WinkBed Mattress Review


WinkBed Mattress Review Hero
Materials Innerspring
Firmness Medium Soft (4), Medium Firm (6), Firm (7), Firm (8)
Sleep Trial 120 nights (30 night requirement)
Warranty Lifetime, Limited
Price (queen) $1,599

WinkBeds is one of the leading companies in the online mattress market. The company’s flagship mattress is a luxury hybrid made in the U.S.A.

With its quilted Euro top cover, targeted lumbar support, and dual-coil construction, the WinkBed mattress has a balanced feel with appeal for a broad range of sleepers. The WinkBed is offered in four firmness options: Softer, Luxury Firm, Firmer, and Plus, which correspond to medium soft (4 out of 10), medium firm (6), firm (7), and firm (8) feels, respectively. The Plus model replaces a layer of micro-coils with a layer of latex, providing extra support for sleepers over 300 pounds.

WinkBeds also makes two other mattresses, the all-foam GravityLux and the sustainable EcoCloud hybrid, as well as a range of bedding and bed frames.

This review will focus on the flagship WinkBed. Based on our extensive product testing, we’ll discuss the mattress’s construction and feel, examining its benefits and drawbacks to help you decide if the WinkBed is right for you.

WinkBeds Mattresses At-A-Glance
WinkBed GravityLux EcoCloud
Firmness Medium Soft (4), Medium Firm (6), Firm (7), Firm (8) Medium Soft (4), Medium (5), Firm (7) Medium (5)
Material Type Innerspring Foam Hybrid
Height 13.5" 12" 12.5"
Price (queen) $1,599 $1,599 $1,799
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The WinkBed Mattress Review: Our Verdict

As a hybrid mattress, the WinkBed combines strong edge support and temperature neutrality with decent motion isolation and pressure relief. The different firmness levels allow sleepers of different body types and sleeping positions to choose the feel that works best for them, and offer a suitable compromise for most couples.

Those who prefer the absolute silence and superior motion isolation of an all-foam mattress might do better with the GravityLux, an all-foam mattress made with pressure-relieving memory foam. If sustainability is your main concern, WinkBeds also makes an environmentally friendly latex hybrid, the EcoCloud. All of these mattresses come in similar price ranges.

Choose The WinkBed if…

  • You like the balanced feel of a hybrid mattress
  • You have specific firmness preferences
  • You value strong edge support
  • You sleep hot
  • You prefer a bit of bounce

Keep Shopping if…

  • You prefer an all-foam or latex mattress
  • You’re on a strict budget
  • You or your sleeping partner are very sensitive to noise or motion

How Much Is the WinkBed Mattress?

The WinkBed’s price is on the low end of average for a hybrid mattress, and is very reasonable given the mattress’s durable build. The higher price of the WinkBed Plus is due to its more robust construction, which is required to support individuals who weigh more than 300 pounds.

The mattress is available in all six standard mattress sizes.


Sizes Dimensions Weight Price
Twin 38" x 75" 75 lbs. $1,049
Twin XL 38" x 80" 85 lbs. $1,149
Full 54" x 75" 120 lbs. $1,299
Queen 60" x 80" 135 lbs. $1,599
King 76" x 80" 145 lbs. $1,799
California King 72" x 84" 145 lbs. $1,849
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Sizes Dimensions Weight Price
Twin 38" x 75" 51 lbs. $1,099
Twin XL 38" x 80" 53 lbs. $1,199
Full 54" x 75" 66 lbs. $1,399
Queen 60" x 80" 77 lbs. $1,599
King 76" x 80" 94 lbs. $1,799
California King 72" x 84" 95 lbs. $1,799
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Sizes Dimensions Weight Price
Twin 38" x 75" 78 lbs. $1,299
Twin XL 38"x 80" 82 lbs. $1,399
Full 54" x 75" 100 lbs. $1,499
Queen 60" x 80" 117 lbs. $1,799
King 76" x 80" 135 lbs. $2,199
California King 72" x 84" 147 lbs. $2,199
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How Does the WinkBed Mattress Feel?

The WinkBed is sold in four firmness options, each of which offers differing proportions of support and pressure relief. All four WinkBeds models are fairly responsive thanks to the pocketed coils. Unlike an innerspring mattress, however, this responsiveness is tempered by the cushioning feel of the foams on top.

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the firmest, the Softer WinkBed rates a 4, or medium soft. This mattress has additional plush foams that contour closely to the sleeper, providing the feeling of sleeping “in” instead of “on” the mattress.

The Luxury Firm WinkBed rates a 6 out of 10, or medium firm. This is considered the sweet spot that appeals to a vast majority of sleeper types, supplying equal support and pressure relief for a balanced feel.

The WinkBeds Firm uses firmer foams with minimal contouring. At a 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale, or firm, this mattress prevents sinking under the hips and keeps the sleeper firmly “on” the mattress.

The firmest option is the WinkBed Plus. This is one of the few hybrid mattresses designed specifically for individuals over 300 pounds, built with high-density foam and latex comfort layers that resist sinkage. The WinkBed Plus rates at an 8 out of 10 on firmness, although sleepers over 300 pounds will exert more pressure on the mattress and may find that it feels subjectively plusher.

What Is the WinkBed Made Of?

The WinkBed is a hybrid mattress with a coil-on-coil construction and a slightly different makeup depending on the firmness level. In total, the mattress measures 13.5 inches tall. Due to its higher-than-average profile, the WinkBed may require deep-pocket fitted sheets.

Cover Material

All WinkBed models have a soft and breathable Tencel cover. This eucalyptus-based fabric wicks moisture away from the sleeper to help keep the surface of the mattress cool. The WinkBed holds OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification for the cover, meaning it’s free of harmful substances. The mattress uses a non-toxic fire barrier made from a cotton-rayon blend.

Comfort Layers

The medium firm and firm WinkBeds feature a Euro pillow top cover quilted with two layers of gel-infused foams that are designed to sleep cool. The soft WinkBed has an extra layer of polyfoam in the Euro pillow top for extra cushioning.

These layers of polyfoam sit atop a layer of pocketed micro-coils that adds bounce and airflow. The soft WinkBed has an additional transitional layer of polyfoam for a plusher feel. All WinkBed models have targeted lumbar support.

As with the other mattresses, the WinkBed Plus has a top layer of polyfoam. In this case, the polyfoam is high-density polyfoam that resists body impressions. Beneath this top layer, the micro-coils are replaced by a 2.5-inch layer of zoned latex. The latex provides a supportive cradle for heavier sleepers, and its open-cell structure helps resist heat build-up.

Support Core

The WinkBed support core consists of zoned pocketed coils. Made from recycled steel and tempered three times for extra strength, these coils feature five zones in the soft WinkBed and seven zones in the medium firm and firm WinkBed mattresses. They provide targeted support to the areas that need it most, while reinforced coils around the perimeter provide stronger edge support.

In the WinkBed Plus, a pocketed coil support core with three zones helps maintain spinal alignment for sleepers who weigh more than 300 pounds. These reinforced coils are banded together in groups of four for extra durability.

Does it Isolate Motion?

Rating 3/5 (4/5 Soft)

Thanks to its extra cushioning layers, the soft WinkBed boasts above-average motion isolation. The plush foams absorb most movement before it can transfer across the bed and disturb a sleeping partner.

The medium firm, firm, and WinkBed Plus also perform quite well on motion isolation compared with other hybrid mattresses. This is partly due to the individually wrapped coils, which move independently of one another to minimize motion transfer. While some motion may be felt, most couples should find that they are able to sleep soundly without waking up from their partner’s movements.

Does The WinkBed Sleep Cool?

Rating 4/5

The WinkBed stands out for its ability to keep a cool sleep surface. Hybrid mattresses are a popular choice with people who sleep hot, as their innerspring support core is less prone to heat build-up. The WinkBed mattress offers slightly better temperature neutrality than other hybrid models due to its additional layer of micro-coils and other cooling features.

The WinkBed boasts a cover made of Tencel, considered one of the best cover materials for hot sleepers thanks to its moisture-wicking capabilities. This is followed by several layers of gel-infused foam designed to draw heat away from the surface of the mattress. With two layers of coils, the soft, medium firm, and firm WinkBed models provide ample space for airflow. The open-cell latex and pocketed coils in the WinkBed Plus also resist heat retention.

Will It Sag Along the Edges?

Rating 5/5 (4/5 Soft)

Dual coil layers with reinforced edges earn the WinkBed best-in-class edge support. Edge support is important for sleepers who share the bed, as it prevents feelings of roll-off and enables each partner to make full use of their side. Reliable edge support may also be useful for those who require some extra stability when getting in and out of bed.

The soft WinkBed has plusher foams that compress more under pressure. This may cause some sleepers to feel insecure when lying right up to the edge of the mattress. However, all of the WinkBed models rank above-average for edge support even compared with other hybrid mattresses, which tend to be known for their strong edge support.

Is It Good for Sex?

Rating 4/5 (3/5 Soft)

The coil layers in the WinkBed give the mattress a bouncy feel that lends itself well to sex. The quilted Euro top also provides some helpful traction. The medium firm, firm, and WinkBed Plus mattresses prevent sleepers from sinking in, thereby facilitating movement on top of the mattress. Latex is also quite bouncy, helping facilitate sex in the WinkBed Plus.

Despite its dual coil layers, the soft WinkBed conforms more closely and some couples may find it difficult to change positions.

Noise with the WinkBed is relatively minimal due to the individually wrapped coils, and the top-notch edge support and temperature regulation provide a comfortable surface and reduce fears of falling off the edge.

What About Off-gassing?

Rating 4/5 (3/5 Plus)

The WinkBed emits minimal off-gassing odors upon unboxing. While some sleepers may notice a faint smell when the mattress first arrives, these should dissipate quickly through the coil layers. This process may take a little longer with the WinkBed Plus due to the higher-density foams.

Common with polyfoam and memory foam mattresses, off-gassing is the result of trace levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) being released into the air. Off-gassing is considered harmless, and the odors usually disappear within a matter of days. The foams used in the WinkBed are certified by CertiPUR-US to be low in VOCs.

What Type of Sleeper Is the WinkBed Mattress Best for?

With four firmness options to choose from, the WinkBed is suitable for all sleeping positions.

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers require cushioning at the hips and shoulders, and they benefit from close-contouring materials that help encourage proper spinal alignment. The soft WinkBed provides the needed pressure relief for sleepers who weigh less than 130 pounds, while those who weigh between 130 and 230 pounds are better-suited to the medium firm WinkBed. Heavier individuals will likely need the added support of the firm WinkBed or the WinkBed Plus.

Combination Sleepers

The dual-coil construction of the WinkBed provides pushback that makes it easy to switch sleeping positions. Most combination sleepers should find that their preferred firmness level adjusts well to more than one sleeping position.

Back Sleepers

All four WinkBeds models feature added lumbar support that helps keep the spine aligned in back sleepers. Sleepers under 130 pounds can choose the soft or medium firm WinkBed, while those between 130 and 230 pounds should opt for the firm WinkBed. The WinkBed Plus caters to back sleepers over 300 pounds, with firm polyfoam and latex layers that cradle the body and strong pocketed coils that help with spinal alignment.

How Does Body Weight Impact the WinkBed Mattress's Performance?

WinkBeds has designed its mattresses with different firmness levels in order to cater to sleepers of varying body types.

Those who weigh less than 130 pounds exert less pressure on the mattress and tend to find mattresses subjectively firmer. Sleepers under 130 pounds should be most comfortable on the soft WinkBed, although back sleepers may enjoy the increased support of the medium firm Winkbed.

Side sleepers between 130 and 230 pounds should experience the best spinal alignment from the medium firm WinkBed. This model also provides enough cushioning to alleviate common pressure points. Back and stomach sleepers in this weight group require a firmer surface to prevent the hips from sinking in, and may prefer the firm WinkBed.

With the firm WinkBed and the WinkBed Plus, the company aims to offer the support needed for sleepers who weigh more than 230 pounds. The WinkBed Plus is slightly firmer, and may be more suitable for those over 300 pounds or sleepers who prefer a firmer feel.

Is the WinkBed Mattress Good for Couples?

The WinkBed rates well on edge support and bounce, two characteristics which are very important for couples. Strong edge support delivers a larger usable sleeping surface, something that is especially important for couples who share a smaller mattress. As for bounce, this is desirable for sex and is also useful if one or both partners are combination sleepers.

People who share the bed with a hot sleeper will also be glad to hear that the WinkBed sleeps cool.

The soft WinkBed hugs the body more closely, which may limit movement. The softer foams may also lead to feelings of instability as the mattress compresses along the edges. However, due to this closer conforming, the soft WinkBed performs much better on motion isolation. For those who share the bed with a sensitive sleeper, this might be the best choice. That said, the WinkBed is a hybrid mattress and may emit the occasional squeak or creak from the coils.

In terms of sleeping positions and body types, the medium firm Winkbed has the most neutral feel and offers the best compromise for couples with different needs.

WinkBed's Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies


Although it’s exclusively sold online, customers can try out the WinkBed in person at six showrooms in New York, Virginia, Minnesota, Illinois, and Texas.


The WinkBed ships for free to the contiguous U.S. via UPS Ground, with an extra charge for orders from Alaska and Hawaii. As each WinkBed is made to order, delivery usually takes about two weeks.

The mattress is shrink-wrapped, compressed, and sent as a “bed-in-a-box.” To unbox the mattress, customers simply remove the packaging and let the mattress unfurl. It should regain its full shape almost immediately.

Additional Services

Room of Choice service is available for an additional fee of $129. This option includes setup of the new WinkBed and removal of the packing materials by a third-party service provider. For an extra $60, the team will also dispose of your old mattress.

Sleep Trial

WinkBeds offers a 120-night sleep trial starting on the day of delivery. The company requires that customers sleep on the mattress for 30 nights before making a decision.

After this break-in period elapses, customers who decide they do not like the mattress can return it for a full refund. WinkBeds will arrange for pickup and responsible disposal of the mattress at a recycling plant or a local charity.

In lieu of a refund, customers can also opt to exchange their WinkBed for a different model. Exchanges will be charged a $49 fee to cover White Glove delivery of the new mattress and removal of the old one. The second mattress comes with its own 60-day trial period.

Shipping and delivery fees are non-refundable.


The WinkBed is backed by a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing and workmanship defects. WinkBeds will reimburse shipping and handling costs of returned mattresses that are deemed defective, and provide a new WinkBed to the original purchaser. This service is limited to one replacement mattress per customer, and it applies only to WinkBed mattresses that were purchased new through an authorized channel.

Eligible defects include visible indentations greater than 1.5 inches, as well as physical flaws that cause splitting or cracking of the foams. The warranty does not extend to normal increases in foam softness or defects that are the result of misuse or abuse, such as burns or stains. Using the mattress without a properly supportive foundation as outlined by WinkBeds will void the warranty.

WinkBeds also offers an “Any Reason” Lifetime Replacement Option whereby customers can trade in their WinkBed for a newer model at 50 percent of the current price. There is a limit of one “any reason” replacement for customers, and mattresses purchased through this option are not eligible for the lifetime warranty.

Additional terms may apply.