How to Beat Bedhead

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Say bye-bye to bad hair days, no matter what length your hair is!

Sometimes all it takes is one frightening look in the mirror in the a.m. to realize that you've become a victim of the dreaded bedhead. Good morning, weird cowlicks, tangled knots, and strands pointing every which way but down! Between that and morning breath, it can be hard to feel attractive and energized for the day ahead.

Luckily, there’s a bedhead solution for every hair length. If showering in the morning to start your hairstyle over again isn’t an option, check out some of these alternatives.

For Long or Medium-Length Hair

It's actually easier to avoid bedhead when you have long or medium-length hair, assuming that you’re willing to put in a little effort at night. A few suggestions include:

  • Put It in a Bun. After showering at night, place long or medium hair in a bun at the top of your head and secure it with a couple of bobby pins. This will help your hair avoid all the tousling from tossing and turning during the night. In the morning, all it’ll need is a quick brush and you’ll be ready to go.
  • Become a Braider. Braiding wet hair is a quick and easy way to avoid bedhead and achieve soft, supple waves that people pay good money for in salons. Simply throw damp hair into a tight braid before bed. Then spray it with a bit of hairspray or throw in some gel before setting the braid. In the morning, undo the braid and use your fingers to separate the curls.
  • Straighten or Curl That Crazy Hair. If you have a little extra time in the morning, your everyday hair straightener or curler should be able to help you manage unruly strands.

For Short Hair

While it’s slightly harder to avoid bedhead if you have short hair (mostly because there are fewer styles that you can throw it into at night), you still have some good options:

  • Use a Bandana. To maintain a semblance of normalcy for morning styling, throw a cotton bandana around your head at night to ensure that your hair remains smooth and unbothered during the night.
  • Rewet in the Morning. If a full-on shower isn’t an option during your hectic morning routine, try keeping a spray bottle on hand to wet the more unruly areas of your hair that tend to misbehave. This should make it easier to restyle.
  • Embrace It. If your hair is too short for a bun or braid and the bandana just isn’t cutting it, it might be best to figure out a style that makes bedhead work for you. Short cuts with uneven layers tend to look best with messy, uneven styles, so when all else fails, channel your inner Courtney Love and go with it.