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Kristen Knutson

Sleep Explorer

Kristen Knutson, PhD is a biomedical anthropologist who is an Assistant Professor of Medicine and a member of the Sleep, Metabolism and Health Center (sleep.uchicago.edu) at the University of Chicago. Her research focuses on sleep and the risk of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, including high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. Specifically, she is interested in understanding how day-to-day sleep patterns, including how much someone sleeps, how well he/she sleeps and when he/she sleeps, are associated with health and disease. Her research is also examining whether these sleep patterns partly explain the well-known racial/ethnic and socioeconomic disparities in diabetes and cardiovascular disease. She sleeps 8 hours per night, when her toddler allows.

Articles written by Kristen Knutson

Your New Year’s Resolution: Better Sleep Starts Today

Prioritizing Sleep in 2015 and Beyond It’s that time of year again … the time when we make a promise to ourselves that we’ll finally hit the gym, lose weight, or spend more time with friends and family. Perhaps I’m biased, but it is always surprising to me that “improving sleep” does not show up on more New Year’s resolution lists. Sleep, along with exercise and diet, are part of the three “pillars of health.” Moreover, improving your sleep may help you to…