Mattress Reviews

Over the last few years, the mattress market has seen a huge variety of mattresses become available both in-store and online. With hundreds of different brands all claiming to be the best, it’s important to have a source you can trust. provides a growing number of comprehensive, unbiased mattress reviews. Our goal is to review every major mattress brand on the market, helping consumers make informed decisions that will lead to a better night’s sleep.

Our mattress reviews include personalized recommendations, performance ratings, in-depth construction details, warranty information and more. Unlike many mattress review websites, we’ve tested these beds first-hand, and have tons of industry experience and sleep experts on staff.

If you can’t find the review you’re looking for, check back soon for more. We’ve been adding new reviews every week, and we won’t stop until we’ve added them all.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you test your mattresses? 

We utilize a combination of hand-on mattress testing, customer reviews, and the knowledge of our team of sleep experts in order to review these mattresses. Our performance ratings are based on the following questions about a mattress How does it feel? Does it isolate motion? Does it sleep cool?, Will it sag along the edges?, Is it good for sex?, and Does it off-gas? Additionally, we use these tests to determine which sleeper body type and sleep position preferences the mattress is best suited for. 

How do I know which mattress is best for me? 

The three largest factors that determine which mattress is right for you are your sleeping position, your body type, and whether you tend to sleep hot or cool at night.

Side sleepers need a somewhat softer mattress that conforms to the body a bit in order for their spine to be fully aligned (which it isn’t naturally while you’re sleeping on your side). Back sleepers need an even surface that won’t let the mid section sink too low but conforms enough to ease pressure points. Stomach sleepers generally need a firm, flat surface to keep their hips from sinking.

While lighter sleepers tend to prefer softer mattresses that reduce pressure, heavier sleepers need a firmer, supportive surface. If you tend to sleep hot throughout the night, it’s important that you avoid all-foam mattresses that trap a lot of body heat and opt for a bed that allows for more airflow.

What are the most common types of mattresses?

The most common mattress types our all-foam mattresses, innerspring mattresses, hybrid mattresses, and latex mattresses.

All-foam mattresses generally contain memory foam or polyfoam on top of a supportive, high-density polyfoam core. Innerspring beds are traditional mattresses with metal springs inside of them. Hybrid mattresses are a combination of foam and spring, featuring the former in the comfort layers and the latter in the support core. Latex mattresses feature foam made from latex, and sometimes include springs in their support core. Other mattresses — such as airbeds and waterbeds — are also available, though less common.

How much does a mattress cost? 

The price of a mattress varies depending on the type and quality of the materials it’s made from. The table below includes the average price range for a queen mattress each of the major mattress types.

Mattress TypeTypical Price Range (Queen)