Three Weird Sleep Products

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A look at the strange devices for sale in the sleep world

Whenever there’s a health issue as widespread as insomnia, there are going to be companies that come up with products to help sufferers. They may look ridiculous and seem like a waste of money, but to the people who count sheep night after night, they might be just what the sleep doctor ordered.

  • Glo to Sleep Mask: This is no simple eye mask—in fact, it almost looks like a pair of goggles. Once you put on the mask, you see a blue glowing light on the inside of it. As the light fades away, you are supposed to drift along with it into dreamland. A bonus is that the thick foam surrounding the mask claims to block out any extra light that could impact your sleep.
  • NightWave Sleep Assistant: Once you get into bed, watch as the NightWave is a device that sits on your nightstand and flashes a pale blue LED light onto your ceiling. The idea is that you should match your breath to the pulses of light, which gradually slow, until you are fully relaxed and ready to fall asleep.
  • Ostrich Pillow: Slip this stuffed sack over your head (don’t worry—there are holes so you can breathe) and you can put your head anywhere and have it be in a plush, warm environment. There are even holes for you to stuff your hands into so your fingers don’t get too chilly. This allows you to sleep just about anywhere—you could even place your head onto your office desk for a short midday snooze. This one looks the most comfortable to us, although we don't often like to snooze while sitting in a chair.



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