Puffy Royal Mattress Review

Puffy Royal

Puffy Royal Mattress
Materials Foam
Firmness Medium (5)
Sleep Trial 101 nights
Warranty Lifetime, Limited
Price (queen) $2,699

Puffy is an online, direct-to-consumer mattress retailer that also sells accessories, bed frames, and bedding. All of Puffy’s manufacturing is done in the United States, and the company offers competitive warranties and sleep trials.

Puffy’s current mattress options are the Puffy, the Puffy Lux, and the Puffy Royal. Puffy engineers mattresses that are layered with different types of their proprietary foam blends and designed to work with any type of bed base. These models all rate around 5 (medium) on the 10-point firmness scale, but they vary in their materials, thickness, and performance. The Puffy is the brand’s most affordable offering, while the Lux and Royal are thicker and constructed with more layers.

The Royal Mattress is Puffy’s top of the line mattress. It has the most comfort layers and the highest profile at 14 inches. The core of the all-foam version of the Royal Mattress is 7 inches of firm high-density polyfoam while the Royal Hybrid has a pocketed coil support core. The Royal Hybrid is designed to be the plusher of the two offerings.

We’ll cover both the Puffy Royal and Puffy Royal Hybrid, which have different cores but the same upper layers of memory and polyfoam. We’ll provide an in-depth overview of the Puffy Royal Mattress’ performance, pricing, and more, highlighting the differences between the foam and hybrid models to help you decide which might be the best fit for you.

Puffy Mattresses At-A-Glance
Puffy Royal Puffy Mattress Puffy Lux
Firmness Medium (5) Medium (5) Medium (5)
Material Type Foam Foam Foam
Height 14" 10" 12"
Price (queen) $2,699 $1,149 $1,799
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Puffy Royal Mattress Review: Our Verdict

Sleepers seeking pressure relief and the conforming qualities of memory foam will find the Puffy Royal Mattress worth considering. The Puffy Royal’s comfort layers distribute weight evenly and work well to prevent motion transfer. As a result, it’s a great option for couples and side sleepers.

The Puffy Royal Hybrid Mattress scored slightly higher for back and stomach sleepers than the all-foam version. Combination sleepers and couples may benefit from the hybrid’s increased bounce, airflow, and edge support.
As a medium (5) on the mattress firmness scale, the Puffy Royal Mattress may lack some of the support that those over 230 pounds require. Stomach sleepers might also want to pass on the all-foam version in favor of the Hybrid option, which has the same medium feel but a supportive core less prone to midsection sinkage.

Choose the Puffy Royal if…

  • You want a mattress that won’t disturb your partner at night
  • You’re a side sleeper who needs pressure relief
  • You’re shopping for a sleeper under 130 pounds
  • You prefer an American-made mattress

Keep Shopping if…

  • You’re primarily a stomach sleeper
  • You don’t like the close hug of memory foam
  • You or your sleep partner weigh over 230 pounds

How Much Is the Puffy Royal Mattress?

The Royal is Puffy’s highest-end model. While it’s on the more expensive end of the spectrum for an all-foam or a hybrid mattress, its features may make it worth the investment. Additionally, frequent promotions offer savings off the list price.

Puffy Royal

Sizes Dimensions Weight Price
Twin 39" x 75" 60 lbs. $1,649
Twin XL 39" x 80" 60 lbs. $1,749
Full 54" x 75" 85 lbs. $2,449
Queen 60" x 80" 100 lbs. $2,699
King 76" x 80" 130 lbs. $2,999
California King 72" x 84" 130 lbs. $2,999
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How Does the Puffy Royal Mattress Feel?

The Puffy Royal Mattress is a medium mattress designed to feel plush and supportive. In both the hybrid and all-foam models, Puffy chose a firm core that provides a stable base.

The top four comfort layers of each version conform to the body and provide pressure relief to areas like the shoulders, hips, and back. Laying on the Puffy Royal Mattress gives a sensation of being supported and cradled in every direction by high-quality memory foam. Sleepers who choose the Puffy Royal Mattress can expect to feel that the bed has molded to the shape of their body like a gentle hug.

What Is the Puffy Royal Made of?

The Puffy Royal and Puffy Royal Hybrid each have the same four memory foam and polyfoam layers that sit atop their respective support cores. Each section has a different composition and purpose that complement each other for a balanced performance.

Cover Material

The Puffy Royal Mattress Cover is made from stain-resistant polyester that’s removable and washable. It is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified, meaning it meets high certification standards for material safety.

Comfort Layers

The top four comfort layers use different types of foam that work together to provide comfort, contouring, and pressure relief.

Each mattress is topped with 1.5 inches of memory foam infused with cooling gel beads intended to cool the mattress’ surface throughout the night. Beneath that sits another 1.5-inch layer of memory foam that adjusts to the body’s contours and provides pressure relief.

The third layer is 2 inches of a temperature-regulating polyfoam designed with breathability in mind. This is followed by another 2-inch layer that sits directly above each mattress’ support core that features strategically placed cut-outs engineered to provide maximum airflow. A five-zone design provides targeted lower back support to promote healthy spinal alignment.

Support Core

The Puffy Royal Hybrid’s support core consists of a 6-inch pocketed coil layer that enhances the bed’s bounce, breathability, and edge support. It’s reinforced by a 1-inch layer of high-density polyfoam. The all-foam version uses 7 inches of high-density polyfoam, which increases the surface’s motion isolation.

Support Core

The Puffy Royal Hybrid’s support core consists of a 6-inch pocketed coil layer that enhances the bed’s bounce, breathability, and edge support. It’s reinforced by a 1-inch layer of high-density polyfoam. The all-foam version uses 7 inches of high-density polyfoam, which increases the surface’s motion isolation.

The Bear Hybrid support core consists of eight inches of pocketed coils atop one inch of high-density polyfoam. The pocketed coils add firmness and structure to the bed while allowing for cooling airflow.

Does it Isolate Motion?

Rating 5/5 (Foam), 4

Both versions of the Puffy Royal Mattress isolate motion very well. The foam layers are well suited to preventing motion transfer from one part of the bed to the other by absorbing most vibrations. Memory foam slowly returns to its original shape after pressure is removed instead of bouncing back the way a springier material would, contributing to less motion transfer.

For those who share a bed with a partner prone to tossing and turning, motion isolation is an important feature to consider. The all-foam version of the Puffy Royal absorbs virtually all vibrations. The coil core in the hybrid option gives the bed some bounce that could lead to mild motion transfer, but this is unlikely to be significant enough to disturb most sleepers.

Does It Sleep Cool?

Rating 2/5 (Foam), 3

Memory foam mattresses are typically at a disadvantage when it comes to temperature neutrality, and the Puffy Royal Mattress is no exception. This material is designed to conform to the body, naturally limiting airflow. The Royal Hybrid Mattress performs somewhat better than the all-foam model due to its coil core, which allows air to circulate better.

Puffy has introduced cooling features to three of the layers inside the Royal Mattress to combat the normal heat retention of memory foam, which may make it a better choice than other memory foam mattresses that lack cooling features.

Will It Sag Along the Edges?

Rating 3/5

Because of its medium feel, the Puffy Royal provides adequate support around the edges to reduce sagging. A supportive edge is important for those who have a difficult time getting in and out of bed and/or those who want to use the full surface of the mattress. It can also help your mattress last longer before needing to be replaced.

While the foam and hybrid versions earn the same rating in this category, the Royal Hybrid’s coil core may make the bed feel slightly more supportive around the perimeter.

Is It Good for Sex?

Rating 2/5 (Foam), 3

While neither version of the Puffy Royal scores very highly in this category, the Royal Hybrid may be a better option than the all-foam Royal. Both versions provide good traction thanks to their multiple layers of conforming foam, but the Royal Hybrid also has a bit of bounce from its coil core that many couples will find beneficial for sex.

The Royal Hybrid’s coil core is more responsive than memory foam which allows for easier movement. The Royal Hybrid’s edge support also plays to its advantage, providing sturdier edges that help to create more viable surface area.

What About Off-Gassing?

Rating 2/5 (Foam), 3

Though Puffy mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified for materials and emissions standards, they are still subject to the off-gassing that is typical with synthetic foam mattresses that are compressed to ship. After they’re unsealed, they expand and emit VOCs, which can have a chemical-like odor.

These emissions aren’t thought to be harmful in the amounts that come off a mattress, but they could be problematic for anyone who has trouble tolerating strong smells. The odor typically doesn’t linger more than a few days, so some owners prefer to leave their mattress in a separate room with good airflow until it airs out. Since the Royal Hybrid allows more air circulation than the all-foam version, its smell may dissipate slightly sooner.

What Type of Sleeper Is the Puffy Royal Mattress Best for?

Every sleeper prefers different mattress features based on their individual needs, body type, and sleep position. Stomach sleepers may need a mattress that provides firm support, while side sleepers often like a mattress that conforms closely to their body and alleviates pressure points at the hips and shoulders.

Side sleepers, especially those who weigh under 130 pounds, are likely to be the biggest fans of the Puffy Royal Mattress. This may be due to Puffy’s Sectional Cloud Technology, which separates the mattress into five zones, each targeting a different area of the body. The mattress is designed to be plush near a sleeper’s head and feet and firm in the middle where side sleepers need lumbar support.

Both the all-foam Royal Mattress and the Royal Hybrid Mattress have the same top four layers, which provide close-conforming pressure relief. The inner core of the Royal Hybrid is composed of coils, giving it a more supportive feel and slightly higher performance scores across the board, particularly for back and stomach sleepers.

Side Sleepers

Both the hybrid and foam versions of the Royal Mattress are good options for side sleepers. Either option may be ideal for those who weigh under 130 pounds, but individuals who weigh more will likely experience better spinal support from the Royal Hybrid.

Combination Sleepers

Combination sleepers are likely to find a decent fit with either Royal Mattress, but the hybrid design tends to perform better for most sleep positions and weight groups. Since the coil layer enhances the bed’s responsiveness, the hybrid option may also make it easier for combination sleepers to change positions during the night.

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers under 130 pounds should find the all-foam Puffy Royal’s lumbar support sufficient with limited sinkage near their hips due to the zoned polyfoam layer. However, back sleepers from all weight groups tend to prefer the Royal Hybrid, which is more likely to support their natural spinal alignment.

Stomach Sleepers

The all-foam Puffy Royal Mattress doesn’t lend itself to stomach sleeping since the ample comfort system may allow the sleeper’s midsection to droop into the mattress. The Royal Hybrid will be a better option for most stomach sleepers, but those who weigh over 130 pounds would receive better support from a firmer model.

How Does Body Weight Impact the Puffy Royal Mattress' Performance?

With a medium firmness rating, the Puffy Royal sits squarely in the middle on the firmness scale. As a sleeper’s weight increases, so does the need for additional support. This may be why the Royal tends to perform best for individuals under 130 pounds, especially side sleepers who need extra cushioning.

Back sleepers who weigh less than 230 pounds may find the Puffy Royal Hybrid a suitable surface since its foam comfort system cradles their lower backs while the zoned foam layer and coil core limit sagging that could put a strain on the spine.

The Puffy Royal is likely to be too plush for many stomach sleepers and individuals who weigh over 230 pounds. They may prefer a firmer mattress with more support to improve their sleep postures.

Is It Good for Couples?

Couples may enjoy the Puffy Royal Mattress, especially its motion-isolating capabilities. The thick foam comfort system absorbs most vibrations when one partner changes positions or gets into or out of bed, which may be ideal for couples with different sleep schedules and those who awaken easily.

Though both designs score well in motion isolation, the all-foam model earns slightly higher marks. However, the Puffy Royal Hybrid outperforms the all-foam model in temperature neutrality and ease of motion thanks to its coil core. This may make it a better fit for couples who sleep hot and those who prefer a more responsive surface for sex.

Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies


Puffy sells mattresses directly to consumers on its website. The company does not have storefronts and does not sell within other mattress stores. Shipping is available in all 50 states.


Puffy ships for free via FedEx to locations in the contiguous U.S., while customers in Alaska and Hawaii pay extra for shipping charges.

Mattresses typically ship in one to three business days and come compressed in a box that measures 42 inches by 19 inches by 19 inches.

No assembly is required, but the customer must move the packaged mattress into their home, place it in their room of choice, slide it out of the box, and carefully remove the plastic. This process typically requires two people. Once the mattress is unsealed, it may take up to 24 hours to expand to its full size. However, most decompression should occur during the first two hours.

Additional Services

Puffy does not offer White Glove delivery and does not pick up or dispose of old mattresses.

Third-party financing is available via Klarna or Splitit.

Sleep Trial

Every mattress comes standard with a 101-night sleep trial. Puffy requires customers to sleep on the mattress for a minimum of 14 nights. After 14 nights, customers can return the mattress for a full refund of the purchase price during the remainder of the 101-night trial window.

Shipping charges are non-refundable.

Customers who aren’t satisfied with their mattress can contact Puffy, which will reach out to local charities and/or recycling centers for removal options. Puffy aims to donate returned mattresses whenever possible. There is a maximum of two returns per household.


All of Puffy’s mattresses come with a non-transferable lifetime warranty. If Puffy determines that your mattress has an eligible defect, it will choose to either repair or replace it free of charge.

Covered defects include indentations over 1.5 inches deep, manufacturing flaws in the cover zipper, and physical flaws in the cover’s construction.

To qualify, mattresses must be used on a suitable frame or base and not subjected to abuse and/or misuse.

Additional terms and conditions also apply.