Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Hybrid Mattress Review

Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid

Materials Hybrid
Firmness Medium Firm (6)
Sleep Trial 120 nights (30-night requirement)
Warranty 10 Year, Limited
Price (queen) $799

Based in Phoenix, Brooklyn Bedding is a family-owned bedding and mattress company with a full line of hybrid and memory foam mattress offerings. A pioneer in the “bed-in-a-box” market, they sold their first compressed mattress in 2008. Today, their US-made mattresses are sold both online and in-stores.

The Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Hybrid is the company’s most affordable hybrid mattress. Available in a single firmness option (medium-firm) the mattress combines three inches of foam with a supportive layer of individually pocketed coils and high-density foam. The following review will provide more details into the construction and performance of this mattress, what it feels like to sleep on, and pricing and company policies.

Brooklyn Bedding Mattresses At-A-Glance
Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid
Firmness Medium Firm (6)
Material Type Hybrid
Height 10"
Price (queen) $799
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Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Hybrid Mattress Review: Our Verdict

Choose The Bowery Hybrid if…

  • You are on a budget and looking for an affordable hybrid mattress.
  • You sleep with a partner and have different body weights and preferred sleep positions.
  • You want a medium-firm mattress.
  • You want flexibility in terms of mattress sizing. Brooklyn Bedding offers custom mattresses.
  • You want the opportunity to test a mattress in person before you purchase.

Keep Shopping if…

  • You prefer to sleep on your stomach, as you may find the mattress too soft.
  • You prefer the deep contouring of memory foam. While the Bowery does have foam layers, it only conforms moderately to the sleeper’s body.
  • You prefer a mattress company that offers White Glove delivery.

How Much Is the Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Hybrid Mattress?

The Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Hybrid mattress is one of the brand’s lower priced mattress models, with price points well below the company’s other hybrid models, including the Aurora and Signature Hybrids. In fact, the price is lower than many hybrids from other manufacturers as well. The quality materials and construction, and level of comfort and support make this a good value pick, especially for parents shopping for teenagers.

Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid

Sizes Dimensions Weight Price
Twin 39" x 75" 58 lbs. $549
Twin XL 39"x 80" 60 lbs. $649
Full 54" x 75" 85 lbs. $749
Queen 60" x 80" 100 lbs. $799
King 76" x 80" 120 lbs. $1,049
California King 72" x 84" 120 lbs. $1,049
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How Does the Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Hybrid Mattress Feel?

Overall, the Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Hybrid is a responsive, medium-firm mattress that veers closer to the feeling of sleeping on a traditional innerspring mattress than an all-foam mattress. The fairly thin comfort layers provide only a moderate amount of body contouring, so you will feel more like you are sleeping on the mattress, rather than in it. Sleepers who weigh less than 130 pounds might find the Bowery Hybrid a bit too firm for their comfort, as they will not sink into the fom very much at all.

That said, the Bowery Hybrid does offer a fair amount of pressure relief for individuals who weigh more than 130 pounds — but again, without the same level of body contouring as an all-foam mattress. This ensures that the mattress maintains a good level of temperature neutrality as well, so those who tend to sleep hot should find the mattress comfortable.

What Is the Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Hybrid Made Of?

The Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Hybrid is a 10-inch hybrid memory foam and coil mattress. The mattress features three inches of memory foam atop a support core made from up to 961 individually-pocketed coils and a 1-inch layer of high density polyfoam. The result is a medium firm mattress that provides a mix of cushioning and support for a variety of sleep positions and body types.

One of the more unique features of the Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Hybrid is that the top layer of memory foam is actually quilted into the cover. Instead of a separate layer of foam wrapped in fabric, the top inch of gel memory foam is quilted into the cover. This foam is designed to resist forming deep body impressions and keep you cool while you sleep. The surface of the mattress itself is smooth and soft, with a feeling similar to a woven knit fabric.

The next layer of foam is two inches of open cell comfort foam. This foam allows for maximum airflow to keep you cool while ensuring cradling comfort and pressure relief. The individually pocketed Ascension coils are designed to provide support while also reducing motion transfer; they get an additional level of support via a one-inch layer of high density foam.

Cover Material

Cotton Blend

Comfort Layers

1″ memory foam (quilted into cover) and 2″ transition polyfoam

Support Core

6″ pocketed coils and 1″ polyfoam

Does it Isolate Motion?

Rating 3/5

The Bowery Hybrid mattresses received a good rating for motion isolation. While the foam layer isolates a fair amount of motion across the surface, testers did report feeling some movement when a sleeping partner got in or out of bed. They reported feeling little to no motion when they or a partner moved around in bed, though. This is in large part due to the design of the mattress. The foam layers of the Bowery Hybrid compress less than other foam mattresses, and therefore absorb less motion. The mattress also has fewer individually pocketed coils than other models, so it doesn’t isolate motion as well.

Does the Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Hybrid Sleep Cool?

Rating 3/5

The Bowery Hybrid uses pressure sensitive memory foam for its comfort layers, and as such, does sleep a bit warmer than innerspring or latex mattresses. That said, the Bowery Hybrid does sleep cooler than all-foam mattresses, as the coil design allows for increased airflow, especially when combined with the layers of cooling and open-cell memory foam. And when compared to other similarly-priced hybrids, the Bowery Hybrid does sleep cooler. Still, if you tend to sleep very hot, you might find that this mattress could get a bit warmer than you prefer.

Will It Sag Along the Edges?

Rating 3/5

Overall, the Bowery Hybrid provides better edge support than all-foam mattresses. Although you might experience some sagging when you sit on the edge of the bed, the edges are fairly supportive and do not sink nearly as much as other models. This makes the Bowery Hybrid a decent choice if you have mobility issues and need the extra support to get in and out of bed. It’s also a good choice if you tend to sleep close to the edge of the bed. Most of the testers said they had no trouble sleeping close to the edges of the mattress without feeling as if they would roll off.

Is It Good for Sex?

Rating 3/5

The Bowery Hybrid gets slightly lower than average scores for a hybrid when it comes to sex, but the responsiveness provided by the pocketed coil system does push it ahead of most all-foam mattresses. Compared to all-foam mattresses, the lack of body conforming provided by the Bowery Hybrid’s layers makes it easier to move around, and the high level of edge support provides enough support for couple’s who like to make use of the entire bed. The coils do make a small amount of noise compared to a silent foam model, but the mattress is generally quiet and unobtrusive.

What About Off-gassing?

Rating 3/5

The Bowery Hybrid mattress only has three inches of memory foam, and as such, does not release as many volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as all foam models. This means that any smells released by the mattress when it’s unboxed aren’t typically strong or long-lasting. In fact, many testers report no discernible odors, and among those sensitive to smells, the off gassing odor disappeared within 24 hours.

What Type of Sleeper Is the Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Hybrid Mattress Best for?

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers of all body types give the Brooklyn Bowery a “good” rating. For those weighing over 230 pounds, the hybrid offers a good balance of pressure relief and support for good spinal alignment. Although side sleepers weighing less than 130 pounds give the mattress a “good” rating, some noted that the mattress was too firm and doesn’t offer quite enough pressure relief or support because they don’t sink down into the foam enough. If you fall into this weight category, you may wish to consider the Brooklyn Bowery, an all-foam mattress that offers more compression, which reduces pressure and provides more support.

Combination Sleepers

Because the Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid receives fairly consistent ratings among sleepers with different body types and sleep position preferences, it’s a good choice for combination sleepers. The primary exception is for stomach sleepers who weigh more than 230 pounds, who give the mattress a fair rating. Overall, though, the memory foam and coil construction provides adequate pressure relief and support, allowing most everyone to sleep well.

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers also give the Bowery Hybrid a “good” rating. Like side sleepers, back sleepers weighing over 230 pounds report that the mattress provides a good mix of pressure relief and support. However, those weighing between 130 and 230 pounds prefer the Brooklyn Bowery despite sleeping well on the Bowery Hybrid. Again, the Bowery’s conforming foam layers provide more cradling and support, supporting better alignment and reducing the chance of waking up sore.

How Does Body Weight Impact the Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Hybrid's Performance?

The Bowery Hybrid is less affected by body weight than many other mattresses, as evidenced by the consistent tester ratings for all body types and sleep positions. Only those sleepers who weigh more than 230 pounds and sleep on their stomachs give the mattress a “fair” rating; all other weights and positions rated it “good.” That said, if you weigh less than 130 pounds, you may find the mattress a bit too firm and prefer a softer mattress that conforms more closely to your body.

Is the Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Hybrid Mattress Good for Couples?

Because the Brooklyn Bowery is well-suited for a variety of sleep positions and body types, it’s generally good for couples. Compared to all-foam mattress models, the Bowery Hybrid is easier to move around on, and provides a higher level of edge support. On the downside, it does not isolate motion as much as a memory foam model like the Brooklyn Bowery, so if one or both partners is an exceptionally light sleeper, they may be disturbed by their partner moving around or getting in and out of bed. And while the Bowery Hybrid does sleep cooler than all-foam options, if you sleep especially hot, you might find that it gets warmer than you prefer. Still, the mattress is a good choice for couples, offering a supportive and comfortable bed at an affordable price.

Brooklyn Bedding's Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies


Brooklyn Bedding mattresses can be purchased on, and at showrooms in Arizona and Utah. The mattresses can also be found at seven partner showrooms nationwide.


Brooklyn Bedding provides free FedEx ground shipping to the contiguous 48 states. Shipping to Alaska or Hawaii is available for $125. Shipping to Canada is available for $250.

Additional Services

Brooklyn Bedding does not offer white glove delivery services on any of its mattresses.

Sleep Trial

Customers can try the Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid with a 120-night trial. The manufacturer requires a mandatory 30-night try-out period before the mattress can be returned. There are no return shipping or restocking fees.


Brooklyn Bedding offers a 10-year warranty covering defects in materials and manufacturing. If defects are confirmed, the manufacturer will repair or replace the mattress.