Bear Pillow Review

Bear Pillow

Bear Pillow Review
Firmness Medium
Pillow Type Polyfoam
Loft 5.5” (Queen) 5” (King)
Price $125 - Queen $145 - King

Committed to enhancing sleep quality for active people, Bear offers a variety of sleep products and accessories, including mattresses, bed bases, pillows, and more. The company’s two pillow models aim to provide comfort and support for a variety of sleepers.

The flagship Bear Pillow is made with resilient Loft-X polyfoam, a cool-to-the-touch Double Ice fabric cover, and dual mesh panels for breathability. Its medium firmness is ideal for most sleep positions.

In addition to the Bear Pillow, the company also produces the Cloud Pillow filled with a down alternative and encased in a polyester blend cover.

We’ll take an in-depth look at the construction, comfort level, performance, and pricing of the flagship Bear Pillow and include information about sleep position, body weight, shipping and warranty policies, and many other considerations that may help you decide if this model is ideal for you.

Comparison Pillows At-A-Glance
Bear Pillow Angel Sleeper Pillow Avocado Green Pillow
Firmness Medium Medium Medium
Pillow Type Polyfoam Memory Foam Latex Kapok Blend
Loft 5.5” (Queen) 5” (King) 5" Adjustable
Price $125 - Queen $145 - King $40 - Standard $60 - King $89 - Standard $99 - Queen $109 - King
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Bear Pillow Review: Our Verdict

The Bear Pillow is a high-quality polyfoam pillow that offers support and comfort to the majority of sleepers. Its Loft-X polyfoam core cradles the head and neck while still retaining bounce and shape. With a medium firmness and medium to high loft, it is best suited for side and back sleepers and sleepers weighing less than 230 pounds.

Because of the Double Ice fabric cover and mesh corner accents, the pillow remains cool to the touch and helps to regulate temperatures and wick away moisture.

The Bear Pillow’s firmness and resilience limit moldability. While this may not be ideal for sleepers who like to scrunch or fold their pillow into their desired shape, it might be perfect for those who don’t like needing to fluff their pillow during the night.

Overall, the Bear Pillow is a cool, supportive, and resilient option that’s likely to be comfortable for most sleepers.

Choose the Bear Pillow if…

  • You sleep hot and need temperature regulation.
  • You want to relieve neck and shoulder tension.
  • You weigh less than 230 pounds.
  • You prefer to sleep on your side or back.

Keep Shopping if…

  • You like to fold or scrunch your pillow.
  • You like customizable firmness options.
  • You prefer machine-washable pillows.
  • You weigh over 230 pounds and sleep on your stomach.

How Much Is the Bear Pillow?

The Bear Pillow is a bit more expensive than many other foam and polyfoam pillows, but the addition of the cooling cover and breathable mesh panels might make it worth the extra cost, especially for hot sleepers.

Discount codes may be available occasionally, and the company offers financing so that buyers can pay in installments.

How Does the Bear Pillow Feel?

The Bear Pillow combines the conforming qualities of memory foam with the resilient bounce of latex, making it ideal for almost any sleep position. Because of its soft yet supportive construction, it offers the loft most sleepers need for spinal alignment and the comfort of a plush, responsive pillow.

The Loft-X foam cradles the head and neck, relieving muscle tension and pressure while allowing the pillow to retain its shape after many uses.

If you sleep hot, the cooling and moisture-wicking outer cover will help regulate your temperature, and the mesh side panels offer maximum breathability so that heat can escape.

What Is the Bear Pillow Made of?

Designed to be soft, resilient, and breathable, the Bear Pillow is filled with polyfoam and covered in cool, breathable fabric.

Cover Material

The cover of the Bear Pillow is made of Double Ice Fabric that stays cool to the touch and is moisture-wicking. Meant to regulate temperature and neutralize heat, this cover also features two mesh side panels that enhance the pillow’s breathability. The cover is both removable and washable.

Fill Material

The Bear Pillow is filled with Loft-X polyfoam that conforms to the head and neck to support a healthy sleep posture and provide comfort. This material is also resilient, so it should spring back to its original shape quickly when weight is removed, making it easier to change positions during the night while limiting lasting impressions.

How Well Does It Relieve Pressure?

Rating 4/5

The Bear Pillow does a very good job of relieving pressure on the back, neck, and shoulders. Because of its soft yet resilient construction, the pillow molds to the head and neck, balancing support and cushioning. This gentle cradling can help ease muscle tension and relieve pressure.

How Cool Does It Sleep?

Rating 4/5

Because of its moisture-wicking Double Ice fabric, the Bear Pillow sleeps very cool and helps regulate and neutralize heat. The mesh corner accents provide airflow that offers additional temperature regulation and breathability.

Will It Hold Its Shape?

Rating 4/5

The Loft-X polyfoam is very good at retaining its shape night after night because of its high-quality, resilient construction. When you press down on the pillow, you will feel it immediately react to the pressure and quickly bounce back when you release, showing that it is flexible yet sturdy. This makes it more likely to hold its shape than a pillow filled with down or down alternative.

How Moldable Is It?

Rating 2/5

Because the Loft-X polyfoam is so resilient, the Bear Pillow is not very moldable, resisting scrunching and folding. If you like to adjust your pillow for reading, watching TV, or propping yourself up in bed, a more moldable material like down, down alternative, or shredded latex or memory foam might be more optimal.

What About Off-Gassing and Other Odors?

Rating 3/5

The Bear Pillow may have an odor when it is first removed from its packaging, but this odor should dissipate within a few days. These “new pillow” odors are common in models containing synthetic foams. If you are sensitive to smells, plan to air out the pillow before use.

What Type of Sleeper Is the Bear Pillow Best For?

The Bear Pillow is a good option for most sleeping positions because it offers both support and softness. Keep in mind that the same pillow will perform differently for different sleepers depending on factors like sleep position, body weight, mattress firmness, and shifting while sleeping.

Side Sleepers

The loft and resilience of the polyfoam cradle the head and neck to help align the spine. Most side sleepers should get the right level of support, but some individuals who weigh over 230 pounds and have broader shoulders may prefer a slightly firmer or thicker option if they have a supportive mattress. Those who weigh over 230 and sink more deeply into their bed could need a thinner option to keep their spine well aligned.

If you enjoy folding or scrunching your pillows when side sleeping, you might look into a more moldable product, like Bear’s Cloud Pillow.

Combination Sleepers

Because it is a responsive pillow that reacts well to movement, the Bear Pillow is suited for most combination sleepers. The polyfoam should regain its shape quickly so that there aren’t lingering impressions from your last sleep position. Additionally, the Bear Pillow earns high marks from sleepers for virtually all weight groups and sleep positions, so most individuals should be able to rest comfortably in any position.

Back Sleepers

The Bear Pillow’s medium firmness and medium to high loft give an excellent blend of contouring and support for most back sleepers. It should shape well to the heads and necks of individuals who weigh less than 230 pounds to help keep their spine well aligned. However, the Bear Pillow may be thicker than ideal for some back sleepers who weigh more than 230 pounds because they may sink more deeply into the mattress and greater loft could force their heads towards their chests.

Stomach Sleepers

While some stomach sleepers will find the Bear Pillow comfortable, its medium firmness and medium to high loft will likely be too firm and thick for many. This could push the head back and put pressure on the neck, which may be most pronounced for individuals who weigh over 230 pounds since they’re likely to sink more deeply into their bed.

How Does Body Weight Impact the Bear Pillow’s Performance?

The comfort and support of the Bear Pillow can vary depending on body weight and sleep position. Side and back sleepers who weigh less than 230 pounds will likely find the Bear Pillow’s loft and resilience the most comfortable and supportive, while it may be too thick and firm for many stomach sleepers in this weight range.

The Bear Pillow may also be comfortable for back and side sleepers who weigh more than 230 pounds, though they may prefer a pillow that’s a bit thinner since they’re likely to sink further into their mattress than lighter individuals. If you are a stomach sleeper weighing more than 230 pounds, you might find a softer, thinner alternative better suited to your needs.

Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies


Bear will ship pillows anywhere in the United States. Customers can purchase the Bear Pillow directly from Bear’s website. If you want to try it out before purchase, you can visit Bear’s showroom in Hoboken, NJ.


Bear will ship its products anywhere in the United States using FedEx. In the contiguous United States, shipping is free. An additional $25 charge applies for shipping the Bear Pillow to Alaska and Hawaii. Orders usually ship within 1-5 business days. You do not need to be home to receive the delivery.

Sleep Trial

The Bear Pillow includes a 100-night sleep trial that begins on your delivery date. Customers can return the pillow within that time frame for a refund, but the customer is responsible for return shipping costs. After 100 days, Bear will not accept requests for refunds or exchanges.


The Bear Pillow includes a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase that covers manufacturing defects. Bear may elect to repair or replace the product if it was purchased from an authorized dealer and the purchaser has followed all care and proper use instructions. Terms and conditions apply.