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Sheets are one of the most essential elements to a comfortable sleep environment, but many shoppers put less thought into their sheet selection than they do into their mattress choice. Some sheets may feel soft and smooth, look elegant on your bed, help you maintain a comfortable temperature, and enhance your rest. Others could feel rough, look unpolished, contribute to overheating, and detract from your overall sleep experience.

Some of the main differentiators between sheet sets are the type of material and the weave. These factors affect the feel and performance, so they’ll also likely determine whether the sheets feel comfortable to you. Materials like cotton, linen, bamboo, microfiber, and silk each carry their own potential benefits and drawbacks. Understanding the differences between these types of sheets can help you narrow down your options.

We’ll highlight some of the top sheet sets on the market before delving into critical factors to consider while you shop, including types of sheets, thread count, and performance.

Our Top Picks

Brooklinen Percale Sheets

Brooklinen Percale Sheets

Best Overall
  • Highlights:
  • Multiple color and pattern options
  • Cool, crisp feel
  • Side labels on the fitted sheet

The Brooklinen Percale Sheets will likely appeal to shoppers who are looking for traditional high-quality, hotel-style sheets.

This set is soft and smooth due to its 270 thread count long-staple cotton, and the percale weave makes it crisp and breathable. The pillowcases use an envelope closure to help prevent the pillow from slipping out overnight, and the fitted sheet has short and long labels on the sides to make it easier to put on the mattress.

The Brooklinen Percale Sheets have been tested for potentially harmful substances and are certified by OEKO-TEX. They are machine-washable on a cool or warm cycle.

Ten standard color options are available, including solid and pattern choices, along with a few limited edition styles. The six standard sizes are available, though color availability varies between sizes. Customers can select between several bundle options that vary in their components. Pillowcases and fitted sheets are also sold separately.

The Brooklinen Percale Sheets can be returned or exchanged within the first 365 days. A lifetime limited warranty protects the set.

Magic Linen Sheets

Magic Linen Sheets

Best Linen
  • Highlights:
  • Exceptional temperature regulation
  • 17 style options
  • Standard and deep pocket sizes

Made of European flax and stone washed for softness, the Magic Linen Sheets combine comfort, temperature regulation, durability, and style.

Like most linen sheets, the Magic Linen Sheets should soften as they age. Since linen is highly breathable and moisture-wicking, sleepers should stay cool even when it’s hot out, but the sheets can also feel cozy in cold weather. They have a wrinkled, casual look.

There are 17 style options, including earth tones and patterns. If you’re unsure of which color option you prefer, you can order a sample swatch set prior to purchasing a sheet set.

The Magic Linen Sheets come in the six standard mattress sizes, and each size is available with a standard or deep pocket fitted sheet. The regular option is 10 inches deep, while the deep pocket version measures 18 inches. Shoppers can select between standard and queen pillowcases with queen sets, and standard and king pillowcases with king size sets. Each set includes a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases, but the components are also sold separately if you prefer to mix and match sizes or colors.

These sheets are OEKO-TEX certified for composition and safety standards. They are machine-washable in lukewarm water.

The Magic Linen Sheets come with a 30-day sleep trial. Sets in good condition can be returned for a full refund of the purchase price.

Peacock Alley Soprano

Peacock Alley Soprano

Best Luxury
  • Highlights:
  • Organic extra-long staple cotton
  • Buttery soft feel
  • Optional monogramming

The Peacock Alley Soprano Sateen Sheet Set offers sleepers a buttery soft feel with refined finishing.

This set uses organic extra-long staple cotton with a 420 thread count sateen weave, giving them a sumptuously soft texture and elegant drape. A 4-inch cuff on the flat sheet and pillowcases, combined with single row satin stitch embroidery on the hem, add to the classic look.

The Peacock Alley Soprano Sateen Sheet Set comes in the six standard sizes and split king. The fitted sheet can accommodate mattresses up to 17 inches thick. There are seven color options available. Monogramming of the flat sheet and pillowcases is available for an additional fee.

The sheets are machine-washable in cold water on the gentle cycle. As sateen sheets, these should be relatively smooth, but owners looking for an even more polished look can use a warm iron to press them. OEKO-TEX certification verifies that the Peacock Alley Soprano Sateen Sheet Set is free from potentially hazardous components, and GOTS certifies that they are made of organic materials.

Products sold directly by Peacock Alley carry a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Unused, unwashed sheets that have not been monogrammed are returnable for a full refund of the purchase price during this period.

Sheets & Giggles Eucalyptus Lyocell Sheet Set

Sheets & Giggles Eucalyptus Lyocell Sheet Set

  • Highlights:
  • Smooth texture
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Generous lifetime return policy

Thanks to its material and construction, the Sheets & Giggles Eucalyptus Lyocell Sheet Set has a particularly smooth, breathable feel.

The set uses lyocell from eucalyptus woven with a sateen weave. Lyocell tends to wick moisture well while allowing cooling airflow, earning it high marks for temperature regulation. This material is typically more wrinkle-resistant than cotton, which is further enhanced by the sateen weave that gives it a silky finish and drape.

Multiple color options are available. The Sheets & Giggles Eucalyptus Lyocell Sheet Set comes in the six standard mattress sizes and split king. The extra deep pocket sheets accommodate mattresses up to 20 inches thick. Sheets & Giggles also produces sheet sets for mattresses with 13-inch or lower profiles. The sheets are machine-washable in cold water.

Sheets & Giggles offers a generous lifetime return policy with no questions asked. Customers who decide the sheets aren’t right for them can return them at any time.

Miracle Luxe Sheets

Miracle Luxe Sheets

Best Cooling
  • Highlights:
  • Breathable Supima cotton
  • Silky smooth feel
  • Natural silver fibers

A silky feel combined with notable breathability help keep the Miracle Luxe Sheets cool and comfortable.

This 500 thread count set is constructed primarily of Supima cotton. Cotton is breathable and absorbs moisture, which can help the sleeper stay cool and dry. Supima cotton is an extra-long staple variety grown in the United States. The length of the staples makes the fabric softer and more durable. Because of the sateen weave, the Miracle Luxe Sheets have a smooth hand-feel and elegant drape.

What sets the Miracle Luxe Sheets apart from most other cotton sateen sets is the use of silver fibers. This addition is intended to help prevent bacterial growth, and it is thought to to provide a cleaner surface and limit odors. This may help extend the amount of time needed between washes.

Color options include white, stone, and sky blue. Twin, full, queen, king, and California king sizes are available. These sheets are machine-washable in warm water with mild detergent. Removing them promptly from the dryer should limit wrinkles, but if wrinkling occurs, owners can use a warm iron.

The Miracle Luxe Sheets come with a 30-night sleep trial, during which owners can send their sheets back for a refund of the purchase price if they aren’t satisfied. Miracle Brand also has a 5-year quality guarantee.

Ettitude Bamboo Lyocell Sheets

Ettitude Bamboo Lyocell Sheets

Best Bamboo
  • Highlights
  • Subtle sheen
  • Deep pocket to fit most mattresses
  • Silky feel

Constructed of lyocell derived from bamboo, the Ettitude Bamboo Lyocell Sheets have a silky look and feel while regulating temperature well.

The set uses lyocell with a sateen weave, giving the sheets a subtle sheen and nice drape. Lyocell wicks moisture exceptionally well to help the sleeper stay dry throughout the night, and the sheets are breathable enough for heat to escape.

Each fitted sheet can accommodate mattresses up to 20 inches thick, so the Ettitude Bamboo Lyocell Sheets should fit most models. A top/bottom tag on the fitted sheet helps owners put it on the mattress correctly. With strong temperature-regulating properties, the Ettitude Bamboo Lyocell Sheets should be comfortable for year-round use. The set comes with a reusable drawstring bag for storage if needed.

Customers can select between the six standard mattress sizes and 11 color options. These sheets are machine-washable in cold water on the gentle cycle. Shaking the sheets out between washing and drying and removing them from the dryer promptly should limit wrinkles, but owners can also iron on low as needed.

The Ettitude Bamboo Lyocell Sheets come with a 30-night sleep trial.

Looma Home Organic Sheets

Looma Home Organic Sheets

Best Organic
  • Highlights
  • Made with organic cotton
  • Breathable single-ply weave
  • Buttery soft

The Looma Home Organic Sheets are constructed of long-staple cotton with a 300 thread count for a soft, smooth, and durable feel.

While sateen isn’t usually the most breathable weave, the Looma Home Organic Sheets use a single-ply thread woven in a sateen weave to increase airflow. As a result, the sheets combine breathability and coziness for comfort without excessive heat retention. Sateen often has a subtle sheen, but the Looma Home Organic Sheets have more of a matte finish.

The sheets are made of GOTS certified organic cotton, and they are Fairtrade certified for the treatment of workers involved in their production. This set comes in twin XL, full, queen, king, California king, and split king sizes, and the fitted sheet can accommodate mattresses up to 18 inches thick. Standard and limited edition color options are available.

The Looma Home Organic Sheets are machine-washable in cold water on the gentle cycle, and they should soften with each wash. A forever warranty protects the purchase.

How to Find the Right Sheets for You

Because personal preferences vary, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to finding the right set of sheets. This can complicate the shopping process, so understanding aspects that influence how a sheet set performs is critical. These may include the type of sheets and the thread count, among other factors.

What Types of Sheets Are Available?

Each type of sheets has potential pros and cons, and shoppers’ preferences may vary widely. Hot sleepers may love the breathability of percale, while those who run cold may prefer the cozy feel of flannel. There isn’t one ideal sheet set for everyone, but understanding the differences between the types of sheets can help you find the right variety for your needs, preferences, and sleep style.

Sheet Type What It Is Who It’s Good For
Cotton Cotton sheets are made of natural fibers from the cotton plant. This is one of the most common materials for sheets, and it can produce varying feels and warmths depending on the weave. However, in general, cotton is soft, breathable, and absorbent. Depending on the weave, cotton sheets may be appropriate for virtually any sleeper. People who sleep hot may prefer cotton with a percale weave, while those who prefer a silky smooth feel may enjoy cotton woven in a sateen weave. Individuals who sleep cold may benefit from cotton flannel.
Long-Staple Cotton Long-staple cottons are a type of cotton with longer individual fibers. This usually allows for higher thread counts and softer, more durable sheets.

Egyptian cotton is one of the best-known varieties of long-staple cotton. It is traditionally picked by hand and grown exclusively in Egypt, but many manufacturers label sheets as Egyptian cotton even if they contain very little true Egyptian cotton. Shoppers should look for Egyptian Cotton accreditation before paying a premium price.

Pima and Supima cotton are other types of long-staple cotton. Pima cotton is a broader term, while Supima is a trademarked type of extra-long staple Pima cotton grown exclusively in the United States.
Long-staple cotton may be a good option for shoppers looking for softness, durability, and luxury.

True Egyptian cotton sheets are often considered the highest-end option on the market, so shoppers willing to pay more for premium materials may be drawn to them.

Pima and Supima cotton sheets can provide a similarly luxurious feel at a lower cost, which may make them ideal for value-minded shoppers
Linen Linen sheets are traditionally composed of fibers from the flax plant. Many luxury sheet sets are made from European linen. Sheets made of this material generally regulate temperature well and have a distinctive lived-in look. They usually start out a bit rougher than most other materials, but they should soften with age. They also tend to be highly durable. Because of their temperature regulation, linen sheets are particularly popular with hot sleepers and those who live in warm climates. However, they can also keep the sleeper warm when it’s cool out, so they’re appropriate for year-round use.

Sleepers who don’t want to replace their set as frequently may gravitate towards linen sheets, since they often last longer than those made of other materials.

Linen sheets are often viewed as luxury bedding, so they may also appeal to customers looking for a high-end option.
Silk Silk is made from the cocoons of silkworms. The resulting material is smooth with a subtle sheen. Silk tends to drape well, and it has natural temperature-regulating properties. Sleepers looking for sheets that will help keep them cool in the summer and warm in the winter may appreciate a silk set.

Additionally, allergy sufferers may prefer silk bedding because it is hypoallergenic and resistant to mold, mildew, and dust mites. Luxury-minded customers may enjoy silk’s elegant drape.

Because of its exceedingly smooth feel, silk sheets may also be ideal for those with sensitive skin.
Percale Percale is a weave rather than a type of material. It uses a one-over, one-under thread pattern that produces a breathable material with a matte finish. The percale weave is especially popular with hot sleepers and those who live in warm climates because it is more breathable than many alternatives and has a smooth, crisp feel. Since the weave is tight, percale sheets are also usually durable and resistant to pilling.
Sateen The sateen weave usually uses a three-over, one-under pattern or a four-over, one-under pattern. Sateen sheets tend to drape well, resist wrinkles, and have a smooth look with a subtle sheen. Sleepers who like a smooth look and feel without the need for ironing often prefer sateen sheets.

Their subtle sheen and exceptional drape can seem luxurious and polished, so they’re also popular with those who prefer a refined appearance for their sleep surface. Their weave structure makes them more prone to snags and pilling over time, however, and they also sleep slightly warmer than percale sheets.
Flannel Flannel may be constructed of cotton, synthetic fiber, or wool. Its most distinctive characteristic is its soft, fuzzy feel, which is created by brushing the fibers on one or both sides. Because of its balance of coziness and breathability, those who sleep cold or live in cool climates often use flannel sheets to stay warm without excessive overheating or sweating.
Bamboo Many sheets are labeled as bamboo when they contain fibers derived from the bamboo plant. These sets generally use rayon/viscose or lyocell crafted by dissolving the bamboo, extracting its cellulose, and regenerating it into filaments. Bamboo-derived sheets usually drape well, wick away moisture, regulate temperature, and feel silky smooth Thanks to their temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking properties, bamboo-derived sheets are a popular option for hot sleepers.

The smooth look and feel may also appeal to those who dislike wrinkles but don’t want to iron their sheets regularly.
Tencel Tencel is made of lyocell and modal fibers. Like bamboo-derived sheets, Tencel sheets are constructed of regenerated cellulose fiber derived from wood pulp. They also have similar temperature regulation, feel, and draping. Because of their similarity to bamboo-derived sheets, Tencel options will likely appeal to similar customers: hot sleepers and those who like a smooth look and feel.

The added benefit of Tencel is the company’s focus on enhanced sustainability through recycling water and reusing solvents, which may attract eco-conscious shoppers.

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What is Thread Count?

Thread count is the measure of total threads, horizontal and vertical, in one square inch of fabric. While a high thread count can be indicative of quality, it can also be deceptive. Some manufacturers use different techniques to get a higher thread count without necessarily increasing the quality. Additionally, not all materials have the same ideal thread count, and some types aren’t traditionally measured by thread count.

Shoppers may wish to consider thread count, particularly when shopping for cotton sheets. However, most individuals are unlikely to notice a major difference between higher and lower thread count sheets, as long as they’re high-quality and within a reasonable thread count range. Customers should be on the lookout for strikingly high thread counts, as this may mean the manufacturer is using a different weaving technique to inflate the number.

What is the Right Thread Count for Sheets?

Cotton, Egyptian Cotton, Bamboo, Percale, Sateen
Most sheets made of these materials should be of good quality if they fall between thread counts of 200 and 400. The ideal count may be somewhat higher for sateen due to its weave pattern, and a thread count up to 600 is common.

Linen sheets do not often list the thread count. When they do, it may seem low compared to cotton. Quality linen sheets typically have a thread count between 100 and 200. However, this should not be seen as a mark of lower quality. The flax fibers used to craft linen are thicker than cotton fibers, so fewer threads are needed. Many linen sheets are of exceedingly high quality, and they can often last longer than sets made of other materials.

Silk, Microfiber, Flannel, Jersey
These materials are generally measured by weight rather than thread count. Grams per square meter (gsm) is the most common unit of measure for microfiber and flannel, with higher numbers usually reflecting sheets of higher quality with greater durability. The best microfiber sets generally fall between 90 and 120 GSM, while flannel is often over 170 GSM. Jersey is typically measured by ounces per yard, with 10 or more ounces per yard considered quality. Silk is gauged in momme (mm), which refers to how many pounds the silk fabric weighs when it measures 100 yards by 45 inches. A momme of 14 to 19 is usually ideal.

Other Factors to Consider When Buying Sheets

While many shoppers focus exclusively on the type of sheets and the thread count, other considerations may affect your experience with a set. We’ll highlight additional aspects that play a role in comfort, convenience, and value.

Cooling Sheets and Breathability

Hot sleepers and those who live in warm climates often look for breathable sheets that don’t trap heat. How cooling the sheets are depends on both the materials and weave. Linen, cotton percale, bamboo-derived fabrics, and Tencel often stay cooler than other types of sheets, while flannel and sateen usually have a cozier feel.


Owners can typically expect their sheets to last around 3 to 5 years with regular use and proper care. However, durability varies based on the quality, materials, and usage. Some sheet sets can last over 10 years. This is most common with luxury materials, like linen and Egyptian cotton.

When assessing the overall value of a sheet set, durability is an important consideration. A more expensive, durable set may ultimately cost the buyer less than a budget-friendly option they need to replace sooner.

Cleaning and Care

Care instructions vary between sheet sets, and owners should always follow those that come with their sheets to protect the quality and prevent shrinkage and damage. Most sheets are machine-washable with gentle detergent, and many can also be tumble dried. Depending on the materials, heat could damage the sheets or cause them to shrink, so the care instructions may recommend low heat settings or line drying.

Mattress Size

Most sheet sets are produced in the six standard mattress sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king. Other sizes, like full XL and Olympic queen, may be more limited in terms of availability.

Another important consideration is the depth of the pocket. High-profile mattresses (those over 12 inches) may require deep pocket sheets to fit their additional height. Some especially thick mattresses (16 to 22 inches) may need extra deep pocket sheets. Many sheet sets specify the depth of a mattress that the fitted sheet will accommodate to help guide shoppers.

Pricing and Quality

While price and quality do not always align, there is frequently a correlation. More expensive sheets often have a higher price-point because of the quality of materials used. However, shoppers can also find affordable high-quality options. Because of this, customers should look beyond price-point and consider the material, weave, and thread count for a more comprehensive assessment of the quality and value.