How to Pack a Sleep-Friendly Travel Kit

There’s no need to compromise the quality of your zzz’s when you’re away from home. Arm yourself with the right sleep-enhancing tools to promote better snooze control anywhere

Trying to get a good night’s sleep away from home can be a challenge. Between the unfamiliar setting, bedding, and environmental distractions (such as lights and noises that you’re not used to), it’s easy to end up in a state of high alert, rather than in a relaxed state of mind that’s conducive to getting precious shuteye.

That’s why it’s smart to pack items that can help shut out unwanted stimulation and help you feel calm, whether you’re staying at a hotel or at a friend’s place. After all, you’ll feel better and enjoy your trip more if you sleep well in your new destination.

For starters, it’s wise to pack a pair of foam earplugs to block any strange or unexpected sounds. If you’re a light sleeper, it can help to install a white-noise app on your smartphone to produce soothing sounds and drown out distracting ones. Similarly, bring a light-blocking sleep mask in case the room where you’ll be snoozing isn’t as dark as you’d like it to be.

To put yourself into a dreamy state, pack some good scents —such as lavender, sandalwood, bergamot, or another essential oil—that can help you put your stress to rest, and relax. (For portability purposes, you can bring an aroma stick, a small vial of essential oil, or a scented lotion.) If you’re sensitive to the feel of certain fabrics against your skin, you may even want to tote along a favorite pillowcase from home.

Finally, if you have sleep apnea or you tend to grind your teeth at night, don’t forget to bring your CPAP machine or your mouth guard on the road with you. Taking these steps can help you get the slumber that you need so you can feel and function that much better while you’re away from home.