Great Books to Help You Fall Asleep


Sleep is a crucial activity that allows your body and mind to recover from the stresses of daily life. A lack of proper sleep may cause poor physical health (1), reduced cognitive function (2), mood shifts (3), and other negative side effects. Yet, despite how vital sleep is to maintaining health, many people struggle to get an adequate amount of rest per night.

Difficulties falling or staying asleep often make it challenging for the body and mind to function properly. These six books about sleep can help you understand the importance of quality rest while also teaching you how your sleep patterns could be impacting your overall health.

Best Book for Insomnia

With over 30% (4) of adults suffering from insomnia, this sleep disorder is one of the most common issues that can interfere with proper rest. In his book "Say Good Night to Insomnia," Dr. Gregg D. Jacobs aims to help those with insomnia by providing a science-based program that uses cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to improve sleep naturally. Individuals looking to relieve their insomnia symptoms without the use of sleeping pills may find Jacobs’ six-week program helpful in establishing healthy sleep habits.

Best Book for Advice From a Doctor

It can be difficult to sift through all of the sleep information available on the Internet and in books. It can be even more challenging to figure out what information is relevant to you and enact meaningful change. "The Sleep Solution" was developed by medical doctor W. Chris Winter to provide people with unique solutions to common sleep problems. Winter draws upon his 24 years of experience as a neurologist and sleep expert to help people understand and address a wide variety of sleep conditions.

Best Book About Sleep for Kids

Proper sleep is crucial for developing children. However, it can be incredibly difficult to navigate sleep issues for young kids, particularly as a sleep-deprived parent. Learning to promote quality sleep for your child while also getting the rest you need can be an overwhelming task. Dr. Jodi A. Mindell’s book, "Sleeping Through the Night, Revised Edition," was designed to help parents promote quality sleep for their infants and toddlers while also getting the sleep they need. Mindell focuses on providing practical solutions that can help encourage healthy rest for the whole family.

Best Book About Sleep for Athletes

The harder an athlete pushes, the more stress their body endures. Quality sleep is essential for athletes and helps those leading an active lifestyle to stay strong and increase their performance. "Peak Sleep Performance for Athletes" by Shane A. Creado, M.D., explores the specific ways athletes can improve their sleep to promote proper recovery. Creado also discusses techniques that athletes of all ages and levels can use to increase their performance and maintain their health.

Best Book About Dreams

Dreams have fascinated humanity throughout history. While dreams can seem magical, they are created by the brain’s biological processes. Researchers Antonio Zadra and Robert Stickgold aim to interpret the science behind dreams in their book "When Brains Dream." Throughout the book, Zadra and Stickgold explore common questions about dreams, such as why humans dream in the first place and whether dreams can have a deeper meaning.

Best Sleep Journal

A sleep journal can be a valuable tool for pinpointing issues that could be disrupting your rest. However, with so many variables to keep track of, it can be daunting to learn how to start logging your sleep or identify issues with your sleep pattern. Those looking to begin recording their sleep may benefit from Dr. Renata Alexandre’s "The Sleep Workbook," which was developed to help guide individuals as they log their sleep. The workbook focuses on addressing anxiety associated with insomnia and allows users to keep track of everything from daily activities to hours of rest. Alexandre also provides information on various sleep issues, which can help users identify what could be disrupting their rest.

Learning more about sleep and the science behind it can help you pinpoint areas where your sleep quality could be improved, and guide you toward helpful methods for getting a better night’s rest.


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