Nectar Mattress Review

Nectar Mattress

Materials Foam
Firmness Medium Firm (6)
Sleep Trial 365 nights
Warranty Lifetime, Limited
Price (queen) $799

The original Nectar mattress remains one of the most affordable, high-quality memory foam mattresses on the market. Paired with a 365-night sleep trial and lifetime warranty, the Nectar mattress is a valuable investment.

The foam construction of the Nectar mattress offers standout motion isolation and pressure relief for people of nearly all body types and sleeping positions. It has a medium firm feel that balances comfort and support.

Based on our own product testing and verified customer feedback, we break down the details of the Nectar mattress. We’ll cover how it performs in categories like motion isolation, temperature neutrality, edge support, and more. We also have answers to frequently asked questions, and details on what to consider before purchasing the Nectar mattress.

Nectar Mattresses At-A-Glance
Nectar Mattress Nectar Premier
Firmness Medium Firm (6) Medium Firm (6)
Material Type Foam Foam
Height 12" 13"
Price (queen) $799 1,299
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Nectar Mattress Review: Our Verdict

The Nectar mattress is one of our top picks for foam mattresses. The affordable price point appeals to most shoppers. It is especially popular for those who need additional pressure point relief, since the memory foam comfort layer conforms closely to the shape of the body. The foam layers isolate motion exceptionally well, so it’s a great choice for anyone who shares the bed and wants to ensure they are not disturbed throughout the night by their partner’s movements.

For couples with different preferences, the Nectar mattress offers common ground. The medium firm feel and polyfoam core offer support for most body types and sleeping positions. However, couples who want more bounce may find that the Nectar mattress is lacking. The Nectar mattress, like many foam models, tends to retain heat..

Choose the Nectar if…

  • You want superior motion isolation
  • You need extra pressure point relief, especially for your shoulders and hips
  • You are a couple with different sleeping positions and body types
  • You are shopping for a quality mattress at an affordable price point
  • You prefer a balance of conforming comfort and full-body support

Keep Shopping if…

  • You tend to sleep hot
  • You are a couple who wants a mattress with more bounce
  • You are a side sleeper who weighs less than 130 pounds

How Much Is the Nectar Mattress?

The Nectar mattress currently costs $799 for a queen size. This makes it one of the most affordable high-quality memory foam mattresses, as most tend to cost over $1,000. Nectar keeps its prices low so that the mattress is more accessible. The company also offers seasonal promotions and bundle options for additional discounts.

Nectar Mattress

Sizes Dimensions Weight Price
Twin 38" x 75" 40 lbs. $499
Twin XL 38" x 80" 42 lbs. $569
Full 54" x 75" 55 lbs. $699
Queen 60" x 80" 66 lbs. $799
King 76" x 80" 84 lbs. $1,099
California King 72" x 84" 83 lbs. $1,099
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Nectar Premier

Sizes Dimensions Weight Price
Twin 38" x 75" 58 lbs. $899
Twin XL 38" x 80" 62 lbs. $949
Full 54" x 75" 81 lbs. $1,099
Queen 60" x 80" 97 lbs. $1,299
King 76" x 80" 123 lbs. $1,599
California King 72" x 84" 121 lbs. $1,599
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How Does the Nectar Mattress Feel?

The Nectar mattress feels like a medium firm foam mattress. We rate it as a 6 on the firmness scale, which is a bit firmer than other foam mattresses on the market. You’ll notice when you lay down on the mattress that you don’t immediately feel hugged by the comfort layer. The mattress softens with heat and pressure, so you feel the foam gently contour to the shape of your body the longer you lay on the mattress. The transitional polyfoam and high-density base are supportive enough to prevent the feeling of sinking in too deeply.

The medium firm feel and combination of foam layers allow the Nectar mattress to keep your spine aligned while relieving pressure points at the hips and shoulders. The comfort layer of gel-infused memory foam offers great cushioning and adaptive support for your hips, lower back, and abdomen regardless of your sleeping position.

Since the Nectar mattress has supportive foam layers, it offers consistent support whether you are in the center of the mattress or sleeping near the edge. The cover is soft and breathable.

What Is the Nectar Made Of?

The Nectar mattress is a foam mattress constructed with multiple layers, which are detailed below. Nectar uses premium foams that are CertiPUR-US certified and made without the use of harmful chemicals or toxins.

Cover Material

The cover of the Nectar mattress is made from a soft and breathable blend of polyester, polyethylene, and nylon. The bottom mattress cover has an anti-slip surface helps keep the mattress in place on your bed frame. The cover is not removable, and can be spot cleaned as needed.

Comfort Layers

The Nectar’s 3-inch comfort layer layer is made of gel-infused memory foam. This layer helps distribute your body weight evenly and relieves pressure points. It also helps draw heat away from your body. Beneath the gel memory foam is a 2-inch transitional layer of dense polyfoam. The supportive feel of these foams promote proper spinal alignment and prevent sinking into the mattress too deeply.

Support Core

The core of the Nectar mattress is made of high-density polyfoam. This 7-inch foundation reinforces the foam layers above. It also provides consistent support across the mattress and prevents sinking in or sagging throughout the mattress. This increases the overall lifespan and durability of the Nectar mattress.

Does it Isolate Motion?

Rating 5/5

The Nectar mattress isolates motion exceptionally well. Motion isolation refers to how much movement on one side of the bed transfers to other areas. Memory foam especially tends to absorb movement, which prevents it from rippling across the bed. We noticed that the all-foam construction of the Nectar mattress results in minimal motion transfer. It performs better than most mattresses in this category, and especially stands out when compared to hybrid and innerspring mattresses.

People who share the bed are less likely to notice their partner’s movements throughout the night on the Nectar mattress. This makes it an ideal choice for light sleepers, or those who tend to get up throughout the night and want to minimize sleep disturbances for their partner.

Does the Nectar Sleep Cool?

Rating 2/5

The Nectar mattress does not necessarily sleep cool, though it performs better than traditional memory foam mattresses. There is always a possibility that memory foam will retain heat, since it responds to warmth and pressure to conform closely to the shape of your body. The Nectar mattress is no exception, though Nectar has taken measures to reduce the amount of heat retention in the mattress.

The breathable cover wicks away moisture and heat. The top layer of memory foam is infused with gel, which helps draw heat away from the body and disperse it. And since the mattress is medium firm, it does not conform so closely that airflow around your body is restricted. If you tend to sleep hot, however, you may find the Nectar mattress does not cool you down enough.

Will It Sag Along the Edges?

Rating 3/5

The Nectar mattress is less likely to sag along the edges than the average memory foam mattress. This is due to the dense transitional polyfoam and polyfoam base, which offer support from edge to edge. Memory foam mattresses are notorious for lacking edge support, since foam sinks in under pressure. The perimeters of foam mattresses often lack reinforcement.

The Nectar mattress maintains consistent support. However, if you are prone to sleeping or sitting on the edge of the bed regularly, you may notice some sagging along the edges over time.

Is It Good for Sex?

Rating 3/5

Most couples will find that the Nectar mattress is good for sex. The mattress does not restrict movement, which makes it easier to change positions. The above medium firmness prevents sinking in too deeply. Since the Nectar mattress is made with foam layers, it is silent when bearing weight and won’t make noise during intimate activity.

It should be noted that memory foam is not as resilient as other mattress materials, including latex, so it is slower to return to its original shape. Some couples may prefer a mattress that has more bounce and is better at facilitating movement.

What About Off-Gassing?

Rating 3/5

Some off-gassing is to be expected with the Nectar mattress, simply because it is a foam mattress that is compressed and vacuum-sealed for shipment. This process results in a release of volatile organic compounds when the mattress is removed from its packaging. The smell is most noticeable when you first unbox the Nectar mattress, but we found that it dissipates within a few days. The foams used in the Nectar mattress are CertiPUR-US certified and made without harmful chemicals.

What Type of Sleeper Is the Nectar Mattress Best For?

The Nectar mattress is great for nearly every type of sleeper. The medium firmness appeals to side, back, and combination sleepers, though attention should be paid to your body weight and personal preferences. When we find that a mattress is an ideal fit for most people, it is often because it offers an impressive balance of comfort and support. This helps cushion pressure points while keeping the spine aligned.

There are special considerations for each sleeping position, which are outlined below.

Side Sleepers: 

Side sleepers need their hips and shoulders cushioned since these areas press into the mattress. You don’t want your hips to sink in deeper than your shoulders, as this can knock your spine out of alignment and put pressure on your lower back. You also want to make sure your shoulders sink in enough. The Nectar mattress offers standout pressure relief for side sleepers who weigh more than 130 pounds.

Combination Sleepers

Combination sleepers tend to change positions throughout the night. At any given point, they will need support for their side, stomach, or back. As a result, we usually recommend a mattress that is medium firm and can accommodate a variety of sleeping positions. The Nectar mattress fits the bill, as it prevents your lower back and hips from pressing deeply into the mattress while cushioning your shoulders and chest.

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers keep their natural posture as they sleep, though lumbar support is needed to maintain a neutral position for the spine. The memory foam layers of the Nectar mattress contour to the shape of your body and relieve pressure on your lower back. This makes the mattress ideal for back sleepers of all body types.

How Does Body Weight Impact the Nectar Mattress's Performance?

Your body weight affects how firm and supportive the Nectar mattress feels. For people who weigh less than 130 pounds, the Nectar mattress will feel firmer. This is because these sleepers put less pressure on the mattress and do not sink into the comfort layers as much. For stomach sleepers, this is ideal since it prevents your abdomen and hips from pressing into the mattress. For side sleepers who weigh less than 130 pounds, the Nectar mattress may feel too firm.

Those who weigh between 130 and 230 pounds will find that the Nectar feels comfortable and supportive for all sleeping positions. If you are within this weight range, you should sink into the mattress enough to feel full-body pressure relief while still being supported.

Sleepers who weigh more than 230 pounds will find that the Nectar mattress feels softer than expected. This is because the memory foam responds to the added weight and conforms more closely. However, since the Nectar mattress has a higher density polyfoam base and additional transitional foam, it still offers ample support. This makes it one of the best memory foam mattresses for heavier people.

Is the Nectar Mattress Good for Couples?

The Nectar mattress is good for couples who prioritize motion isolation and want ample pressure point relief. The medium firm feel is ideal for a range of body types and sleeping positions. As a result, the Nectar mattress can be a good compromise for couples with differing preferences.

The foam construction of the Nectar mattress has benefits and drawbacks for couples. It truly stands out when it comes to motion isolation, which minimizes sleep disturbances for people who share the bed. However, it can also inhibit movement to a certain extent. This means the mattress does not rate as highly for sex as a hybrid or latex mattress would. The memory foam layer can also retain heat, so couples who tend to sleep hot will want to consider if it is the right fit for them. The edge support of the Nectar mattress is better than average for a foam mattress, which increases the sleepable surface area of the bed for couples.

Nectar's Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies


The Nectar mattress is widely available. You can purchase it on the Nectar website, which offers shipping within the United States. It is also available online through Amazon.

Nectar has partnered with over 100 retail companies to offer the Nectar mattress in stores throughout the United States. You can view the full list of store locations on the Nectar website.


Nectar offers shipping within the United States. Shipping within the contiguous United States is free, while there is a $150 charge for shipping to Alaska and Hawaii. Nectar does not ship to Puerto Rico, Guam, or the U.S. Virgin Islands. International shipping is not available at this time.

The mattress is shipped as a bed in a box, compressed and sealed in plastic. Nectar ships via FedEx Ground, which has an estimated transit time of 2 to 3 business days once your order has shipped.

Once you receive the mattress, you can unpack and unroll it in your bedroom and allow it to expand on top of your bed frame.

Additional Services

White Glove Delivery is available for an additional $149 charge. This includes mattress set-up and old mattress removal. If you purchase more than one item, there is an additional $45 charge for each item that requires White Glove Delivery.

Sleep Trial

The Nectar sleep trial begins 30 days after your mattress is delivered. This break-in period allows your body time to adjust to the new mattress. The 365-night sleep trial gives you a full year to try out the mattress.

If you decide the mattress is not right for you, contact the company to initiate a return. Nectar will help coordinate the pick-up and donation of your mattress for free and issue you a refund.


Nectar offers a forever warranty for the Nectar mattress, which covers defects in materials and workmanship. Within the first 10 years of the warranty, Nectar will replace a defective mattress at no cost to you, including shipping.

After 10 years, Nectar will repair or replace your mattress for a $50 shipping charge each way. This charge is waived if the mattress is found to be defective.