Mattress Information

Finding the right mattress is trickier than you might think. A mattress that fails to provide adequate cushioning and support can cause aches, pains, and pressure points that impact not only your sleep but also your overall health. By the same token, a mattress that keeps your body on an even plane without feeling too stiff or rigid can alleviate discomfort and help you sleep more soundly each night.

Every person has unique mattress preferences based on factors like their sleep position, body type, and ideal firmness level. There are virtually thousands of mattress models to choose from, ensuring most people will be able to find a suitable option, but distinguishing one mattress from the next can be challenging – especially for online shoppers.

Our team of sleep experts has personally tested hundreds of mattresses sold today. Our evaluation process covers performance areas such as durability, pressure relief, ease of movement, edge support, and temperature regulation. These tests are intended to help our readers choose the right mattress based on their personal needs and preferences.

We also recommend familiarizing yourself with common terms in the mattress industry. These include structural terms like comfort layer, support core, and foam density. Understanding firmness levels and how they relate to your sleep experience is also important. Visit the guides below to learn more about mattresses and how to find the best one for you.