Hotels With the Best Sleep Programs

This content was created by the National Sleep Foundation

How some hotels promote deep sleep and offer snooze-inducing luxuries

Forget plain old turndown service! Instead, call the front desk to arrange for a lavender spritz for your sheets, as well as a lullaby from a musical library. Every day, hotels are coming up with new ways to help you get the best night’s sleep. Take a look at some of the most appealing sleep-better perks offered in hotels around the U.S.

WestHouse Hotel

City: New York City

Sleep amenities: You'll find suites with mattresses that adjust to provide extra support and comfort, sleep masks, and aromatherapy oils.

Lorien Hotel & Spa

City: Alexandria, Virginia (in the Washington, D.C. area)

Sleep amenities: Push the “dream button” on the phone at this at this hotel and you’ll soon smell grapefruit and other complimentary, relaxing scents. Browse the "dare to dream" menu and borrow an eye pillow, music from the "lullaby library," a water pillow, a sleep mask, or even milk and cookies.

MGM Grand Las Vegas

City: Las Vegas, Nevada

Sleep amenities: Select rooms have air purifiers, dawn simulator alarm clocks (ones that light up gradually, like a sunrise, over the course of anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours), blackout shades, and complimentary online access to the Cleveland Clinic for two months after your stay.

The Benjamin New York

City: New York City

Sleep Amenities: Call on a sleep concierge, who can answer any sleep-related questions. Take advantage of the “work-down call” service, which reminds guests to begin to wind down. And enjoy the sound-proof windows, your choice among 12 different types of pillows, and the specially-designed mattresses that feature foam cushioning, 400-plus thread count Anichini linens made of 100% Egyptian cotton, and a down comforter. In fact, if you're dissatisfied with your sleep at The Benjamin, the hotel will refund your stay.

JW Marriott

City: Select cities around the world

Sleep Amenities: The “nightly refresh program” offers a luxe turndown service that includes a blend of essential oils.

The Four Seasons

Cities: Select cities around the world

Sleep amenities: Expect a deluxe turndown service. The hotel also offers The Four Seasons Bed, a customizable bed that has a gel touch foam center to absorb extra heat during the night and keep you cool. You may choose among mattress toppers that offer three different levels of firmness. In addition, you can pick the perfect pillow from a variety of options and the hotel will record your pillow preference for your next visit. Need even more help hitting the hay? Opt for an ultrasonic aroma diffuser to release calming scents and a lavender eye pillow to help you relax and block out extra light.