Purple Mattress Review

Purple Mattress

Purple Hybrid Mattress
Materials Foam
Firmness Medium Firm (6)
Sleep Trial 100 nights (21-night requirement)
Warranty 10 Year, Limited
Price (queen) $1,149

The Purple Mattress — also known as the Purple Original — is an all-foam mattress with a secret. Beneath its soft and stretchy polyester-blend cover, it features a 2-inch comfort layer of hyperelastic polymer. Called the ‘Purple Grid’, this layer buckles when compressed to create a pressure-relieving sleep cradle with minimal motion transfer and a ‘floating’ feel of sleeping on, rather than in, the mattress.

Following the grid layer, the Purple utilizes high-density polyfoam in its transitional layer as well as its support core. At 9.25 inches tall, the Purple is shorter than the average all-foam bed, and it has a balanced medium-firm (or 6 out of 10) feel.

In addition to the Purple Mattress, its manufacturer — also called Purple — offers the Purple Hybrid and the Purple Hybrid Premier. These both replace the original’s polyfoam support core with 7.5 inches of pocketed coils, but the Hybrid Premier model has a thicker Purple Grid layer and is available in two height options.

Purple Mattresses At-A-Glance
Purple Mattress Purple Hybrid
Firmness Medium Firm (6) Medium Firm (6)
Material Type Foam Hybrid
Height 9.5" 11"
Price (queen) $1,149 $1,699
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Purple Mattress Review: Our Verdict

Choose The Purple if…

  • You weigh less than 230 pounds and sleep on your back or side, or a combination of those two positions
  • You suffer from next-day stiffness or worsened pain (particularly in the lower back or hips) with your current mattress
  • You want a pressure-relieving mattress that still sleeps extremely cool
  • You have a sleep partner and require a mattress with above-average motion isolation and suitability for sex

Keep Shopping if…

  • You prefer a pocketed coil support core, in which case the Purple Hybrid or Purple Hybrid Premier would be a better choice
  • You require a higher mattress profile or better edge support, particularly if you have mobility concerns
  • You’re looking for an extremely durable mattress with a longer-than-average lifespan

How Much Is the Purple Mattress?

The cost of a queen-size Purple Mattress is $1,099 before any discounts.

Mattresses with innovative materials and construction — such as the Purple’s hyperelastic polymer grid layer — tend to be more expensive than their standard competitors. Still, the Purple has a price-point that is at the lower end of mid-range for an all-foam mattress. It’s priced only slightly higher than the overall average cost of an all-foam bed, allowing it to offer excellent value for its cost.

Purple Mattress

Sizes Dimensions Weight Price
Twin 38" x 75" N/A $649
Twin XL 38" x 80" 70 lbs. $749
Full 54" x 76" 81 lbs. $949
Queen 60" x 80" 110 lbs. $1,099
King 76" x 80" 140 lbs. $1,399
California King 76" x 84" 140 lbs. $1,399
Split King 38" x 80" (2pcs) 140 lbs. $1,498
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How Does the Purple Mattress Feel?

The Purple’s feel is highly unique due to the properties of its Purple Grid comfort layer. The buckling hyperelastic polymer offers some of the features of memory foam, as it conforms lightly around the body (particularly the hips and shoulders) to offer pinpoint pressure relief. However, it is significantly more responsive than memory foam.

Due to the firmness of its high-density polyfoam transitional layer, the Purple has a firmer feel and a more supportive sleep cradle than many all-foam competitors. However, the sensation of being cradled is less apparent. Instead, the Purple offers sleepers the floating feeling of sleeping on, rather than in, the mattress, despite its conforming qualities.

Sleepers who prefer the feeling of ‘sinking’ into their mattress are more likely to enjoy a traditional memory foam comfort system, while those with hip, back, or shoulder pain may appreciate the Purple’s targeted support in areas of more weight or pressure.

Airflow through the Purple’s open-grid comfort system is far better than the majority of all-foam beds, which tend to retain heat and prevent airflow. Due to this, sleeping on the Purple feels breezier and cooler than those with standard memory foam or polyfoam comfort systems.

What is the Purple Made of?

As an all-foam mattress, the Purple is built from a central support core of high-density polyfoam. However, its use of a hyperelastic polymer comfort layer sets it outside the pack, as this innovative material is far less common than memory foam, polyfoam, or natural latex comfort layers.

Although made primarily from synthetic materials, the Purple is a low-VOC (volatile organic chemicals) mattress. It uses only materials CertiPUR-US certified as being free from hazardous or otherwise harmful chemicals.

Cover Material

The Purple’s stretch-knit cover is a soft and supple blend of polyester, viscose, and spandex. As it is integrated into the bed itself, stains must be spot-cleaned only. On the bottom of the mattress, the cover has a 100% cotton slip guard to prevent it from shifting on its base or frame.

Instead of using chemical flame retardants, which are standard in the industry, the Purple’s cover uses a non-toxic, non-chemically-treated flame barrier fabric which has been GREENGUARD Gold Certified for use in schools and hospitals.

Comfort Layers

As mentioned above, the first of the Purple’s comfort layers is its innovative 2-inch Purple Grid system. Made from hyperelastic polymers, this layer buckles only beneath weight to create a motion-isolating sleep cradle for both pressure relief and support. Additionally, it has no known allergens, and its open grid structure allows for significantly better airflow than most all-foam beds.

Below the Purple Grid you’ll find a second, transitional layer made from high-density polyfoam. By forming a buffer between the Purple Grid and the support core, this layer prevents sleepers from sinking against the (firmer and less comfortable) core. As it is denser and thicker than the Grid, this layer also provides much of the bed’s medium-firm feel.

Support Core

Most all-foam mattresses feature a high-density polyfoam support core, and the Purple is no different. At 4 inches, its core is thinner than those of most competitors, but it still provides the bed with stability, overall support, and durability.

Note: Customers who are interested in the Purple but prefer a pocketed coil support core may enjoy the Purple Hybrid or the Purple Hybrid Premier.

Does the Purple Isolate Motion?

Rating 4/5

The Purple, like many of its all-foam competitors, isolates motion with enough precision to avoid disturbing even the lightest sleepers. However, the reasons for its excellent performance are different than the average foam bed, as it relies on its Purple Grid’s responsive buckling under pressure rather than the natural motion isolation of memory foam or polyfoam.

During testing, heavy weights caused the mattress to dip very slightly, but it primarily compressed (and then held firm) directly beneath where the weight was placed. Comments from testers and reviews from verified owners back up this observation, as many people who sleep with a partner reported that they and their partner were able to freely move and change position without disturbing each other.

Note that, as the Purple has an average amount of edge support for an all-foam mattress, sitting on the edge of the bed can cause the mattress to dip across its surface. However, this does not affect its overall motion isolation.

Does the Purple Sleep Cool?

Rating 5/5

All-foam beds are broadly considered to be one of the worst mattress types for temperature neutrality, but the Purple is one of the coolest-sleeping beds of any construction on the market.

The Purple Grid layer is to thank for this, as the hyperelastic polymer it is made of has minimal heat retention even over the course of the night. Even more importantly, its grid design allows for optimum airflow, further reducing heat retention, improving moisture evaporation, and significantly reducing feelings of clamminess.

Even testers who sleep hot reported that sleeping in the Purple feels cool and dry throughout the night. When getting up in the night, the bed was comfortable to wake up in but still pleasantly warm to climb back into. Very warm sleepers have few better choices on the market overall, and particularly among all-foam models.

For people who tend to be cold, the Purple is still very comfortable. Warm, insulating bedding is all that’s needed to stay cozy all night long.

Will It Sag Along the Edges?

Rating 3/5

Although it improves significantly on common all-foam drawbacks, the Purple is still limited by foam’s poor edge support. While it has an average amount of support around its perimeter, sitting on the edge of the bed will cause it to sink beneath the weight and slightly distort the sleep surface. Sleeping close to the edge offers less support, but there is little feeling of roll-off except for sleepers above 230 pounds.

This is due to the high-density polyfoam core and transitional layer, which do the heavy lifting of stabilizing the entire bed. While they offer good support overall, the lack of reinforcement around the edges means that they may flex or bend in these areas more than in the center.

Despite these drawbacks, most people will find that the Purple offers enough edge support for their needs. However, people with mobility problems may struggle with the dip caused by sitting on the edge, particularly when combined with the Purple’s below-average profile.

Is It Good for Sex?

Rating 4/5

Overall, the Purple is likely to satisfy most couples in this category, particularly when compared to other all-foam mattresses.

Due to its Purple Grid comfort layer, it is much better for sex than competitors with memory foam or polyfoam comfort layers. Instead of the close-conforming and difficulty changing positions common among all-foam mattresses, the Purple is responsive and allows for reasonably good freedom of movement.

In addition to these qualities, the Purple also has slightly more bounce than the average all-foam mattress, while still allowing for adequate traction. Its primary downside is its lack of advanced edge support, which limits couples to closer to the center of the bed.

What About Off-Gassing?

Rating 3/5

While better than many all-foam models, the Purple still has an average amount of off-gassing, particularly in the first 24 hours. Off-gassing is caused by the breakdown of volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), which are mostly harmless byproducts of the foam manufacturing process.

In most beds these are fully broken down within 48 hours, and the Purple is no different — while it did have a noticeable plastic odor upon unboxing, it could be slept on within 12 hours, and within two days there was no scent left.

As the Purple is CertiPUR-US certified as being free from hazardous materials, this off-gassing is more irritating than harmful.

What Type of Sleeper Is the Purple Mattress Best for?

Different mattresses are more or less suitable for different sleep positions, particularly when combined with a sleeper’s weight. This is particularly true of the Purple, as its Purple Grid comfort layer creates a unique sleeping surface that is better for some sleepers than others.

Overall, the Purple is most suitable for side and back sleepers. For these positions, it offers a good balance of pressure relief and support, providing short-term comfort that also prevents long-term stiffness or pain.

However, stomach sleepers are less likely to appreciate the Purple, as it fails to offer them appropriate support.

Side Sleepers

Pressure relief is one of the most essential factors for side sleepers to consider when choosing a mattress. When sleeping on your side, your hip and shoulder digging into the bed can cause significant pressure points, leading to pain or stiffness. Due to its Purple Grid layer, the Purple offers pinpoint pressure relief, as well as enough contouring around curves to support proper spinal alignment.

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers require balanced support throughout the body, with more targeted support at heavier points such as the hips. The Purple rises up to the challenge, as the hyperelastic polymer’s buckling qualities allow it to distribute weight evenly. It also provides proper lower back support, thanks to its moderate amount of contouring and medium-firm sleep cradle.

Stomach Sleepers

People who sleep on their stomach tend to require the most pelvic support of all the sleep positions. While the Purple is up to the task for back sleepers, it fails to offer most stomach sleepers the stability they require for good spinal alignment. Instead, testers found their back bowed towards the bed, causing next-day stiffness and lower back pain. Additionally, some found that their arms weren’t able to sink into the Purple Grid layer enough to prevent shoulder tension.

How Does Body Weight Impact the Purple Mattress' Performance?

Although we consider the Purple to have a medium-firm feel of 6 out of 10, its unique construction means that it is most appropriate for sleepers under 230 pounds, and is particularly suitable for those under 130 pounds.

This is unusual, as lighter sleepers tend to prefer softer beds than their heavier peers. Standard materials compress more under more weight, leading to firmer beds feeling subjectively softer for heavier sleepers. However, the Purple Grid is designed to buckle appropriately regardless of weight, allowing lighter sleepers to enjoy both pressure relief and the support of a medium-firm bed.

Heavier sleepers, on the other hand, may find that — while the Purple Grid still provides a comfortable sleep — the Purple’s 9.25-inch height isn’t enough to offer them appropriate support. Even with the transitional polyfoam layer, heavier sleepers are likely to sink further through the comfort layers than is ideal, reducing both pressure relief and support.

The importance of sleep position also increases with weight. While stomach sleepers under 130 pounds may still find that the Purple offers them a good sleep, those who weigh more must be more selective depending on their sleep position preferences.

Is the Purple Mattress Good for Couples?

For couples with suitable sleep position preferences and weights, the Purple mattress offers a relaxing sleep at an affordable price-point.

The Purple has some of the best temperature neutrality on the market, allowing couples to avoid overheating due to their combined body heat. Excellent motion isolation and a lack of squeaks and creaks also play an essential role in ensuring a deep sleep, as rolling over or changing positions in the night is unlikely to disturb your partner.

Furthermore, the Purple is also much more suitable for sex than many of its all-foam competitors, with reasonable ease of movement and impressive responsiveness for its construction.

The bed’s one downside for couples is its edge support. While most sleepers will find it acceptable, those who want to use the bed’s full sleep surface and sleep very close to the edge may find that the support in this area is slightly less than it is closer to the center.

Purple's Trial, Warranty and Shipping Policies


Purple is based out of the USA — where it manufactures its mattresses — and ships to all 50 states as well as all Canadian provinces.

While primarily available through the Purple website, the Purple can also be purchased online through Amazon. Customers who prefer to try out a mattress in person are also in luck, as the Purple can be bought in select brick-and-mortar stores throughout the USA, including some Mattress Firm showrooms.

From time to time, Purple also opens pop-up showrooms purely devoted to their line of mattresses and other sleep products.


Purple ships through the USA and Canada, and offers free shipping for all 48 contiguous US states. (Customers in Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada will pay shipping fees depending on where they’re located.) The company uses UPS, FedEx, and other courier services to fulfill orders.

Mattresses usually arrive within five days of purchase, though customers in rural or remote areas may have to wait longer. Customers can also purchase expedited shipping to receive their bed within two days.

Like most mattresses purchased online, The Purple arrives compressed and sealed. It is relatively heavy but is easy to unbox with a partner, and takes approximately 12 to 24 hours to return to its original shape after unboxing.

Additional Services

At this time, Purple does not offer White Glove delivery or old mattress removal services. As a queen-size Purple bed weighs 100 pounds, this means that customers should have a helper or two on hand to bring the mattress to their bed frame, unbox it, and position it correctly on the frame.

Sleep Trial

Purple offers a 100-night sleep trial for all of its beds, including the Purple Mattress.

The trial begins from the date of purchase, and does not require customers to wait out a breaking-in period. Instead, people can return their mattress for a full refund during the entire 100-night trial, though Purple still encourages testing it for 30 days first.

Instead of returning the Purple for a refund, customers can also exchange it for a Purple Hybrid or Purple Hybrid Premier. However, they must pay the difference in cost, and the second model is not eligible for a sleep trial.

Unless there are extenuating circumstances, Purple covers all shipping and handling expenses during the return process. Customers must phone the company to begin the return process, as return inquiries through social media or email are not supported.

Returns are not available after the trial period.


The Purple Mattress comes with a 10-year, non prorated warranty. This begins on the date of purchase and covers:
1-inch (or deeper) indentations in the sleep surface
Manufacturing flaws that cause cracks or splits in the mattress

  • The warranty does not cover:
  • Indentations of less than 1 inch
  • Physical damage, including stains, burns, or tears
  • Normal wear-and-tear and compression of foam over time
  • Changes in the owner’s preferences

Instead of being included in the bed’s overall warranty, the integrated cover has its own 2-year warranty.

In all cases, Purple will repair or replace the mattress, or its cover, at their sole option. This only applies to the original owner, as the warranty cannot be transferred in the case of selling or giving the mattress away.

Purple considers the warranty to be void if the bed is not appropriately supported. They say that it must be “used on a firm, flat, solid-surface, non-spring foundation (whether non-moving type or adjustable type) sufficiently strong to remain flat and firm under the weight of the mattress and its users, from the date of delivery onward to the date of the warranty claim without interruption.”

Furthermore, queen-size and king-size beds must have a foundation with at least five legs, including center support.