What is a Double Bed?

A “double” bed is a moderately sized mattress that falls in between twin and queen. You may also know this size as “full,” which is the more common terminology in the United States. There is no difference between double vs. full mattresses, as the two terms are interchangeable.

The term “double” used to be the more common of the two, but most manufacturers now prefer to use “full.” The popularity of each term varies depending on the country, so Americans may see foreign manufacturers using double more often than full. Regardless, the important thing to remember is that double and full beds are the same size, and there is no difference between the two apart from the terminology.

The dimensions of a double or full bed are approximately 54 inches wide by 75 inches long. This is just a bit smaller than a queen mattress, which measures at 60 inches by 80 inches.

Who Are Double Beds Good For?

A double bed is moderately sized, falling in between twin and queen. It will be very spacious for a single sleeper, and somewhat cramped for couples.

Single Adults: Most people who purchase full beds are single adults. These sleepers want more space than a twin or twin XL, but don’t necessarily need a queen. A double will feel spacious for most adults, although those over 6 feet tall may find that there is not enough legroom.

Growing Children: A double may also be a good choice for growing children and teenagers. It presents a more future-proof purchase than something like a twin, which a child may quickly outgrow.

Guest Bedrooms: Double beds are often recommended for guest bedrooms that are too small to comfortably fit a queen or king mattress. They are cheaper than queens, and can still comfortably accommodate guests for short stays. A double is large enough that two people can share it, but it may feel slightly cramped. For perspective, a double is 6 inches narrower than a queen, and 5 inches shorter.

Shoppers on a Budget: Couples and individuals on a tight budget will appreciate that double beds are more affordable than queens. Generally speaking, you can expect a full bed to be anywhere from $100 up to and over $400 cheaper than a queen, depending on the manufacturer.

While it’s a noteworthy difference in size from a queen mattress, it still provides a relatively comfortable sleeping arrangement for couples who don’t mind having a bit less personal space. On a full mattress, each partner will have around 27 inches of space, while a queen offers 30 inches per person.