Sleep Well No Matter Where You Are

This content was created by the National Sleep Foundation

'Tis the season to travel over the river and through the woods to visit far-off family. That means 'tis also the season to find yourself needing to sleep on an air mattress, stretched out on a sofa, or on a pullout sofa bed. While these situations might not be ideal, don’t think that you’re automatically going to be stuck tossing and turning all night. Just use these tricks to find out how to make any sleeping situation more comfortable.

  1. On a sofa: Since couches tend to be on the softer side, put a thick blanket down on top of the couch cushions to add some support. Then remove the back cushions—this gives you more moving-around room—and top the bottom cushions with a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and blanket. You’ll also want to replace the throw pillows with a real pillow to give your neck as much support as possible. Can’t fit on the couch when you’re all the way stretched out? Try out a fetal position where you’re curled up on your side and you’ll be asleep in no time.
  2. On a sofa bed: While you might luck out and find yourself on an incredibly comfortable pullout sofa, you could also lie down and feel a hard support bar under your back. If that’s the case, experiment with sleeping sideways—you might avoid the bar completely.
  3. On an air mattress: Unlike a sofa, which can be too soft, air mattresses can be too hard when they’re fully inflated. If possible, add a padded mattress topper. The other trick to make air mattresses more comfortable as you’re preparing for sleep: Give yourself something to lean against while reading before bed by pushing the air mattress up against the front of a sofa