The Best Place to Buy a Mattress

Since we spend a good portion of our lives in bed, purchasing a mattress is a big decision. A new mattress can also be quite costly. Choosing the right shopping method for you can help alleviate stress and save you money.

With many mattress models now available online, shoppers have no shortage of options. While traditional in-store shopping still has its place, online mattress shopping has boomed. Of course, there are pros and cons to shopping online and in-store, which we will discuss in detail.

The Best Place to Buy a Mattress

Typically, the best place to buy a mattress is online. While shopping in-store is helpful for some, many turn to online mattress companies for their convenience and affordability. For those who like to do their research before a big purchase, online shopping provides the flexibility to compare multiple options without pressure from a salesperson.

However, both online and in-store shopping have potential advantages.

  • Online Mattress Shopping: This may include shopping directly from the manufacturer’s website or through a marketplace. Either option gives you convenient access to a wide range of models.
  • In-Store Mattress Shopping: Customers can shop for a mattress in a mattress store, a department store, or a big-box store. Shopping in person allows you to feel the bed before making a purchase.

Buying a Mattress Online

Purchasing a mattress online is increasingly popular. Not only is the process convenient, but it’s often more budget-friendly. You may be able to purchase directly from the manufacturer or through a marketplace, such as Amazon.

The internet affords you the freedom to research models, compare your options, and complete a purchase whenever it’s convenient for you. Although the variety may be overwhelming at first, you can narrow your options by determining the best type of mattress based on your personal preferences.

Online shopping also removes the pressure of working with a salesperson. Since many sales representatives are very persuasive, shoppers frequently feel compelled to buy even if they’re not sure the model is right for them.

Without brick-and-mortar stores increasing their operating costs, many online mattress companies can price their models competitively. Plus, most include free bed-in-a-box shipping within the contiguous United States.

While some shoppers are nervous to purchase a mattress they’ve never felt, most online mattress retailers offer sleep trials. These policies usually last at least 90 nights to give new owners time to try the bed from the comfort of home. If they aren’t satisfied, buyers can generally return or exchange their mattress. However, some companies may charge shipping or restocking fees.

Policies vary between companies, so shoppers should read the fine print regarding shipping, returns, and warranties before placing an order.

Manufacturer Direct

Buying directly from the manufacturer carries many potential benefits. The official website usually has more information on the product and company than other sources. If any questions come up, many websites offer assistance via live chat, email, or phone. Additionally, manufacturers often have better pricing and more generous sleep trials and return policies than third-party sellers or marketplaces.

One downside of buying directly from the manufacturer is the limited selection of models per brand. You may have to switch between company websites to compare multiple options, so shopping through the manufacturer might be less convenient than relying on a marketplace.


Online marketplaces are platforms through which third-party vendors sell products. Amazon is considered the most popular online marketplace in the United States, though other options exist. These websites tend to be convenient for shoppers who are not tied to one particular brand, allowing for easy comparison of a wide selection of options. That said, not all popular mattresses are available.

In some cases, a marketplace may provide quicker shipping than the manufacturer. While many manufacturers only produce a mattress after an order is placed, marketplaces often have some in stock and ready to ship.

However, online marketplaces are unlikely to offer certain add-ons, such as White Glove delivery or old mattress removal. Mattresses purchased through a marketplace also usually aren’t eligible for the same sleep trial and return policies. Although you may still be able to return the mattress, the terms of this offer could be much more limited. Comparing policies between the manufacturer’s website and the marketplace can give you a better idea of the trade-off.

Finally, marketplace shoppers should be aware of the potential for counterfeit products. Many manufacturers sell mattresses through these platforms, but so do many dubious third parties. The dangers of buying a counterfeit mattress are twofold. First, counterfeits are rarely the same quality as the original product. They often use lower-quality materials, and their performance may suffer as a result.

Additionally, counterfeit mattresses are not eligible for the manufacturer’s warranty, so you may be out of luck if a defect arises. Even authentic mattresses sold through unauthorized third-party retailers won’t qualify for the same policies, so it’s important to exercise caution. When in doubt, reach out to the manufacturer to make sure it is actually their product and that the seller is authorized.

Buying a Mattress In-Store

Selecting and purchasing a mattress at a brick-and-mortar store is a time-tested method. A salesperson may be able to answer your questions or point you toward appropriate models, although their level of expertise in the sleep field may vary.

This approach has advantages and disadvantages. The main benefit is that you can try multiple models, giving you direct insight into their firmness, responsiveness, support, and overall feel.

But while a mattress may seem comfortable in the store, sleeping on it is a different experience. Reviewing the return policy before completing your purchase can help ensure you have recourse if you’re not satisfied. You may also want to assess the store’s delivery policy. Some stores sell boxed mattresses that you take home and set up yourself, while others provide in-home delivery at an additional charge or included with the purchase.

Online mattress shopping is usually the most budget-friendly option, but many brick-and-mortar stores have big sales or negotiable prices. If you have the flexibility, it may be worth waiting for a holiday sale.

Mattress Stores

Purchasing from a mattress store has its appeal. Most stores carry a good selection of models that you can try before you buy. This might give you a better idea of your preferences, but keep in mind that the floor model may feel different than a new mattress because it has already been broken in.

A salesperson will likely be available to answer your questions and guide you through the shopping process. Access to a knowledgeable professional may be helpful, but they frequently work on commission, which can motivate them to use high-pressure sales tactics.

Pricing is often negotiable at mattress stores, especially if they are trying to clear out older models or beat a competitor’s price.

Department Stores

Department stores allow you to shop for a new mattress, bedding, bedroom furniture, decor, and other items at the same location. The mattress selection is generally quite limited, but you may be able to try out a few floor models.

A salesperson might be able to answer basic questions. However, they do not typically specialize in mattresses, so their knowledge may be limited. Watch for sale events to try to get the best price.

Big-Box Stores

Big-box stores frequently have good prices on mattresses, but you may need to pay for membership to access these deals. Additionally, big-box stores do not consistently display floor models, so you might not be able to feel the bed before making your purchase. Many mattresses at these retailers are compressed and encased in a box, which you’ll need to transport to your home and unpack.

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