Dreamfoam Arctic Dreams Mattress Review

Arctic Dreams

Arctic Dreams Hybrid Mattress Review Hero
Materials Foam
Firmness Medium Firm (6)
Sleep Trial 120 nights (30-night requirement)
Warranty 10 Year, Limited
Price (queen) $499

The Arctic Dreams Cooling Gel Mattress from Dreamfoam comes in two options: a foam-coil hybrid and an all-foam bed. Both the hybrid and foam models measure medium, or 5 out of 10 on the firmness scale and 10 inches in thickness. This review focuses on the hybrid model of the mattress.

The Arctic Dreams Mattress is part of the DreamFoam by Brooklyn Bedding line. Brooklyn Bedding is a U.S.-based company that primarily sells mattresses online but also has brick-and-mortar showrooms in parts of the U.S. Like other Dreamfoam beds, the Arctic Dreams Mattress is priced much lower than most Brooklyn Bedding brand models, making them popular with shoppers looking for affordability.

In this Arctic Dreams Mattress review, we analyze the materials and construction used in the Arctic Dreams Hybrid Mattress option. Additionally, we share results of our product testing, so you can best determine if this mattress model is a good fit for you.

DreamFoam Mattresses At-A-Glance
Arctic Dreams Hybrid Arctic Dreams
Firmness Medium Firm (6) Medium Firm (6)
Material Type Hybrid Foam
Height 10.25" 10.75"
Price (queen) $499 $499
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Arctic Dreams Mattress Review: Our Verdict

The Arctic Dreams Mattress gives customers a chance to purchase a quality bed at an affordable price-point. The all-foam option comes at a competitive price, and the Arctic Dreams Cooling Gel Hybrid Mattress is priced significantly lower than most similar mattresses.

The memory foam in the Arctic Dreams Mattress conforms moderately to the sleeper’s body, providing a ‘hugging’ sensation and relieving pressure points. The hybrid option is good for sleepers who enjoy that “hug,” but want a mattress that’s also a bit more responsive and breathable.

Choose The Arctic Dreams if…

  • You’re a side sleeper weighing under 230 pounds
  • You’re a back sleeper weighing under 130 pounds
  • You tend to sleep hot
  • You’re on a budget

Keep Shopping if…

  • You’re a back sleeper weighing over 230 pounds
  • You’re a stomach sleeper weighing over 230 pounds
  • You’re extremely sensitive to off-gassing smells

How Much Is the Arctic Dreams Mattress?

The prices of this mattress are ultra competitive given the quality of the bed. Similar foam and coil hybrid mattresses can cost double or more the price of the Arctic Dreams Hybrid Mattress.

The Arctic Dreams Hybrid comes in a wider variety of sizes than most companies commonly offer. For example, it’s available in a full XL, short queen, and three RV sizes. As is common for most mattresses, the Arctic Dreams Hybrid’s prices increase with size.

Arctic Dreams Hybrid

Sizes Dimensions Weight Price
Twin 38" x 75" 40 lbs. $299
Twin XL 38" x 80" 45 lbs. $399
Full 54" x 75" 55 lbs. $449
Full XL 54" x 80" 60 lbs. $499
Queen 60" x 80" 65 lbs. $499
Short Queen 60" x 75" 55 lbs. $499
King 76" x 80" 90 lbs. $699
California King 72" x 84" 110 lbs. $699
Split California King 36" x 84" (2 pcs.) 60 lbs. ea.. $399
RV Bunk 42" x 80" N/A $449
RV King 70" x 74" N/A $699
RV King 70" x 80" N/A $699
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Arctic Dreams

Sizes Dimensions Weight Price
Twin 38" x 75" N/A. $279
Twin XL 38" x 80" N/A. $349
Full 54" x 75" N/A. $399
Full XL 54" x 80" N/A. $449
Queen 60" x 80" N/A. $449
Short Queen 60" x 75" N/A. $449
King 76" x 80" N/A. $599
California King 72" x 84" N/A. $599
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How Does the Arctic Dreams Mattress Feel?

The Arctic Dreams Hybrid feels both conforming and responsive due to its combination of memory foam comfort layers and pocketed coil support core. A quilted top adds a plush feel to the surface.

Both the body weight of the sleepers and the construction of the mattress affect how a person feels on any given mattress. On the Arctic Dreams Hybrid, most sleepers weighing under 230 pounds will feel supported and enjoy sufficient pressure relief in their back and shoulders. Back and stomach sleepers weighing over 230 pounds might feel like they require a more firm, supportive surface, however.

The Arctic Dreams Hybrid measures 10 inches in thickness, and seven of those inches belong to the support core. As a result, the bed doesn’t provide as much “hug” as mattresses with thicker comfort layers do. This bed is best for sleepers who enjoy a more responsive feel.

What Is the Arctic Dreams Made Of?

The Arctic Dreams Hybrid is identical to the Arctic Dreams All-Foam Mattress, except it has pocketed coils instead of high-density foam as its support core. This hybrid construction allows for cooling airflow and provides sleepers with above-average pressure relief.

Cover Material

The Arctic Dreams Hybrid Mattress features a .75-inch quilted top that has a soft feel. It’s constructed of breathable fabric to help keep sleepers cool. It’s also designed to resist developing body impressions, which can be an issue in mattresses with memory foam comfort layers.

Comfort Layers

The Arctic Dreams Hybrid contains one comfort layer. This layer consists of cooling gel memory foam and measures 2.5 inches thick. The memory foam is somewhat conforming and adds softness to the mattress while providing pressure relief.

Support Core

Two elements make up the Arctic Dreams Hybrid support core: a six-inch thick layer of pocketed coils atop a one-inch thick layer of high-density foam. The support core provides firmness to the mattress, while relieving pressure by helping distribute body weight evenly. Because the coils are individually encased, they are quieter than innerspring mattresses and transfer less motion across the surface of the bed.

Does it Isolate Motion?

Rating 3/5

The Arctic Dreams Hybrid Mattress isolates motion well. Memory foam in particular is a material that excels at absorbing motion, so less of it transfers across the surface of the bed. Coils in the support core are individually encased, which also helps reduce motion transfer.

Motion isolation is especially important to sleepers who share a bed with a partner, children, or pets. When a bed isolates motion well, weight put on one part of the mattress doesn’t create much movement on other parts of the bed.

Very light sleepers might notice some motion transfer when someone gets in or out of bed, or otherwise moves around. Most people won’t be bothered by this light motion transfer, however.

Does it Sleep Cool?

Rating 4/5

The Arctic Dreams Hybrid excels at keeping sleepers cool throughout the night, making it a good choice for people who tend to sleep hot. Hybrid beds generally stay temperature neutral compared to all-foam beds, since their coil layer contains open space that allows for cooling airflow.

Additionally, the Arctic Dreams Hybrid contains other design elements intended to promote cooling. The memory foam comfort layer is infused with cooling gel and contains a cooling pad. Also, the mattress cover is breathable to promote cooling airflow.

Will It Sag Along the Edges?

Rating 3/5

The Arctic Dreams Hybrid rates positively in terms of edge support. As a result, most sleepers should be able to use the full surface of the mattress without feeling at risk of rolling off the edge of the bed. Hybrid beds tend to have better edge support due to their coil layer.

How well a mattress maintains the firmness of its edges also has to do with the weight of the person sleeping on it. Some heavier sleepers, such as those weighing over 230 pounds, might find that the edges compress some under their body weight.

Is It Good for Sex?

Rating 4/5

The Arctic Dreams Hybrid Mattress rates highly for sex, as hybrid mattresses often do. Even though it has a soft feel, it’s also a responsive bed. This responsiveness makes the bed bounce back quickly in response to movement. As a result, moving on the mattress’s surface feels easy. People don’t sink in so deeply that they feel like they are stuck.

Also, the Arctic Dreams Hybrid doesn’t make much sound in response to movement. Although it contains coils, they are individually encased. Since they do not touch each other, they don’t make the squeaky sound often associated with innerspring mattresses.

What About Off-gassing?

Rating 2/5

The Arctic Dreams Mattress does release an off-gassing odor upon being opened. This odor becomes less prominent within hours and becomes virtually undetectable within a day or two. It is stronger than the odor associated with some similar mattresses, however.

One benefit of hybrid mattresses is the coil layer allows for airflow that can help the off-gassing odor dissipate more quickly. People who are particularly sensitive to smells, however, might be bothered by the scent and want to avoid the mattress when it’s first unboxed.

What Type of Sleeper Is the Arctic Dreams Mattress Best for?

The Arctic Dreams Mattress performs well for all sorts of sleepers, but it’s especially highly rated for those who prefer to sleep on their sides or backs. These sleepers experience pressure relief and spinal alignment on the mattress. The bed’s quilted top and comfort layers provide softness while the coil layer provides support.

Combination sleepers also find comfort on the Arctic Dreams Hybrid, but their experience is more greatly affected by body weight. The bed’s medium firmness rating doesn’t provide enough firmness for all combination sleepers weighing over 230 pounds.

Side Sleepers

Across all weight groups, side sleepers rate the Arctic Dreams Hybrid the highest. They enjoy spinal alignment and pressure relief on this bed largely because their need to slightly sink into the bed works well with the mattress’s medium firmness level. Side sleepers weighing less than 230 pounds feel the most comfort on this bed as it cushions their shoulders and hips.

Combination Sleepers

Many combination sleepers rate the Arctic Dreams Mattress positively. Their experience of the Arctic Dreams Mattress is more closely tied to body weight, however. Combination sleepers weighing less than 230 find the most comfort in this bed because its medium firmness provides them adequate support. Combination sleepers weighing over 230 pounds, especially those who tend to sleep on their backs and stomachs, should opt for a firmer mattress.

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers weighing less than 230 pounds experience excellent lumbar support on the Arctic Dreams Mattress. The bed’s medium firmness level and coil support core keep their lower backs from arching, which can create pressure points and cause pain. Back sleepers weighing over 230 pounds tend to require a firmer bed, however.

Stomach Sleepers

For stomach sleepers under 230 pounds, the medium firmness and hybrid construction of the Arctic Dreams provides decent support. Many stomach sleepers will require a firmer, less conforming bed, however, especially those who weight over 230 pounds.

How Does Body Weight Impact the Arctic Dreams Mattress' Performance?

Body weight is one factor that impacts the performance and feel of a mattress because mattress materials sink down more when heavier weights are placed on them. For this reason, the same mattress will feel firmer to people of lighter weights and softer to people of heavier weights.

The Arctic Dreams Mattress rates medium, or five out of 10 on the firmness scale. As a mattress that’s medium in firmness, the Arctic Dreams bed provides sufficient support for back and stomach sleepers weighing less than 230 pounds. Also, side sleepers of all weights rate it satisfactorily.

Back and stomach sleepers weighing over 230 pounds likely won’t find the support they require in the Arctic Dreams Mattress, however. Medium firmness isn’t enough to maintain spinal alignment in these sleepers, so they should pursue a firmer bed.

Also, at 10 inches, the mattress doesn’t have a super high profile. A thicker profile could prevent back and stomach sleepers weighing over 230 pounds from sinking down to the support core of the bed.

Is it Good for Couples?

Overall, the Arctic Dreams Hybrid Mattress works well for couples. Mattresses that are good for couples generally isolate motion well, provide strong edge support, sleep cool, and facilitate rather than inhibit movement.

The Arctic Dreams Hybrid isolates motion pretty well. Most sleepers won’t be bothered when their partner gets in or out of bed during the night. Some highly sensitive sleepers might, however, since the bed doesn’t completely eliminate motion transfer.

The edge support of this mattress is also satisfactory. Most sleepers will find no problem using the full surface of the bed. Heavier weight sleepers, such as those over 230 pounds, are the most likely to find that the edges compress beneath them.

The Arctic Dreams Hybrid also sleeps cool. Sometimes couples find that sharing a bed creates uncomfortable heat during the night. That shouldn’t be a problem for most couples on this mattress.

Dreamfoam's Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies


The Arctic Dream Hybrid Mattress is primarily sold online. You can find it on the DreamFoam by Brooklyn Bedding website as well as Amazon.com.

Brooklyn Bedding is a U.S.-based company. They ship to locations in the U.S. and Canada. They are also willing to ship to a freight forwarding company that will then take the mattress internationally for an additional fee.


The Arctic Dream Hybrid Mattress may be shipped to any location within the U.S. or Canada. DreamFoam by Brooklyn Bedding generally ships via UPS or FedEx. Shipments to Alaska and Hawaii start at $125 and shipments to Canada start at $250.

People living internationally do have the option to order the Arctic Dream Hybrid Mattress for an additional delivery fee. They can reach out to Brooklyn Bedding directly, and the company will arrange to ship the bed to a freight forwarding company. That company will then ship the mattress the rest of the way for a fee.

The mattress is compressed, rolled, sealed in plastic, and shipped in a box. Customers are responsible for unboxing and setting up the mattress. It can take anywhere from a few hours to a day for the mattress to fully expand.

Additional Services

DreamFoam by Brooklyn Bedding doesn’t offer white glove delivery or old mattress removal services at this time.

Sleep Trial

The Arctic Dream Hybrid Mattress comes with a 120-night sleep trial. The sleep trial begins the day the mattress is delivered.

Customers are required to try the mattress out for at least 30 nights before they can return the mattress. The sleep trial allows for free returns after 30 nights and before 120 nights have passed.

If the customer paid shipping fees, those will not be refunded as part of the return. Customers may initiate returns by emailing Brooklyn Bedding.

Mattresses purchased on Amazon are not covered by the same sleep trial. Instead, they fall under whatever return policy is posted on the product’s Amazon page at the time of purchase.


The Arctic Dream Hybrid Mattress comes with a 10-year warranty. This warranty covers defects that cause splitting, cracking, body indentations of over 1 inch, and sagging.

The mattress must be kept on a solid foundation in order for the warranty to be valid. Keeping the mattress in the box for over 60 days after the delivery date voids the warranty.