Make Your Hotel Room Sleep-Friendly

This content was created by the National Sleep Foundation


Easy ways to sleep better in a hotel.

Though it’s fun to know that someone else will make your bed in the morning, staying in a hotel isn’t always ideal, since it can be harder to get a good night’s snooze in a different bed. But there are ways to make your hotel room feel more like home and have a restful stay:

Stick to a Schedule.

Even if you’re on vacation, sticking to your regular sleep schedule will ensure higher quality zzz’s. Go to sleep and wake up at the same times as you would at home, and be sure to pack an alarm clock. It’s also helpful to continue with your typical pre-bed routine, whether it’s taking a warm bath or curling up with a good book before turning off the lights.

Book the Right Room.

Request a room that's away from noisy areas like the elevators, stairways, ice and vending machines, bars, restaurants, and meeting areas. Just in case, bring a pair of earplugs. To drown out background noise, turn on the thermostat’s fan, which can double as white noise.

Find Something Familiar.

To feel more relaxed, try to bring your favorite pillow and a blanket from your own bed. No room in your suitcase? Make the room as homey as possibly by playing your favorite soothing music or listening to a podcast that you love.

Set the Scene.

Close the drapes before turning in so that the early morning sun won’t seep through and wake you up. Set the thermostat between 60 and 67 degrees, which is the ideal sleeping temperature for most people.