Zinus Mattress Review

Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress

Materials Foam
Firmness Medium Soft (4)
Sleep Trial 100 nights
Warranty 10 Year, Limited
Price (queen) $328

The Zinus Green Tea mattress is one of multiple models available from the Seoul, South Korea-based company. Zinus produces affordable hybrid and innerspring mattresses, as well as unique all-foam models infused with olive oil and green tea.

This review looks at the 10-inch Green Tea, a medium soft (4) model that boasts 2 inches of charcoal- and green tea-infused memory foam, 2.5 inches of transitional polyfoam, and a 5.5-inch support base made of high-density foam. However, the mattress is also available in several other thicknesses and firmness levels. The Green Tea offers deep contouring and pressure relief, making it a great option for individuals suffering from aches and pains.

Our review combines customer feedback with our own independent testing for a comprehensive look at the Zinus Green Tea mattress. We’ll break down the bed’s pricing, construction, performance, and more to help you decide if the Green Tea is the right mattress for you.

Zinus Mattresses At-A-Glance
Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress Cooling Gel Memory Foam iCoil Pressure Relief Cloud Memory Foam
Firmness Medium Soft (4) Medium Soft (4), Medium (5) Medium Soft (4)
Material Type Foam Hybrid Foam
Height 6", 8", 10", 12" 10", 12" 8", 10", 12"
Price (queen) $328 $376 $471
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Zinus Mattress Review: Our Verdict

Choose The Zinus Green Tea if…

  • You’re looking for an affordable all-foam option
  • You want a pressure-relieving mattress that offers deep contouring
  • You or your partner tends to toss and turn
  • You weigh more than 130 pounds

Keep Shopping if…

  • You prioritize durability
  • You’re sensitive to chemical odors
  • You tend to sleep hot

How Much Is the Zinus Mattress?

While memory foam mattresses tend to be more affordable than hybrids, the Zinus Green Tea mattress stands out among other all-foam models for its unusually low price-point. The mattress also comes with a 100-night sleep trial and 10-year limited warranty. Although this review focuses on the 10-inch model, it’s also available in 6-inch, 8-inch, and 12-inch thicknesses. Additionally, Zinus sells discounted mattress and bed frame/foundation bundles.

Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress

Sizes Dimensions Weight Price
Twin 39" x 75" N/A $151-$219
Twin XL 38" x 80" N/A $240
Full 54" x 75" N/A $187-$329
Queen 60" x 80" N/A $205-$328
King 76" x 80" N/A $241-$464
California King 72" x 84" N/A $379
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How Does the Zinus Mattress Feel?

The 10-inch Zinus Green Tea mattress has a medium soft (4) firmness level that provides deep contouring and soft pressure relief. A 4.5-inch comfort system featuring infused memory foam and polyfoam conforms to the body, allowing the sleeper to sink into the mattress as it cradles pressure points. Like many all-foam models, the Green Tea gives the impression of sleeping in the mattress, rather than on top of it.

Beneath the comfort layers, firm, high-density base foam stabilizes the mattress. While this layer offers a slight amount of bounce, the Zinus may not be resilient enough for couples, or for some sleepers over 230 pounds. Without a coil-based support core, it also tends to absorb body heat. While the Green Tea may benefit colder sleepers, those who sleep hot might want to seek out a hybrid model.

What Is the Zinus Made Of?

The 10-inch Zinus Green Tea mattress is an all-foam model consisting of a two-part comfort layer, a support core, and a cover. Like many of Zinus’ foam mattresses, it features infused memory foam. Let’s see what each layer is made of.

Cover Material

The Green Tea’s cover is made from a knitted jacquard blend of cotton and polyester.

Comfort Layers

The 10-inch version’s comfort layers include a 2.5-inch layer of motion isolating memory foam and a 2-inch, high-density foam layer that provides contouring and pressure relief. The memory foam is infused with green tea extract and charcoal, which are intended to neutralize odors and keep the mattress feeling fresh. The high-density polyfoam layer provides added support and acts as a barrier between the surface of the bed and the high-density support core. Zinus uses CertiPUR-US certified foams that have been tested to be free of a number of harmful substances.

Support Core

Made from 5.5 inches of high-density base foam, the support core offers bounce and stability, preventing sleepers from sinking too deeply into the mattress.

Does it Isolate Motion?

Rating 4/5

The same properties that make the Zinus a good choice for aches and soreness also provide above-average motion isolation. Most all-foam mattresses provide better motion isolation than hybrid or innerspring beds. Motion isolation refers to the amount of movement or vibrations that are able to transfer from one side of the bed to another.

Memory foam absorbs and isolates movement as it conforms to a sleeper’s body, reducing night-time disturbances. The durable foam base also absorbs motion and prevents it from transferring throughout the sleep surface. Thanks to these qualities, the Zinus Green Tea mattress is a great option for sleepers who wake easily and their partners.

Does The Zinus Green Tea Sleep Cool?

Rating 2/5

Memory foam isn’t known for its temperature neutrality. While hybrid and innerspring mattresses rely on coils to draw out and disperse body heat, foam tends to hug the sleeper’s body and absorb it. As a result, all-foam mattresses may not be the best option for hot sleepers.

A few customers were pleased with the Zinus’s temperature neutrality. Due to the mattress’s conforming memory foam layers, however, it doesn’t sleep particularly cool. While activated charcoal and green tea extract in the memory foam may help the sleep surface feel slightly cooler, the Zinus may ultimately retain too much heat for individuals who tend to sleep hot.

Will It Sag Along the Edges?

Rating 2/5

Without a coil-based support core reinforcing their perimeters, all-foam mattresses tend to offer lackluster edge support. Poor edge support reduces the total amount of usable sleep surface, and individuals may feel as if they’re going to slide or fall off the bed. While the Zinus’s high-density base provides some reinforcement, stomach and back sleepers and those who weigh more than 130 pounds may prefer more stability and support.

Is It Good for Sex?

Rating 2/5

The ideal mattress for sex offers plenty of bounce, and the Zinus Green Tea mattress may not be resilient enough for many couples. Although memory foam is discreetly quiet, it also tends to be deeply body-conforming. These qualities can hinder motion, making it difficult for couples to change positions. The Zinus’ lack of strong edge support can also hinder sexual activity. Couples seeking a mattress that promotes ease of movement may be better off purchasing one of the company’s hybrid models.

What About Off-gassing?

Rating 1/5

The Zinus receives poor ratings in this category. Off-gassing refers to the odor produced when VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are released into the air. VOCs are a byproduct of the foam manufacturing process, so all-foam mattresses usually rate lower than hybrids when it comes to off-gassing.

The mattress gives off a strong “new mattress” odor that lingers for longer than average. While unboxing the bed in a well-ventilated room may help with off-gassing, the Green Tea’s chemical smell is initially very strong, and may prove to be too much for customers who are sensitive to smell.

What Type of Sleeper Is the Zinus Green Tea Mattress Best for?

With its deep contouring and medium soft memory foam, the Zinus Green Tea mattress is best for side sleepers, especially lighter individuals, who tend to accumulate pressure at points like the hips and shoulders. Let’s see how the mattress affects different types of sleepers.

Side Sleepers

Most side sleepers do best with a medium soft to medium sleep surface like the Green Tea. Softer mattresses cradle pressure points, relieving aches and pains and encouraging spinal alignment. While a mattress that’s too soft can contribute to back pain, the Zinus offers enough deep contouring to soothe lighter side sleepers without sagging.

Combination Sleepers

Ease is movement is important for combination sleepers, who change positions frequently throughout the night. Although individuals who switch between their sides and backs may find the Zinus comfortable, the conforming memory foam may keep most combination sleepers from moving freely.

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers often require lumbar support to help keep the spine properly aligned and prevent back pain. These individuals may sink into a mattress that’s too soft, leading to a buildup of pressure. While the Zinus is firm enough to suit some back sleepers under 230 pounds, heavier individuals often find that it doesn’t offer enough support to keep them from sinking into the sleep surface.

Stomach Sleepers

Compared to side and back sleepers, stomach sleepers typically need more support and reinforcement from their mattress. Otherwise, they tend to sink excessively around the chest, midsection, and waist, which can cause aches and pains around the neck and lower back. For this reason, the Green Tea is not well suited to stomach sleepers. Those who weigh 230 pounds or less will probably experience minimal to moderate sagging that affects how comfortable the mattress feels. For those weighing more than 230 pounds, the mattress sags even deeper and the potential for added pressure is high.

How Does Body Weight Impact the Zinus Green Tea Mattress's Performance?

Thanks to its deep contouring and medium soft firmness level, the Zinus mattress is best suited to sleepers who weigh less than 130 pounds, especially side sleepers. These individuals need a softer sleep surface that cradles pressure points, and they’re less likely to develop back pain from sinking into the mattress.

In contrast, people who weigh more than 230 pounds generally need a firmer mattress, especially if they’re stomach or back sleepers. The Green Tea likely doesn’t offer enough support for these sleepers, who often find that softer memory foam mattresses increase their back pain in the long run. Instead, they tend to benefit more from firmer hybrid models that feature targeted support throughout the mattress.

Individuals between 130-230 pounds receive variable results from the Zinus. Side and back sleepers on the lighter end of the category felt that it provided enough support and contouring. However, stomach sleepers still sank into the mattress, finding it adequate but not overly comfortable.

Is the Zinus Green Tea Mattress Good for Couples?

Whether or not a couple benefits from a Zinus memory foam mattress ultimately depends on personal preference. The Green Tea’s above-average motion isolation and lack of squeaking coils may make it ideal for couples with different sleeping styles, especially couples in which one individual is a light sleeper. Those who struggle to sleep through a partner’s tossing and turning may be able to get a good night’s rest.

However, the Zinus may not be the best option for couples seeking a mattress that facilitates intimacy. A lack of edge support, poor temperature neutrality, and too much sink make it difficult for sleepers to change positions or move about freely, restricting movement and putting a damper on sexual activity.

Zinus's Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies


Zinus products are available through the company’s website, through Amazon, and at retail locations across the United States.


Zinus ships for free via FedEx Ground to the contiguous United States. A few products may be available in select Canadian locations. Expedited shipping is not available, and all deliveries arrive on weekdays. Mattresses arrive rolled and compressed in a box. Customers may track the status of their order through the Zinus website.

Additional Services

Zinus does not offer White Glove delivery or old mattress removal.

Sleep Trial

All mattresses purchased through the Zinus website are covered by a 100-night sleep trial, which begins on the day of delivery. To qualify for a full refund, items must be returned complete and in good condition alongside proof of purchase. Customers should receive their refund within 2-3 business days. Items purchased from other sites or retailers are covered under the return conditions determined by that site or retailer.


New mattresses purchased from authorized retailers are covered under a 10-year limited warranty. Customers must register their mattress on the Zinus website to qualify for coverage. The warranty is contingent on proper foundation use and covers defects in materials and construction. The warranty is void if the mattress’ tags or cover are removed, or the mattress is used with an electric blanket or heating pad.