How to Get Rid of Bedbugs

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Try these tactics to fight off bedbugs.

Even if you're super clean and try your best to avoid bedbugs, these little buggers are so ubiquitous that there's still a chance that they can invade your bedroom. But have no fear. Sure, it's always best to leave it to the professionals—for usually a few hundred bucks, you can hire a reputable pest control company with lots of experience. Their tactics vary depending on individual needs, but typically the pros will fix the problem with chemical and non-chemical controls that are exclusively available to licensed pest control operators, as well as special cleaning and disposal methods. However, these are a few simple DIY methods that may also help you get rid of the creepy critters.

1. Confirm That You Have Bedbugs. It may sound obvious, but bedbugs are often confused with other pests like fleas and ticks. Check for the warning signs like dry blood dots on your sheet, bites, and their droppings.

2. Tidy Up. The more clutter that you have in your home, the more places there are for bedbugs to hide. Wash all of your linens, blankets, clothing, and any other items that were on the floor or the bed in very hot water (or at least dry them in a high heat), since bedbugs can’t survive in high temperatures. They also hide in laundry bags and hampers, so be sure to clean them as well. Heavy vacuuming can also help reduce the number of bedbugs (just be careful when throwing out the vacuum bag later, because they could still be alive in there!). Pay extra attention to rugs, floors, upholstered furniture, bed frames, and under beds.

3. Get Some Plastic. Wrap items like luggage and clothing in plastic. Wherever possible, wash and dry these items on high heat, or try placing black plastic trash bags filled with contaminated items in the sun on a hot day, because the heat will help kill them. If you have bedbugs in your mattress, buy special zip-around covers that make it difficult for them to come out. You can also replace your mattress.