How Designers at Four Seasons Hotel Approach Sleep

This content was created by the National Sleep Foundation


Getting a good night’s sleep while traveling is becoming more likely thanks to this hotel's special touches.

It's safe to say that the luxury hotel Four Seasons takes sleep seriously. In fact, you'll be amazed at how much thought the brand's interior designers have put into the way each room looks and functions. Find out why you are bound to get a good night's sleep in one of this hotel's rooms, and follow the brand's lead by designing your own bedroom in a similar fashion.

The Bed is the Focus

The designers think of each room as a sanctuary or sleep temple. They often choose elaborate, visually stunning headboards to draw attention to the centerpiece of the room: the bed. The bed's color scheme is all white (to evoke a fresh, clean feeling) and it's made to be soft, fluffy, and comfortable. In other words, the sheets aren't pulled tightly around the mattress with exact precision—instead, they're easy to slip under and will embrace you as you slide into them. The designers are also keen on having the bed face the window whenever possible, so guests get a chance to soak up any calming outdoor views.

The Layout is Practical

Some boutique hotels fill every space in the room with furniture, but what's worse than getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and stumbling over the bulky TV console? At Four Seasons, the area around the bed is purposefully spacious, so you're less likely to stub your toe in the dark.

The Lighting is Conducive to Sleep

Four Seasons uses solely LED light bulbs, which are energy efficient. Designers tend to choose ones that have "warmer" color temperatures that are more pleasing, rather than the ones with "cooler" color temperatures that can cast a depressing, greyish tint. There is also a strict policy at the hotel when it comes to drapes—they all have to overlap, so that you'll never be woken up too early by a small sliver of bright sunlight that peeks through the curtains.

The Room Temperature is Just Right

Ever try to go to sleep at a hotel, but you're kept awake because the air conditioning unit is blowing right on you and making tons of noise? At Four Seasons, the AC vent is placed above the door, which is the furthest possible distance from the bed. So you're not going to hear it or feel it directly while you're trying to snooze.

The Colors are Soothing

Designers at Four Seasons usually don't pick hugely saturated or dark colors for walls, such as cobalt blue or black. They're more likely to choose softer blue or green tones that make a room feel serene and relaxing. This makes it easier to drift off to sleep.

The Atmosphere is Quiet

The hotel follows rigorous standards in order to limit sound transmission between rooms. For instance, there are always two layers of drywall between rooms. And within the walls between rooms, the "junction boxes" for outlets and switches for each room have to be a minimum of 12 inches apart. When these boxes are too close together, vibrations can travel through the structure of the walls and cause disturbances.

The Room's Features are Under Your Control

Four Seasons has designed ergonomically friendly reading lights that are easy to reach while lying in bed. The hotel has also developed a master console—think of it like a big remote—that guests can control from bed, which allows them to turn lights on and off, pull blackout curtains open or closed, and activate an electronic "do not disturb" sign outside the room door. This way, if you're about to nod off, you don't have to wake yourself up by getting out of bed to take care of one of these tasks.

The Buttons are Responsive

Have you ever turned on a light switch, only to find that nothing happens, so you start switching it on and off over and over again, feeling frustrated? The designers recognize that immediacy is important to guests. If the features inside the room don't react quickly to commands, guests may think they're broken. So whenever you press a button or turn on a faucet at Four Seasons, you can expect a quick response, so there's nothing to stress about before bed.