $1799
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How Does the Avocado Mattress Feel?

The Avocado Green mattress is a firm mattress. It does not conform closely, so you won’t feel like you are sinking into the mattress. Rather, you will feel like you are floating on top of it. The comfort system includes 2 inches of Dunlop latex, which is firm and resilient. It offers moderate contouring for pressure point relief. This helps keep the spine aligned. The coils reinforce the comfort system, making it easy to move around or change positions as needed on the mattress. The Avocado Green mattress offers consistent support for every sleeping position and body type.

For those who want a medium firm mattress, the pillow top option adds 2 inches of Dunlop latex to the top of the mattress. This results in more pressure relief and a slightly softer feel when compared to the standard Green mattress. The added softness means there is more contouring and pressure point relief, but don’t expect to sink deeply into the pillow top mattress either. With 4 inches of Dunlop latex and a coil support core, the Avocado Green pillow top mattress still provides the feeling of sleeping “on” rather than “in” the mattress.

What Is the Avocado Made Of?

The Avocado Green mattress is 11 inches high and constructed of four layers. These layers include organic wool, natural Dunlop latex, and steel pocket coils. When the pillow top is added, the Avocado mattress has a 13-inch profile and an additional 2 inches of Dunlop latex. We’ll break down each layer of the Avocado mattress here.

Cover Material

The breathable cover of the Avocado Green mattress is made with organic cotton that wicks away moisture. The cover includes needle-tufted rosettes, as the mattress is made without toxic adhesives or solvents.

Beneath the cotton cover is a layer of organic wool, which acts as natural insulation and a fire barrier. Wool also wicks away moisture, resists microbes and dust mites, and regulates temperature. The cover has side handles to make it easier to move or adjust the mattress as needed.

Comfort Layers

The comfort layer is made of 2 inches of natural Dunlop latex. Dunlop latex is more durable than Talalay latex, and also requires less processing. The latex is sustainably harvested from rubber trees.

This layer is resilient, so it bounces back to its original shape when you shift or change positions. It is also breathable and antimicrobial. Latex moderately contours to the shape of your body for pressure point relief.

If you opt for the pillow top version of the Avocado Green mattress, this adds 2 inches of natural Dunlop latex to the top of the mattress for additional cushioning.

Support Core

Beneath the latex comfort layer is 8 inches of pocketed coils. There are over 1,000 coils with 3 different gauges in this layer, which are divided into 5 ergonomic zones for targeted support and pressure relief. Stronger steel coils are used around the perimeter of the mattress for improved edge support. A 1-inch layer of natural Dunlop latex reinforces the coils.

The Avocado Green mattress has several certifications that attest to its environmentally conscious construction. The mattress includes GOLS and GOTS organic certified materials, Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX certified wool, and is certified as a MADE SAFE product. The mattress is made without toxic materials or harmful chemicals. Additionally, Avocado uses carbon-neutral production. The mattress is made in the United States.

Does it Isolate Motion?

Rating 3/5 (Standard) and 4/5 (Pillow Top)

Some motion transfer is to be expected with the Avocado Green mattress, as the latex and innerspring coils facilitate movement. This is common with latex hybrid mattresses since they have more bounce and resilience than memory foam mattresses do. The latex springs back to its original shape when you change positions, and does not absorb movement in the way that memory foam does. As a result, you will likely feel your partner move throughout the night.

Adding the pillow top to the Avocado Green mattress improves motion isolation to a certain extent. Having 2 extra inches in the comfort system helps minimize the effect of the coil base for better motion isolation. This reduces sleep disturbances throughout the night, though you may still feel your partner get in and out of bed.

Does the Avocado Sleep Cool?

Rating 5/5 (Standard) and 3/5 (Pillow Top)

The Avocado Green mattress sleeps cooler than the average mattress. The materials used in a mattress determine how well it regulates temperature and prevents heat retention. Each layer of the Avocado mattress is designed with breathability and temperature regulation in mind. The cotton cover allows air to flow through while wicking away moisture. Wool acts as natural insulation, so it helps the mattress stay cool in warmer climates and warm in cooler climates. Latex is more breathable than memory foam, and coils add airflow throughout the mattress.

The standard Avocado Green mattress has a slight edge over the pillow top version when it comes to sleeping cool, but both regulate temperature well. This makes the mattress a great choice for those who tend to sleep hot.

Will It Sag Along the Edges?

Rating 4/5 (Standard) and 3/5 (Pillow Top)

The Avocado Green mattress has good edge support, which prevents sagging along the edges. Edge support essentially increases the usable surface area of the mattress and makes it easier to get in and out of bed. The support core prevents the feeling of rolling off the mattress with stronger steel coils around the perimeter. Paired with buoyant latex, the Avocado Green mattress has consistent support from edge to edge. The durable materials used resist impressions, even if you regularly sit on the edge of the bed.

If you choose to add the pillow top to the mattress, you may notice some sinking when you sit on the edge of the bed. The thicker comfort system compresses more, but still springs back to its original shape when you move. Those who sleep near the edge of the bed should still feel supported.

Is It Good for Sex?

Rating 4/5

The added bounce from pocketed coils and resilient latex makes the Avocado Green mattress a good choice for couples. It is easy to change positions on the mattress during sex. Since the mattress has a reinforced perimeter and solid edge support, couples can use the entire surface area of the mattress during intimate activity.

One drawback to the Avocado Green mattress is that there is the possibility of noise from the coils during sex. This is to be expected with any hybrid or innerspring mattress, though it is minimized in the Avocado Green mattress with pocketed coils and thick comfort layers above.

What About Off-gassing?

Rating 4/5

One of the benefits of the Avocado Green mattress is that it is made without the use of synthetic foams or chemicals. As a result, there is minimal off-gassing. Off-gassing is usually the result of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) being released into the air, and it is most common with foam mattresses. It is not considered to be harmful, but it can be bothersome for anyone who is sensitive to smells.

Any initial odor is likely from the packaging or the natural materials used for the Avocado Green mattress and should dissipate quickly. A well-ventilated room will help the mattress air out once it is unboxed.

What Type of Sleeper Is the Avocado Mattress Best for?

The Avocado Green mattress is great for nearly every type of sleeper. Having an optional pillow top means there are two firmness levels for shoppers to choose from, based on their own personal preferences, sleeping position, and body type. Both options are on the firmer side of the firmness scale. However, they both offer pressure relief and gentle contouring. There are special considerations for each type of sleeper, which we’ll go over here.

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers need cushioning for their shoulders and hips and typically choose a soft to medium mattress as a result. The Avocado Green mattress is firmer than we typically expect a side sleeper to prefer, but it offers excellent pressure relief. The mattress is ideal for side sleepers who weigh more than 130 pounds. Lighter sleepers may find the mattress feels too firm.

Combination Sleepers

Combination sleepers shift from their stomach to their side or back throughout the night. These sleepers need a mattress that offers ease of movement, and the Avocado mattress fits the bill. Resilient latex and bouncy coils make it easy to change positions. These layers also offer full-body support for each sleeping position.

Back Sleepers

The Avocado Green mattress is highly rated for back sleepers. It offers lumbar support with zoned coils and buoyant latex. The mattress has been shown to relieve pressure on the back and reduce aches and pains.

How Does Body Weight Impact the Avocado's Performance?

The Avocado Green mattress performs well across the board, but body weight will affect how the mattress feels. Personal preferences will play a role in whether or not the Avocado mattress is the right fit for you. We consider it to be a firm mattress, which will feel firmer for those who weigh less than 130 pounds and softer for those who weigh more than 200 pounds. In general, we have found that the Avocado Green mattress offers a different feel for each of the following weight categories.

For people who weigh less than 130 pounds, the Avocado Green mattress is supportive, but it feels quite firm. This firmness can put added pressure on the shoulders and hips for side sleepers. The buoyant feel of latex prevents sinking in, and this is more pronounced for lighter sleepers who put less pressure on the mattress. The pillow top version softens the mattress and may be a better choice for people in this category.

The Avocado Green mattress is highly rated by those who weigh between 130 and 200 pounds. This includes all sleeping positions, as the mattress offers a balance of contouring and support. The latex comfort system relieves pressure points while keeping the spine aligned. Those who know they want a medium firm mattress should opt for the pillow top instead of the standard mattress.

Sleepers who weigh more than 200 pounds benefit from the firmness of the Avocado mattress. The mattress offers excellent support for all sleeping positions and prevents sinking in too deeply. The durable materials also resist body impressions and sagging over time.

Is the Avocado Mattress Good for Couples?

The Avocado mattress is a good choice for couples, assuming both parties want a medium firm or firm mattress with a buoyant feel. When we recommend a mattress for couples, we look at several factors including motion isolation, ease of movement, temperature regulation, and edge support. These determine how well the mattress minimizes sleep disturbances for those who share the bed. They also factor into how good the mattress is for sexual activity.

Ample edge support and bounce in the Avocado Green mattress mean the mattress is supportive and resilient enough for most couples. It is easy to move around on the mattress. Additionally, the pocketed coils and thick comfort layers minimize motion transfer. For couples who prioritize motion isolation or want additional contouring, the pillow top addition is a better option.

The mattress also sleeps exceptionally cool thanks to its latex hybrid construction. This prevents heat retention and keeps couples comfortable.

Avocado's Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies


Avocado has two showrooms where you can try out and purchase the mattress: one in Hoboken, NJ, and one in Santa Monica, CA. The Avocado mattress is also available online.

At this time, the mattress is not available through third-party retailers.


Avocado offers free standard shipping to all 50 states. International shipping is not available at this time.

The mattress is compressed, vacuum-sealed, and shipped in a box. Avocado ships primarily via FedEx. Due to weight restrictions, king and California king size mattresses are shipped via AGS. Avocado uses carbon-neutral shipping.

Allow 5-7 days for fulfillment of your order, and 1-8 business days for shipping. The mattress ships out of Los Angeles.

Once delivered, move the mattress to the bedroom. Unbox the mattress, Unwrap it from its outer layer of plastic, and unroll it on the bed frame. Remove any additional plastic wrap and allow the mattress to fully expand. This typically takes a few hours.

Additional Services

Avocado offers White Glove Delivery for $199. This includes old mattress removal.

Sleep Trial

The Avocado Green mattress comes with a 1-year sleep trial. There is no mandatory break-in period, though the company requests that you try out the mattress for 30 to 60 days before making a decision. This gives your body time to adjust to the new mattress.

If you decide to return the mattress, Avocado helps you find an organization to pick up the mattress as a donation and offers a full refund.


The Avocado Green mattress is protected by a 25-year warranty, which covers defects in materials and workmanship. In the first 10 years of coverage, Avocado will repair or replace a defective mattress at no charge. In years 11 through 25, Avocado replaces the mattress for a prorated share of the original mattress cost and transportation fees. This prorated amount starts at 50% in year 11, increasing by 5% each year, up to 95% in years 21 through 25.