Beauty Products to Help You Have Your Best Sleep Ever

This content was created by the National Sleep Foundation


Fill your medicine cabinet with these buys to wake up looking—and feeling—your best.

They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing: A good night of shut-eye (for most people, that's seven to nine hours) can help you look your best. While you snooze, your body goes into repair mode, so new cells form and replace older cells. The result: a fresher face with brighter, healthier skin and fewer dark circles. While sleep is a natural way to enhance your complexion, beauty products can give you an additional boost. Try these to wake up looking—and feeling—wonderful.

Night Cream

A moisturizer for the p.m. hours may help your skin look younger. Choose a night cream that contains retinols and retinoids, peptides, and/or vitamin C. These ingredients reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, boost your skin's firmness and suppleness, fight free radical damage, and help you turn over skins cells faster.

Lavender-Scented Lotion

Score moisturized skin and better sleep by using a full-body moisturizer that has a lavender fragrance. Sniffing the scent can help you sleep more soundly and leave you more energized the next day. (If you don’t like to apply lotion before bed, use a lavender room or pillow spray instead.)

Eye Cream

Wake up bright-eyed by patting on a nighttime eye cream before bed. One that contains retinol is best for fighting crow’s feet, but know that it can sometimes irritate delicate skin; a nighttime eye cream containing peptides may be a gentler choice.

Foot Cream

Up to three times a week, slather your feet with a thick lotion containing lactic acid before bed. It helps smooth feet by sloughing off rough skin cells.

Face Wash

Sleeping without removing your makeup can increase your chance of breakouts and eye infections. Wash your face thoroughly before bed, and use makeup remover to get rid of anything that won't budge, like mascara smudges. Some face washes even contain calming aromas to help you wind down before bed.