Best Mattress for Allergies

Anyone who has tried to sleep while suffering from an allergy attack knows how difficult it can be to get a good night’s rest. Allergy sufferers experience a myriad of symptoms, ranging from itchy, watery eyes to a runny nose and congestion. Difficulty breathing contributes to poor quality of sleep. In addition to being sensitive to allergens like dust mites, mold, and mildew, people with allergies may also find they are sensitive to certain chemicals and their odors.

With the increasing prevalence of allergic rhinitis, many people are finding that the right mattress helps alleviate symptoms and reduces allergens in the bedroom. When a mattress is made with natural, breathable materials, it can prevent the build-up of mold and mildew. Certain materials like latex and memory foam also resist dust mites.

We’ll cover our top 5 picks for the best mattresses for allergies. We’ll also break down how each mattress performs when it comes to key categories like pressure point relief, motion isolation, edge support, and temperature regulation. Once you know what to look for when mattress shopping, it will be easier to determine which mattress is right for you. We also include helpful tips for getting a good night’s sleep, and answers to frequently asked questions about how to sleep better when you have asthma and allergies.

Our Top Picks

Avocado Green– Best Natural Mattress
  • Mattress Type: Foam
  • Firmness Level: Medium Soft (4), Medium Firm (6), Firm (7-8)
  • Price: $1,399


Awara Mattress – Best Latex Mattress
  • Mattress Type: Foam
  • Firmness Level: Medium Firm (6)
  • Price: $1,199


Brooklyn Bedding Signature – Best Hybrid
  • Mattress Type: Hybrid
  • Firmness Level: Medium Firm (6)
  • Price: $999


Novosbed – Best Memory Foam
  • Mattress Type: Foam
  • Firmness Level: Medium (5)
  • Price: $999


MyEssentia Tatami – Best Luxury
  • Mattress Type: Foam
  • Firmness Level: Reversible: Medium Soft (4) or Firm (7.5)
  • Price: $2,699

Best Natural Mattress - Avocado Green Mattress


Price: $1,399

Height: 11"

Firmness: Firm (7-8)


Pressure Point Relief: 3/5

Sleeps Cool: 5/5

Motion Isolation: 3/5

Edge Support: 4/5

Durability: 5/5

Ease of Movement: 4/5

Sex: 5/5

Off-Gassing: 4/5




  • High-quality, natural and organic materials
  • Manufactured with sustainable and ethical practices
  • Zoned coils provide ergonomic support and bounce

Ideal For:

  • Eco-conscious shoppers who want a natural mattress with minimal off-gassing
  • People who sleep hot
  • Side, back, and stomach sleepers over 130 pounds
  • Those looking for a highly durable mattress

The Avocado Green mattress is made without any synthetic materials, making it an ideal choice for those who suffer from allergies and might be sensitive to chemicals and off-gassing. The comfort system includes a layer of non-allergenic wool, which wicks away moisture and resists dust mites. Latex is a great material often used in anti-allergy mattresses, as it is breathable and resistant to dust mites, mold, and mildew.

The cover of the Avocado mattress is made with organic cotton, which is breathable and soft. Beneath the cover is the flame retardant layer of natural wool, and 2 inches of natural Dunlop latex. The latex used is sustainably harvested and the production process reduces proteins that irritate latex allergies. It is also naturally antimicrobial, which is something we recommend looking for when selecting a mattress for allergies.

Beneath the comfort system is 8 inches of pocketed coils, which allow air to circulate throughout the mattress. The coils also make it easy to move around on the mattress and provide ample edge support. This layer isolates motion to a certain extent, though some motion transfer is to be expected with any hybrid mattress.  A 1-inch layer of Dunlop latex reinforces the coils.

The mattress is firm, which is ideal for those who weigh more than 230 pounds. There is an option to add a pillow top to the mattress, which includes an additional 2 inches of Dunlop latex. This softens the mattress to a medium firm feel and provides additional pressure point relief.

Avocado offers a 1-year sleep trial for the Avocado Green mattress, which allows you to try out the mattress in every season. This is ideal for allergy sufferers who may experience worsening symptoms in spring and summer. There is no break-in period for the sleep trial, though the company recommends trying out the mattress for 30 to 60 days before initiating a return. The mattress is highly durable and covered by a 25-year prorated warranty.

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Best Latex Hybrid - Awara Mattress


Price: $1,199

Height: 13"

Firmness: Medium Firm (6)


Pressure Point Relief: 3/5

Sleeps Cool: 4/5

Motion Isolation: 3/5

Edge Support: 4/5

Durability: 4/5

Ease of Movement: 4/5

Sex: 4/5

Off-Gassing: 4/5

awara mattress


  • Thick comfort layer of natural latex relieves pressure points
  • Sustainable and environmentally-friendly materials
  • Minimal off-gassing

Ideal For:

  • Eco-conscious shoppers and those with chemical sensitivities
  • All body types and sleeping positions
  • Those who tend to sleep hot
  • Couples

The Awara mattress uses wool and cotton in the comfort layers to wick away moisture and resist common allergens. The natural latex used in the Awara mattress also resists allergens like dust mites, mildew, and mold. In general, latex mattresses are great for allergy sufferers and the Awara mattress is one of the best.

The 4-inch comfort layer of natural Dunlop latex used in the Awara mattress is thicker than the average latex layer. The latex is breathable and cooling, making this a great choice for those who tend to sleep hot.

Beneath the latex comfort layer is 9 inches of pocketed coils, which reduce motion transfer and offer full-body support. The responsive coils and latex both respond to the weight of your body to relieve pressure points. The coil support core also reinforces the perimeter of the mattress. It has a medium firm feel, so you won’t feel like you are sinking into the mattress.

Like the other natural mattresses on this list, the Awara mattress is highly durable and made with sustainable materials. There is minimal off-gassing, which is ideal for allergy sufferers who are sensitive to odors and chemicals.

Awara offers a 365-night sleep trial, which starts after a 30-day mandatory break-in period. Having a full year to try out the mattress allows you to experience it in peak allergy season. Awara offers free returns if you decide the mattress is not right for you.

The Awara mattress is covered by a forever warranty. In the first 10 years, Awara will replace a defective mattress at no cost. After 10 years, the company will repair or replace your mattress with a $50 shipping charge each way. This charge is waived if a defect is found.

Best Hybrid - Brooklyn Bedding Signature


Price: $999

Height: 11.5"

Firmness: 3 choices - Medium Soft (4), Medium Firm (6), and Firm (7-8)


Pressure Point Relief: 4/5

Sleeps Cool: 3/5 (Medium Soft, Medium Firm) and 4/5 (Firm)

Motion Isolation: 4/5 (Medium Soft, Medium Firm) and 3/5 (Firm)

Edge Support: 3/5 (Medium Soft, Medium Firm) and 4/5 (Firm)

Durability: 4/5

Ease of Movement: 3/5 (Medium Soft) and 4/5 (Medium Firm, Firm)

Sex: 3/5 (Medium Soft) and 4/5 (Medium Firm, Firm)

Off-Gassing: 4/5 (Medium Soft, Firm) and 3/5 (Medium Firm)

brooklyn Bedding Signature


  • Gel-infused foam prevents heat retention
  • Relieves pressure points
  • Coils add bounce and facilitate movement

Ideal For:

  • Those who want options when it comes to mattress firmness
  • People who sleep hot
  • Couples

The Brooklyn Bedding Signature is one of the best hybrid mattresses for allergies and asthma due to its antibacterial comfort system. There are three firmness levels to choose from, ensuring there is an option for every body type, sleeping position, and comfort preference.

The cover of the Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress is quilted to draw heat away from the body. A layer of Brooklyn’s TitanFlex polyfoam beneath is infused with antibacterial TitaniumGel, a proprietary gel-infused layer helps regulate temperature and dissipates heat. High-density polyfoam in the second layer contours to the shape of your body and provides support. We’ve found that high-density memory foam resists dust mites and reduces allergens in a mattress.

Support in the Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress comes from 6 inches of pocketed coils encased coils. These coils minimize motion isolation and help keep the spine aligned. Beneath the coils is a 1-inch layer of high-density polyfoam for reinforcement.

Of the three firmness options, the medium soft option is best for sleepers who weigh less than 130 pounds. The medium firm option offers comfort and support across the board, though people who weigh more than 230 pounds may prefer the firm option. All three offer top-notch pressure relief.

The Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress comes with a 120-night sleep trial, which includes a required 30-night break-in period. This gives your body time to adjust to the mattress. The mattress is also protected by a 10-year warranty, which covers defects in materials and workmanship.

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Best Memory Foam - Novosbed


Price: $999

Height: 11"

Firmness: 3 choices - Medium Soft (4), Medium Firm (6), and Firm (7-8)


Pressure Point Relief: 4/5

Sleeps Cool: 2/5 (Medium Soft) and 3/5 (Medium Firm, Firm)

Motion Isolation: 4/5

Edge Support: 2/5

Durability: 3/5

Ease of Movement: 2/5 (Medium Soft) and 3/5 (Medium Firm, Firm)

Sex: 2/5 (Medium Soft) and 3/5 (Medium Firm, Firm)

Off-Gassing: 3/5

Novosbed Mattress


  • Memory foam alleviates pressure points
  • Breathable and machine washable cover
  • 3 firmness options to choose from

Ideal For:

  • People who want a machine washable mattress cover
  • Those who prefer the conforming feel of memory foam
  • Anyone who wants to choose their preferred firmness level

The Novosbed mattress is one of the best mattresses for allergy sufferers simply because it has a removable, machine washable cover. This makes it easy to clean and prevents the buildup of allergens. The cover is also made with Tencel, which wicks away moisture and helps air flow throughout the mattress.

Beneath the removable cover is a layer of gel-infused memory foam. The memory foam has an open-cell structure that allows air to circulate. A transition layer of high-density polyfoam prevents the feeling of sinking into the mattress, while a polyfoam support core evenly distributes body weight and keeps the spine aligned. Since the Novosbed mattress is an all-foam model, it isolates motion exceptionally well and provides standout pressure point relief.

There are three firmness options to choose from: medium soft, medium firm, and firm. The soft option is best for people who weigh less than 130 pounds. Side sleepers who weigh between 130 and 230 pounds will benefit more from the medium firm option. Stomach sleepers and those who weigh more than 230 pounds may prefer a firm mattress for better support.

Novosbed offers a 120-night sleep trial with a 60-night break-in period. After 30 nights, you can request a free Comfort+ zip-on adjustment for the mattress. This includes a firming or softening comfort layer that changes the overall feel of the mattress.

The Novosbed mattress is covered by a 15-year warranty. During the first 10 years, the company will repair or replace a defective mattress at no cost. In years 10-15, Novosbed will repair or replace a defective mattress for 75% of the original purchase price.

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Best Luxury - MyEssentia Tatami Hybrid


Price: $2,699

Height: 10.5"

Firmness: Firm (7-8)


Pressure Point Relief: 3/5

Sleeps Cool: 4/5

Motion Isolation: 3/5

Edge Support: 4/5

Durability: 4/5

Ease of Movement: 4/5

Sex: 4/5

Off-Gassing: 4/5


  • Luxury hybrid mattress made with organic and natural materials
  • Pressure point relief from natural memory foam
  • Coils offer full-body support

Ideal For:

  • Vegan shoppers, or those who are sensitive to wool
  • Couples who value ease of movement
  • Anyone who tends to sleep hot

The MyEssentia Tatami hybrid mattress is a hypoallergenic, luxury mattress made from organic and natural materials. Since there is no wool or cotton padding used in the comfort system, dust mites have difficulty inhabiting the mattress. The washable cover is easy to keep clean and prevents the buildup of allergens. Additionally, the mattress is made with natural and organic materials and has minimal off-gassing.

The organic cotton cover is GOTS certified. The full zipper makes it easy to remove and clean as needed. Beneath the cotton cover is a kevlar liner, which acts as a flame retardant layer without the use of chemicals. The comfort system is 1.5-inches of latex-based natural memory foam and a half inch of latex. These layers relieve pressure points and contour to the shape of the body. Latex has many benefits for allergy sufferers. It resists dust mites, mold, and mildew.

The support core is 8 inches of pocketed coils made with recycled steel. The zoned foundation supports the body and keeps the spine aligned. This layer also reinforces the perimeter of the mattress. The mattress is easy to move around on, durable, and temperature neutral. As a result, it’s also one of our top picks for couples.

The Tatami hybrid mattress is firm, which is ideal for sleepers who weigh more than 130 pounds. The 120-night sleep trial gives you a chance to try out the mattress and decide it’s the right fit for you. There is a 9% return fee for orders shipped within the continental United States and Canada. Orders shipped outside of these regions are subject to a 5% return fee plus shipping costs. The mattress is protected by a 20-year prorated warranty.

What Type of Mattress is Good for Allergies?

The best mattress for allergies is one that will resist common allergens and provide a hygienic sleep environment. When we look at allergies that can affect sleep quality, the most common irritants are dust mites, mold, mildew, and pet dander. Allergens like mold and mildew thrive in environments that are high in moisture, while dust mites look for nooks and crannies to inhabit.

Mattresses made with memory foam and latex are known to be resistant to common allergens. Memory foam is not an ideal environment for dust mites — especially if it has a high density — since there’s less space within the foam for them to penetrate and occupy This material is less conducive for dust mites than fibrous padding and innerspring coils.

Natural latex is also ideal for allergy sufferers. This material is harvested from rubber trees and processed in a way that washes away excess proteins. This manufacturing process makes it safe for those with latex allergies.

Hybrid mattresses often use comfort layers of latex and memory foam, which is why a few of our top picks include hybrid mattresses. These mattresses also allow air to circulate and help wick away heat and moisture.

Traditional innerspring mattresses with fibrous padding are often the worst offenders for harboring dust mites. The open coil structure and loose fiber create an optimal environment for dust mites. Synthetic fibers that do not breathe well can also cause moisture to build up in the mattress.

When shopping for a mattress for allergies, look for one made with natural and organic materials. Certifications like CertiPUR-US, OEKO-TEX, GOTS, and GOLS indicate a mattress is made without harmful chemicals. Be sure to keep in mind additional factors like your size, sleeping position, and personal preferences. These will also determine which mattress is right for you.

How to Sleep Better With Allergies and Asthma

Sleep is important for your health and wellbeing, as it has a direct impact on your immune system. An estimated 8.2% of the U.S. population suffers from asthma, often in conjunction with allergic rhinitis. There is a correlation between sleep quality and quality of life, and suffering from allergies can impair sleep. There are environmental factors that affect allergy symptoms and sleep quality. In addition to investing in a high-quality, hypoallergenic mattress, the following sleep tips can help you get much-needed rest.

  • Sleep on your side: Congestion is common for asthma and allergy sufferers. There is also a correlation between obstructive sleep apnea and asthma, which can cause breathing issues throughout the night. Sleeping on your side helps keep your airway open. Lying on your back can exacerbate symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea and make it harder to breathe.
  • Prop your head up: If you do sleep on your back, you may benefit from propping your head up with a pillow. This helps keep your airway open so you can breathe easily throughout the night. Ensure that the pillow you use is hypoallergenic to prevent additional issues.
  • Invest in an air filter: There are multiple benefits to filtering the air in your home. The right filter can reduce dust mites, mold, pet dander, and other allergens in the air. Replacing or cleaning your filter regularly is also important.
  • Reconsider sharing the bed with a pet: Many pet owners want to sleep with their pet nearby, but allergy sufferers should think twice before doing so. Even if you aren’t allergic to pet dander, pets can track in other allergens like pollen and dust mites. If you can’t resist sharing the bed (or even bedroom) with your furry friend, be sure to bathe and brush them regularly. Wiping down their paws after each walk can also reduce the allergens they track in from outside.
  • Wash your bedding on a regular basis: Cleaning your bed sheets, pillowcases, and comforter or duvet on a regular basis will reduce the amount of dust mites and other allergens. Use hot water to ensure any dust mites in your bedding are killed. Cold and warm water are not as effective. Vacuum your mattress while your bedding is being laundered.
  • Consult with a medical professional: If you have allergy symptoms that interrupt your sleep, you may want to consult with your doctor about treatment options. Medications to treat allergy symptoms can improve sleep quality.

What Bedding Materials Are the Most Asthma Friendly?

Hypoallergenic bedding is often recommended for those with asthma and allergies. But what does hypoallergenic mean? This type of bedding is typically resistant to common allergens like mold, mildew, and dust mites. The fabric is often tightly woven so that it is a less conducive environment for dust mites. While this type of bedding does not completely eliminate allergens, it reduces the prevalence of them.

Sheets and pillowcases that resist mold and mildew are breathable and moisture-wicking. This prevents moisture from building up in the bedding. Natural materials like cotton, bamboo, eucalyptus, and silk are ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers. Try to avoid bedding that has been treated with harsh chemicals.

When looking for a comforter or duvet, natural materials are more asthma friendly than synthetic. Since it is important to wash your bedding regularly to prevent the buildup of allergens, look for sheets, pillowcases, and duvets that are easy to clean. Comforters are harder to wash regularly, given their size. A duvet cover and insert may be a better choice, as the cover can be removed and washed more often.

For pillows, many have found that natural and organic filled pillows are best. Cotton and latex are especially breathable. As we’ve mentioned with mattresses, memory foam is also resistant to dust mites and other allergens. This makes it a good choice for pillows, too.

Can I Just Get a Hypoallergenic Mattress Cover?

Using a hypoallergenic mattress cover is one measure you can take, but it shouldn’t be the only one. A hypoallergenic mattress cover creates a barrier between you and the mattress, but it does not address the root cause of allergens in the bed. As a result, it will not alleviate all allergy symptoms.

There are benefits to using a hypoallergenic mattress cover in addition to other precautions. An impermeable mattress cover encases the mattress, protecting it from wear and tear. This extends the life of the mattress. These covers are often easy to clean, reducing the amount of allergens in the bed. They are made with hypoallergenic materials, so they will not exacerbate allergy and asthma symptoms.

However, if you have a mattress that is highly prone to dust mites, mold, or mildew, a hypoallergenic mattress cover will not fix the mattress. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, you will want to ensure your mattress and bedding are not part of the problem. Investing in a high-quality mattress that resists allergens should improve your quality of sleep and reduce symptoms. Taking steps to reduce the number of allergens in your home will also ensure you sleep better each night.