Best Walmart Mattresses

Founded in 1962, Walmart is today the world's most profitable company in terms of revenue, as well as the world's largest employer. Walmart is considered a "big box retailer," a term that denotes retail chains that occupy large stores and sell a wide range of goods. The company operates roughly 11,500 brick-and-mortar locations worldwide, including 4,700 brick-and-mortar stores in the U.S. Roughly 265 million people across the globe shop at Walmart each week for groceries, clothing, electronics, home goods, and other items.

Like other big box retailers, Walmart also offers mattresses. The company's current selection consists of hundreds of individual mattresses, including memory foam, hybrid, and latex models. Walmart mattresses are generally low-priced, but many are made from high-quality materials and will provide the same sleep benefits as more expensive models sold elsewhere.

Our selections for the best Walmart mattress models are listed below. These picks are based on a combination of verified owner experiences and our own in-house product testing. Further down, we'll take a closer look at Walmart's overall mattress selection, pricing options, and the company's shipping and return policies.

Our Top Picks

The Allswell – Best Overall
  • Mattress Type: Hybrid
  • Firmness Level: Firm (7-8)
  • Price: $299
Slumber 1 by Zinus – Best Value
  • Mattress Type: Innerspring
  • Firmness Level: Firm (7-8)
  • Price: $139
Lucid 10" Gel Memory Foam Mattress – Best Memory Foam
  • Mattress Type: Foam
  • Firmness Level: Medium Firm (6)
  • Price: $219.99
Sealy Response Performance Mattress – Best Luxury
  • Mattress Type: Hybrid
  • Firmness Level: Medium Soft (4), Firm (7-8)
  • Price: $499

The Allswell – Best Overall

Price: $299

Height: 10"

Firmness: Firm (7-8)


Pressure Point Relief: 3/5

Sleeps Cool: 4/5

Motion Isolation: 3/5

Edge Support: 4/5

Durability: 3/5

Ease of Movement:  4/5

Sex:  4/5

Off-Gassing: 3/5

allswell mattress


  • Copper- and graphite-infused memory foam resists body heat build-up
  • Zoned pocketed coils ensure strong reinforcement for the edges
  • Very supportive and responsive

Ideal For:

  • Back and stomach sleepers
  • Hot sleepers
  • Value seekers

Our picks for the best mattress at Walmart begin with the Allswell, a hybrid model constructed with a memory foam comfort layer and a pocketed coil support core. The foam is infused with graphite and copper gel, both of which have cooling properties. As a result, the comfort layer does not absorb too much body heat and should sleep fairly cool. Steady airflow through the coil layer helps to regulate the bed's temperature, as well.

The Allswell has a firm (7-8) feel. You won't experience much body-contouring on this mattress, but the thick coils offer great support and give the surface a noticeable bounce. Thicker coils reinforce the perimeter of the mattress. You won't sink too deeply when getting in and out of bed, and most people feel fairly secure sleeping near the edges. According to many couples, the Allswell's responsive feel is also ideal for sex.

Launched in 2018, Allswell is a Walmart-owned mattress brand. You can purchase a queen-size model of this mattress at Walmart for $299, making it very affordable compared to other memory foam hybrids. Walmart customers in the contiguous U.S. qualify for free two-day shipping, and the mattress is backed by the company's standard 90-night sleep trial.

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Slumber 1 by Zinus – Best Value

Price: $139

Height: 8"

Firmness: Firm (7-8)


Pressure Point Relief: 2/5

Sleeps Cool:  3/5

Motion Isolation: 2/5

Edge Support: 3/5

Durability: 2/5

Ease of Movement: 3/5

Sex: 2/5

Off-Gassing: 3/5

zinus slumber 1 mattress


  • Comfort layer of conforming, tea-infused memory foam
  • Sturdy bonnell coils provide even support for most sleepers
  • Low-profile design is adult- and kid-friendly

Ideal For:

  • Back and stomach sleepers
  • Hot sleepers
  • Value seekers

Our next pick is the Slumber 1, an eight-inch innerspring model from Zinus. This mattress features layers of high-density polyfoam and memory foam over a support core of thick, durable bonnell coils. The memory foam is infused with green tea extract, which has antimicrobial properties to help the bed remain fresh and hygienic. Soft fibers are also quilted into the cover for additional cushioning.

The Slumber 1 measures eight inches thick, making it a low-profile mattress. If you weigh less than 130 pounds, then you may find a shorter mattress more comfortable and easier to get on and off than a taller bed. The Slumber 1 is also a great choice for children due to its shorter profile and affordable price-point. Buying an inexpensive mattress for your kiddos is a smart investment if they are likely to experience growth spurts and need a larger bed in the future.

The Slumber 1 is available for less than $200 in a queen size – a price-point that is significantly below-average compared to other innersprings. Free delivery and in-store pickups are available throughout the contiguous U.S. The mattress is backed by Walmart's 90-night sleep trial and a 10-year manufacturer's warranty.

Lucid 10" Gel Memory Foam Mattress – Best Memory Foam

Price: $219.99

Height: 10"

Firmness: Medium Firm (6)


Pressure Point Relief: 4/5

Sleeps Cool: 2/5

Motion Isolation: 3/5

Edge Support: 2/5

Durability: 2/5

Ease of Movement: 2/5

Sex: 2/5

Off-Gassing: 2/5

Lucid 10" Gel Memory Foam Mattress


  • Memory foam contours closely to alleviate pressure
  • Isolates motion well and does not produce any noise
  • Breathable cover and gel-infused comfort layer

Ideal For:

  • People who weigh 230 pounds or fewer
  • Couples
  • Value seekers

The Gel Memory Foam Mattress by Lucid is our pick for the best memory foam mattress from Walmart. Constructed with a 2.5-inch comfort layer of gel-infused memory foam over a high-density polyfoam base, the mattress offers deep conforming to support the spine and alleviate pressure throughout the body. A medium firm (6) feel ensures good cushioning and minimal sagging for most sleepers who weigh 230 pounds or fewer.

The mattress also includes a cover made with Tencel lyocell, a plant-based synthetic fabric that is highly breathable. The memory foam is infused with cooling gel, as well. We recommend this bed for couples because it absorbs motion and eliminates transfer, which can minimize sleep disruptions if your partner shifts positions or gets up in the middle of the night. The Gel Memory Foam Mattress is virtually silent, too.

Another high-value pick, this mattress is available for less than $250 in a queen size. If you reside in the contiguous U.S., you can pick up the mattress for free at any Walmart store or arrange for ground shipping at no extra charge. Walmart's 90-night sleep trial is longer than Lucid's trial when you buy directly from the company. The mattress is also backed with a 10-year warranty.

Sealy Response Performance Mattress – Best Luxury

Price: $499

Height: 12", 13", or 14"

Firmness: Medium Soft (4) or Firm (7-8)


Pressure Point Relief: 3/5 (Medium Soft); 2/5 (Firm)

Sleeps Cool: 3/5

Motion Isolation: 2/5 (Medium Soft); 1/5  (Firm)

Edge Support: 3/5

Durability: 3/5

Ease of Movement: 2/5 (Medium Soft); 1/5 (Firm)

Sex: 2/5 (Medium Soft); 3/5 (Firm)

Off-Gassing: 3/5

Sealy response performance mattress


  • Standard and Euro top models available
  • Zoned base layer offers very strong edge support
  • Coils promote steady airflow to keep the mattress cool

Ideal For:

  • Back and stomach sleepers
  • Hot sleepers
  • People who have a difficult time getting in and out of bed

Our final pick is the Sealy Response Performance Mattress, a hybrid model with strong support layers to prevent you from sinking too deeply. The bed also includes a polyfoam comfort layer engineered to feel firmer at the center. This ensures even support for your shoulders, lower back, and hips, and gentler cradling for your head, neck and legs. The pocketed coil support core is also zoned with thicker springs along the perimeter. You won't sink much when sitting along the edges, and this makes getting in and out of bed fairly easy.

The standard mattress is available in two firmness levels: plush, which corresponds to a medium soft (4); and firm (7-8). You can also choose from a "tight top" model with a 12-inch profile, or a padded Euro top model that measures 13, 13.5 or 14 inches thick. Sleepers who prefer closer body-conforming may want to consider a thicker Euro top model with a plush feel, while those who need more support can opt for a firmer tight top model.

The Sealy Response Euro Top Mattress is fairly inexpensive, though models with the Euro top layer cost more than the standard beds. Walmart customers can also purchase a 5-inch or 9-inch matching foundation with their mattress.

What Kinds of Mattresses Does Walmart Carry?

Walmart carries hundreds of individual mattress models. The company's current selection includes all-foam, memory foam, innerspring, and hybrid models. You can also choose from a wide range of profiles and firmness levels. Walmart offers mattresses and bedding products from company-owned brands such as Allswell, as well as major outside mattress brands such as Beautyrest, Lucid, Sealy, and Zinus.

Walmart mattresses vary in terms of quality, but you'll be able to choose from hundreds of well-made models that earn strong performance ratings in different sleep categories, such as pressure relief, motion isolation, edge support, and temperature neutrality. Since people tend to feel more comfortable on certain beds and less so on others, the best Walmart mattress largely depends on your personal preferences. Here are a few factors to keep in mind when choosing a new mattress at Walmart:

  • Materials: The feel of a mattress largely depends on its comfort and support layers. Beds with memory foam at the surface level offer deep body-conforming, while polyfoam and latex contour a bit while remaining fairly responsive. Likewise, a mattress with a foam or latex base layer will typically isolate motion very well, whereas those with coil systems offer stronger support and more responsiveness.
  • Firmness: Do you prefer sleeping on a softer bed and sinking deeply beneath the surface, or do you need a firmer mattress that feels more supportive and keeps your body on an even plane? For many, a mid-level firmness (medium soft to medium firm) offers the most comfortable balance of contouring and support.
  • Thickness: Some sleepers don't consider thickness to be an important factor when selecting a mattress – but for others, the profile can be a deal-breaker. Some people who weigh less than 130 pounds may have an easier time getting on and off beds with low profiles (eight inches or shorter). Those who weigh more than 230 pounds, on the other hand, may prefer sleeping on a high-profile mattress (12 inches or thicker) because the extra layers prevent them from sinking too deeply.
  • Price: Many of Walmart's mattresses are budget-friendly, but the company also offers a fair number of beds with mid-range to high-end price-points.

Does Walmart Have Beds in Boxes?

The term "bed-in-a-box" refers to mattresses that are compressed, wrapped in plastic, and vacuum-sealed for shipping. This process – known as roll-packing – allows a standard-size mattress to fit inside a compact shipping container. Bed-in-a-box models are normally purchased online; once the order is complete, the company will mail the mattress via standard ground shipping.

Walmart offers some memory foam and hybrid mattresses that are compressed and shipped in a box. The best mattress in a box options at Walmart  include the Zinus and Lucid models listed in our top picks. Walmart also offers free in-store pickups for mattresses and other products that cost $35 or more. The company will ship the mattress to your nearest Walmart location at no extra charge.

Some consumers are wary of ordering a compressed mattress, but the roll-packing process should not cause permanent damage to the bed. In most cases, the mattress will expand to its full shape within 48 hours of unboxing. If you notice an issue with your bed-in-a-box, such as sagging in the surface of layers that appear to be damaged, then the mattress may have a manufacturing defect. You should contact Walmart as soon as possible to arrange for a replacement or refund.

How Much Do Mattresses at Walmart Cost?

Walmart's mattress selection is constantly changing and expanding. The current lineup features a wide range of price-points, from budget-friendly beds priced at less than $200 to luxury models whose sticker prices exceed $4,000. The median price of a queen-size Walmart bed falls between $750 to $800. A more detailed breakdown of Walmart mattress prices is listed in the table below.

Mattress Type Average Walmart Price Range (Queen) Average Price Range for All Sellers (Queen) Number of Beds Available at Walmart (est.)
Memory Foam $400 to $750 $900 to $1,200 400+
Latex $600 to $1,000 $1,600 to $2,200 40-50
Innerspring $450 to $800 $900 to $1,100 300+
Hybrid $350 to $600 $1,600 to $2,200 150-200

As the table shows, you can potentially save money by buying a mattress from Walmart instead of a competing brand or retailer. This is particularly true for latex and hybrid models, both of which can be somewhat pricey when purchased elsewhere. Walmart also offers bundles with many mattress models that can save you money on a foundation, pillows, and other mattress accessories.

How Do I Purchase a Mattress at Walmart?

Buying a mattress on is fairly straightforward. Follow this step-by-step process for most models:

  1. Visit the mattress homepage on Walmart's website. You can browse all mattresses to see the company's entire selection. Alternatively, you may filter your initial search by mattress type, size, firmness level, or brand.
  2. After choosing an initial search option, you may further customize the results with more specific filters, such as price, delivery options, and thickness. By selecting "Special Offers," you can view models that are sold at discounted prices or exclusively available at Walmart.
  3. Each Walmart mattress has a dedicated product page that includes a brief description, images, material specs, shipping information, and reviews. You can use the information on these pages to comparison-shop for different beds. If you have any questions as you browse, reach out to Walmart customer service personnel via live webchat.
  4. Select the size of mattress you'd like, along with a foundation or other available add-ons. Double-check the final price to ensure the bed is still within your budget; most of Walmart's mattress product pages default to the smallest size when you open the link, so the cost might change if you select a larger size.
  5. Review the pickup and delivery options for the mattress, which are displayed beneath the price and sizing information.
  6. Click the "Add to Cart" icon for the model you'd like to buy.
  7. When you are ready to check out, click the shopping cart icon in the top right-hand corner of the page. You will be redirected to the checkout page.
  8. If you have a Walmart account, sign in with your username and password at the prompt. If you don't have an account, you may checkout as a guest.
  9. Select the delivery or pickup option you'd like to coordinate. In some cases, there will only be one option (usually "Delivery”).
  10. If checking out as a guest, enter your name and address. If you have a Walmart account, then your contact information will be pre-loaded – but double-check everything to make sure these details are up-to-date.
  11. Enter your payment information. You may pay with a credit card or gift card, or through online payment platforms such as PayPal and Visa Checkout.
  12. Review your order. If everything looks accurate, you may complete your purchase.

After payment has been approved and the order has been processed, you'll receive an email from Walmart that includes a payment invoice and order number. Be sure to keep this email for your records – whether you opt for home delivery or in-store pickup, the email will contain important information about your purchase.

If you choose to purchase your mattress at a brick-and-mortar store, you may be able to leave with a new bed the same day. Items that are in stock are eligible for free same-day, in-store pickup. If the mattress is not in stock, you'll be able to coordinate in-store pickup at a later date or home delivery, depending on your preference.

Does Walmart Offer Free Shipping on Mattresses?

If you live in the contiguous U.S., then your mattress will probably ship for free – though this depends on the delivery method you select, as well as which options are available for that particular model. Delivery options when you order a mattress from Walmart may include the following:

  • Standard ground shipping is free for mattresses and other products that cost $35 or more. You should receive your mattress within three to five business days of placing the order. Customers in Alaska and Hawaii, as well as Puerto Rico and other U.S. territories, will need to pay additional delivery charges that vary by location (about $150 to $200 for most).
  • Expedited shipping is also free for eligible mattress models within the contiguous U.S. Next-day and two-day shipping is only available if you make your purchase before 2 p.m. in the time zone from which the product is being shipped (not your time zone).
  • In-home setup is available for an added charge with select models. This service includes a scheduled delivery date and time, in-home mattress assembly, and old mattress removal. The cost of in-home setup varies by brand and model, but expect to pay at least $50.

Walmart also allows you to pick up some mattresses at the nearest brick-and-mortar location. In-store pickup is free, though you may need to factor gas costs depending on how far you need to drive.

Does Walmart Honor Manufacturer Warranties?

Mattresses sold at Walmart come with their original manufacturer's warranty. If a certain model does not include a warranty, then the manufacturer may not offer one. You may want to reconsider if you've chosen a mattress without a warranty. Otherwise, you may face expensive repair or replacement costs down the road.

A warranty is essentially an agreement between a product's manufacturer and owner. If a product is covered under a non-prorated warranty and proves to be defective, the manufacturer will repair or replace it at little to no cost to you. Under a prorated warranty, you'll need to pay a percentage of the original sticker price – but never the full price – to replace the product if a defect develops down the road.

The vast majority of mattresses sold today come with a warranty. Most cover the mattress for 10 years and offer completely non-prorated coverage. Some models come with warranties that extend 15, 20, or 25 years; these warranties may be entirely non-prorated or partially prorated, depending on the manufacturer. "Lifetime" warranties, which cover the mattress for as long as you own it, are somewhat common, as well.

When buying a mattress from Walmart, be sure to inquire about the warranty length and how to register the bed. You may need to complete warranty registration within a certain number of days after completing your purchase.

Are Walmart Reviews Reliable?

Customer reviews for Walmart mattresses are found on individual product pages. You'll notice a star rating and number of reviews near the top of the page. Full reviews are displayed near the bottom of the page, below product specifications.

You should always take customer ratings with a grain of salt, but Walmart's reviews are more reliable than most. The company provides easy access to all reviews for a product and allows you to filter out different star ratings. You'll also notice a "most helpful positive review" and "most helpful negative review," both of which are determined by upvotes from other readers. In contrast, many mattress brands will display positive reviews first and make negative ratings somewhat difficult to access.

If you are browsing mattresses on Walmart's website, we recommend reading positive and negative reviews. This approach will give you a well-rounded idea of the bed's strong points, and where it falls short.