Yaasa Mattress Review

Yaasa Mattress

Materials Hybrid
Firmness Medium Soft (4), Medium Firm (6)
Sleep Trial 100 nights
Warranty 10 Year, Limited
Price (queen) $1,299

Yaasa is a mattress and bedding product brand that has been in business since 2016. The company currently offers two mattress models, as well as adjustable beds, weighted blankets, sheets, pillows, and other sleep accessories. This review will take a closer look at Yaasa’s flagship bed, known simply as the Yaasa Mattress.

The Yaasa Mattress is a hybrid model constructed with a comfort layer of titanium-infused memory foam, a polyfoam transitional layer, and a support core of individually pocketed coils. The entire bed is encased in a cover made from phase-change material, which is designed to absorb and dissipate body heat in order to cool off the surface. Altogether, the Yaasa Mattress measures 11 inches thick. You can choose from two different firmness levels for the mattress, medium soft (4 out of 10) or medium firm (6 out of 10).

Our Yaasa mattress review looks at many different aspects of this hybrid model, including construction and materials, prices and available sizes, and performance ratings based on verified owner experiences and our own hands-on testing. We’ll also cover the pros and cons of this mattress, as well as Yaasa’s shipping, return, and warranty policies.

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Firmness Medium Soft (4), Medium Firm (6) Medium Firm (6) Medium Soft (4), Medium Firm (6), Firm (7), Firm (8)
Material Type Hybrid Hybrid Innerspring
Height 11" 12" 13.5"
Price (queen) $1,299 $1,099 $1,599
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Yaasa Mattress Review: Our Verdict

Choose The Yaasa if…

  • Your preferred firmness level is either medium soft or medium firm (the Yaasa Mattress is available with either feel).
  • You tend to sleep hot and would rather sleep on a mattress that promotes consistent airflow.
  • Your ideal mattress conforms evenly to the body while remaining supportive and somewhat springy on the surface.
  • You often wake up due to your sleep partner’s movements.

Keep Shopping if…

  • You’re looking for a coil mattress that feels highly responsive and conforms to a minimal extent.
  • You’d rather sleep on an all-foam mattress that cradles and contours to the body.
  • You weigh more than 230 pounds.

How Much Is the Yaasa Mattress?

The Yaasa Mattress costs much less than the average hybrid in a queen size, which typically costs between $1,600 and $2,200.

Yaasa does not offer any add-ons or customization options for this mattress that affect its price-point. Additionally, there are no pricing differences between the two firmness options. Free ground shipping and returns are offered for customers in the contiguous U.S.

Yaasa Mattress

Sizes Dimensions Weight Price
Twin 39" x 75" N/A $899
Twin XL 39" x 80" N/A $959
Full 54" x 75" N/A $1,099
Queen 60" x 80" $1,299
King 76" x 80" N/A $1,499
California King 72" x 84" N/A $1,499
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Helix Midnight

Sizes Dimensions Weight Price
Twin 39" x 75" N/A $699
Twin XL 39" x 80" N/A $799
Full 54" x 75" N/A $949
Queen 60" x 80" N/A $1,099
King 76" x 80" N/A $1,449
California King 72" x 84" N/A $1,449
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Sizes Dimensions Weight Price
Twin 38" x 75" 75 lbs. $1,049
Twin XL 38" x 80" 85 lbs. $1,149
Full 54" x 75" 120 lbs. $1,299
Queen 60" x 80" 135 lbs. $1,599
King 76" x 80" 145 lbs. $1,799
California King 72" x 84" 145 lbs. $1,849
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How Does the Yaasa Mattress Feel?

The feel of the Yaasa Mattress depends on which firmness level you choose. The medium soft feel features a memory foam layer that contours rather closely. As the foam cradles the body, you may sink beneath the surface of the mattress, but the transitional layer prevents most people from sinking excessively. The medium firm feel won’t conform as closely and you shouldn’t sink as much, but the memory foam still contours to a noticeable extent.

Both versions of the mattress also feel somewhat responsive. This is due to the pocketed coil system, which can promote bounciness on the surface when you change sleep positions or get on and off the mattress. The Yaasa Mattress offers a feel that is best described as both sleeping “in” and sleeping “on” the mattress at the same time. This is typical of memory foam hybrids.

What Is the Yaasa Made Of?

Cover Material

The Yaasa Mattress has a quilted cover made from phase-change material, or PCM. This material is designed to absorb body heat until you reach a certain temperature, and then it will maintain a constant temperature for the rest of the night. Sleepers have different experiences with PCM. Some swear by its cooling properties, but others still sleep warm despite a PCM cover.

The cover cannot be removed or washed in a household machine, so Yaasa recommends spot-cleaning the fabric if spills or stains occur.

Comfort Layers

The Yaasa Mattress contains a 2-inch memory foam comfort layer. This material becomes softer when it comes into contact with body heat and will respond slowly as you sink into the mattress. The foam is infused with titanium, which has antimicrobial properties to help stave off dust mites, molds and mildew, and other allergens.

A 2-inch transitional layer of dense polyfoam rests beneath the comfort layer. This component reduces sagging and provides a buffer between the comfort layer and the coil system, allowing the mattress to feel more comfortable and less stiff.

Support Core

Like most hybrid models, the Yaasa Mattress contains a pocketed coil system. Measuring 6 inches thick, the coils provide stability for the entire mattress. This ensures an even plane for your body and minimal sinkage along the edges when you get in and out of bed. The coils also promote airflow to help the mattress sleep cool.

A 1-inch base layer of high-density polyfoam is located beneath the coils for added reinforcement.

Does it Isolate Motion?

Rating 4/5

Compared to other hybrids, the Yaasa Mattress provides above-average motion isolation. The memory foam comfort layer and polyfoam transitional layer absorb most movement when you or your partner change positions or get on and off the mattress, which can reduce sleep disturbances for the other person. The coils produce some responsiveness, so you may notice a light bounce, but this motion shouldn’t be too disruptive.

In contrast, many competing coil mattresses feel bouncier on the surface. This can be attributed to a combination of thicker coils and thinner comfort and transitional layers. The Yaasa Mattress is a great pick for couples who enjoy sleeping on hybrids but normally find them a bit too disruptive.

Does it Sleep Cool?

Rating 3/5 (Medium Soft), 4/5 (Medium Firm)

Like other hybrids, the Yaasa Mattress offers consistent cooling and breathability. However, temperature neutrality is one performance category where ratings for the Yaasa Mattress depend on the firmness level. The medium soft models sleep reasonably cool thanks to steady airflow through the coil layer. Some also find the PCM cover is effective at maintaining a comfortable surface temperature. However, people who weigh more than 230 pounds are more likely to sink excessively. This can restrict surface airflow and cause them to feel too warm as the memory foam cradles and conforms to their body.

The medium firm Yaasa Mattress models have earned a higher rating in this category because you’re less likely to sink excessively, even if you weigh more than 230 pounds. The memory foam in the firmer model doesn’t conform as closely, allowing most people to remain above or near the surface of the mattress regardless of their weight. This ensures more surface airflow. Excessively hot sleepers may want to consider the medium firm Yaasa Mattress instead of its softer counterpart.

Will It Sag Along the Edges?

Rating 2/5 (Medium Soft), 3/5 (Medium Firm)

Compared to other hybrid models, the Yaasa Mattress offers below-average edge support, particularly for beds with the medium soft feel. The pocketed coils provide some bounce-back but the foam layers still sink a bit, and this can make getting in and out of bed difficult for people who weigh 130 pounds or more. Edge support is slightly better for the medium firm Yaasa Mattress, but owners should still expect some sinkage. This is especially true for those weighing more than 230 pounds.

That said, the Yaasa Mattress provides better edge support than many competing all-foam or all-latex models. Innersprings and hybrids generally outperform other mattress types in this category because coils do not compress as easily as foam or latex. Additionally, people who weigh less than 130 pounds should have a less difficult time getting on and off the mattress and feel more stable sleeping along the edges.

Is It Good for Sex?

Rating 3/5

While every couple has distinct likes and dislikes when it comes to mattresses and sex, most prefer a combination of bounciness on the surface and gentle body-conforming. For this reason, the Yaasa Mattress may not be responsive enough for some partners because it contours more deeply and feels less responsive than a lot of competing hybrids. This can cause couples to sink during sex, possibly to an uncomfortable degree – many liken this feeling to “fighting with the mattress.”

Edge support may be another issue, especially for couples with medium soft Yaasa Mattresses. Without sturdy reinforcement along the perimeter, you and your partner may not be able to use the entire surface and might feel confined to the middle of the mattress. One positive attribute is noise potential. The pocketed coils are mostly silent, making the mattress quiet and discreet for sex.

What About Off-gassing?

Rating 3/5

Odor potential is high for the Yaasa Mattress during the first three or four days after you remove the bed from its shipping box. The smells will eventually dissipate. As with other hybrids, the pocketed coils of this mattress play a role in circulating air throughout the interior and flushing out bothersome odors. If you still notice off-gassing smells after four days, try placing the mattress in a well-ventilated room for another day or two.

Off-gassing refers to the initial odor your mattress emits after you’ve unboxed it. Models with foam layers are associated with the strongest smells because foam releases volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which carry a distinct chemical odor that many liken to plastic. The Yaasa Mattress contains two thick foam layers near the surface, as well as a base foam layer, so owners should expect some strong off-gassing at first, but long-term smells should not be an issue.

What Type of Sleeper Is the Yaasa Mattress Best for?

Since the Yaasa Mattress is available with a medium soft or medium firm feel, your experience with the mattress will depend in part on your chosen firmness level.

Side Sleepers

Side sleeping is a position that often requires extra cushioning. This helps to ensure good support for the shoulders and hips, even spinal alignment, and less pressure throughout the body.

The medium soft Yaasa Mattress provides ample padding for side sleepers, but it will probably sink too much for people who weigh more than 230 pounds. The medium firm models do not offer the same level of cushioning, but these mattresses are more supportive.

Back Sleepers

Compared to side sleepers, most back sleepers need more support and less contouring from their mattress. This position promotes spinal alignment without shoulder and hip cushioning, so an even surface is needed to minimize sinkage and reduce pressure.

Back sleepers who weigh less than 130 pounds will probably find either the medium soft or medium firm Yaasa Mattress comfortable because they don’t weigh enough to sink excessively. Those who weigh 130 pounds or more will likely prefer the medium firm feel due to its more supportive comfort layer.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleeping can be a tricky position because it is associated with more aches and pains than side or back sleeping. This is because most people carry a larger amount of weight in their midsections, so sleeping face-down can cause the entire body to sink, often leading to neck, shoulder, and lower back pain.

The medium firm Yaasa Mattress delivers more reinforcement to prevent this type of sinkage. However, many stomach sleepers will find the mattress does not provide adequate support regardless of the firmness level.

Combination Sleepers

The Yaasa Mattress is best suited to combination sleepers who switch between the side and back positions, especially those who weigh less than 130 pounds. Heavier people and/or those who sometimes sleep on their stomachs probably won’t receive enough support from the medium soft Yaasa Mattress, and the same may be true for the medium firm models.

How Does Body Weight Impact the Yaasa Mattress's Performance?

As with sleep positions, your experience with the Yaasa Mattress will depend on body weight to some extent. The medium soft models conform and cradle very closely. This can alleviate pressure for those who weigh less than 130 pounds, but heavier individuals are more likely to sink excessively and feel added aches and pains. People who weigh 130 pounds or more will also feel less secure sleeping near the edges of the medium soft Yaasa Mattress, as edge support is below average for these models.

The medium firm Yaasa Mattress is better suited to these sleepers. The thick foam layers are prone to sinkage for some people who weigh more than 230 pounds, but most lighter individuals will be able to rest comfortably and receive adequate support from the mattress. That said, edge support is still somewhat minimal and this can make the mattress feel less stable when sleeping near the perimeter.

Is it Good for Couples?

The Yaasa Mattress offers a few advantages for couples. For one, the bed has thick foam layers that absorb movement very well, ensuring better motion isolation compared to other hybrids. The coils are also relatively quiet and should remain this way for the majority of the mattress’s lifespan. So if you and/or your sleep partner often wake up due to movement or noise, this mattress should help you sleep more soundly.

The biggest issue with the Yaasa Mattress for most couples will be edge support, since neither the medium soft or medium firm models feel particularly stable along the perimeter. This can force you and your partner into the middle, making the mattress feel crowded and narrower than it actually is. Excessive sinkage along the edges probably won’t be an issue for people who weigh less than 130 pounds, but heavier individuals should take this into account.

Yaasa's Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies


The Yaasa Mattress is available for purchase on Yaasa’s official website. The company also operates brick-and-mortar showrooms in Santa Barbara, CA, Chicago, IL, and Minneapolis, MN. You can test out the mattress at these locations and place an order in-person. Unlike the Yaasa bed frames, the company’s mattresses are not sold on Amazon.com.


Yaasa provides free ground shipping to all customers in the contiguous U.S. Delivery is not available to Alaska, Hawaii, U.S. territories, or international destinations. The mattress will be compressed, wrapped in plastic, and vacuum-sealed for shipping. This process – known as “roll packing” – allows the mattress to fit inside a smaller shipping box.

The Yaasa Mattress will be delivered directly to your doorstep. You won’t need to sign for the package or be at home when it arrives. On the delivery date, carry the mattress to the room where you plan to use it. Open the box, remove the plastic wrapping, and watch the mattress expand. Full shape recovery could take up to 48 hours.

Please note: Yaasa requires you to remove the mattress from its box within two weeks of the delivery date. If you don’t follow these instructions and damage occurs, the company will void your warranty.

Additional Services

In addition to standard ground shipping, Yaasa offers White Glove delivery. However, this service is only available to customers who purchase the Yaasa Adjustable Bed with their mattress. White Glove delivery costs $199, and includes full setup of the adjustable bed. Mattress assembly and old mattress removal will incur additional charges.

Sleep Trial

Yaasa provides a 100-night sleep trial for the Yaasa Mattress. The trial requires a break-in period of 30 nights, which allows you to acclimate to the mattress. After 30 nights, you can choose to return the mattress or exchange it for another Yaasa model at any point until the trial expires.

In the event of a return, Yaasa will work with customers to provide free mattress pickup and transportation for donation or recycling. You must keep the bed’s law tags intact in order to return it. Yaasa offers one mattress exchange during the sleep trial.


Yaasa offers a 10-year warranty for the Yaasa Mattress. This warranty is partially prorated. During the first five years of ownership, Yaasa will repair or replace any defective mattress at no extra charge to owners. Beginning in the sixth year, owners must pay a certain percentage of the original mattress price in order to have their defective model replaced. This percentage will be 40% in years six to seven, 50% in years eight to nine, and 70% during year 10.

Defects covered under this warranty include body impressions on the surface that measure 1.5 inches or deeper, and physical flaws that result in excessive sagging or coil damage despite proper support and use. Other issues, such as normal wear and tear or physical damage to the mattress caused by misuse, are not covered and will not warrant repairs or replacements from Yaasa.

This warranty is non-transferable, meaning only original owners who buy their mattress from Yaasa or an authorized retailer will qualify for coverage. Those who buy or obtain the mattress from the original owner or a non-authorized retailer are not covered under the warranty.